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According to my friend, if it makes her ass look good and other women stare, it's worth buying.
Save them for inclement weather.
From what I understand many of the Aubercy's shoes are actually blake.
Tags and all look correct. The buttons do seem odd, though that doesn't necessarily mean it's not real. I've just never seen those buttons before. I have six Prorsum coats (including two trenches) from the last four years, and I've never seen those buttons. The lining looks correct as well.
I bought these shoes in the summer. Probably wore them two or three times tops before I decided to get the toe taps installed. I'm 100% certain there was no sole crack when I brought them in. The shoes had very little wear on them.These taps were screwed in. I would say the screws are fairly standard, place near but not on the stitching.The sole isn't move horizontally, but it is moving vertically along the crack.From what I gather I suppose I'll bring it into the...
So I recently dropped off my pair of Edward Green Chelseas to have steel toe taps installed by a reputable shoe repair company in NYC. I've had them do all the my toe taps in the past and I have nothing but praise for them. But my latest pair of shoes came back with an issue. After wearing the shoes for an hour I noticed the the sole on the left shoe had developed a crack. Inspecting further, the crack goes through the entire sole: Now judging by the vicinity to the...
There are plenty. Many are whole cuts such as the Crockett and Jones Alex. Or others like the John Lobb Becketts.
I don't know if the Paul Smith one would be well received with your brother's military peers. Go more conservative. The LV one is alright.
Trying to find older styles might be tough. Ebay might be your best bet.
FYI, your description says they are "Citadel" they are actually "Chapel IV." I know it's written a little sloppy on the box.
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