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This is very exciting.
No need to apologize. We're all entitled to opinions.Despite it being described as pale lilac, it's pretty much a standard grey.
I actually ended up buying these from Leffot. I have a minor obsession with boots, and I've never seen anything like these before, so I just bought them.
Nordstrom Rack? Really? I've been in there a few times. Never seen a shoe shine stand in there.
Just a heads up Leffot is in West Village not Chelsea.
Nothing. You don't tip on that. Just food, alcohol and "services" rendered in front of you (i.e. hair cut, shoe shine, concierge)
http://www.skyvalet1.com/ They are based in Washington, D.C.
I think it's usually something like $35 or so...
I second this recommendation. I have them put toe caps on all my shoes. They do excellent work.
I know pre-Nike Cole Haan had quite a few companies make shoes for them - including Edward Green. I'm certainly not versed in Cole Haan history, but it's very possible this are in fact C&J.
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