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No. Garbage leather. Garbage construction. Pass.
I have those boots. I've worn them with a dark grey suit before. They look great. I love green. If I didn't just buy a pair of St. Crispin's today, I'd buy those bluchers too!
I am a journalist. Most people in my office wear button down shirts and slacks. Some wear their kenneth cole shoes while some will wear their Converse Chuck Taylor. The only people that wear shirt and tie are the more senior editors. I usually wear a full suit to work - usually with a tie, occasionally without. When I'm working on weekends or nights, I'll usually wear slacks with a button down shirt. I am almost always the best dressed in the newsroom - although...
From the comments I receive from friends and family (who I'm sure is more representative of the country than people here) we're all "nuts." My dad used to wear Florsheim and Hickey Freeman back in the 70s and 80s, perhaps even into the 90s, and he considered those to be extremely expensive. That's just how the normal person thinks. With all the mass marking "shoes on sale for $29," "Buy one suit, get one free" etc, of course people think those are the norm. It's all...
Interesting. I don't see why one is available for AE's recrafting service and the other isn't. They're both bologna....
So the other day someone from Cobbler Union's social media team commented on one of my Instagram posts telling me I should check them out. A quick browse at what they have to offer, looks like what they're making is decent. Here is their site - http://www.cobbler-union.com/ - keep in mind I have absolutely no relationship with them... From the little research I've done they're Spanish made, all GYW and all their leather sole shoes have channeled soles. No idea on the...
It might be! I work in a newsroom and I tell you, some days are amazing, other are infuriating. Yet other days are very fun and other days I lose faith in humanity. It's completely random!
Count me in. My office is literally down the street. I work Saturdays a lot.
Chukkas are a pretty common style. The ones you listed are all nice. The first one you're looking for looks like some cheap garbage that you'd be better off not buying. It looks like some John Varvatos shoes I've seen in the past (Chinese made). They were pretty poor quality IIRC.
As far as I can tell the quality is exactly the same. I own RL by CJ and just CJ, all in cordovan, and the quality seems the same. As a matter of fact, you can often get RL by CJ cheaper than CJ due to their large discounts when they have their sales.
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