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I am 5'8". I was 200 lbs when I graduated college and was miserable. I felt like a fat slob (and dressed like one). I decided to get into shape and join the Army when I was 24. I got down to 150. I put on a lot of muscle when I was in the Army and got out a few years ago. I'm not 190 and sort of flabby and getting fat again. It's a rollercoaster. Trying to get back down.
Wow 7 years? I wear most of my shoes once a week tops and wear out my toe taps in less than a year... Then again I walk a lot in NYC.
Daniel, You keep mentioning quality, but just looking on your Tumblr, I see inconsistencies on your quality... These were just on the first couple pages. That looks a little sloppy to me. Perhaps they're rather minor issues, or even expected for lower cost shoes, but in $800-1000+ shoes to which you claim your shoes compare with, they seem to fall short. I've never seen anything like that with Crockett & Jones handgrade or Vass - just two makers that fall in your...
My experience with them is the quality is DECENT... not worth $375 though... maybe half that.
Nick, I think your experiences with AE has been less AE's quality or customer service, but just the normal pitfalls of ordering shoes that you haven't tried on beforehand. I regularly order MTO shoes from trunk shoes, and even though I only order MTOs on last I am familiar with, I hold my breath a little because you can never be 100% sure. But hang in there... you'll get it right!
I can see that. But ironically, that's what I found so attractive about it. I've just never seen another wholecut so stunning before. Personally, I don't mind drawing attention to my feet, so the light brown contrast is perfect in my eyes.
Never tried any on or seen any in person myself, but for the price, SF seems to like them. Check out some of the longer threads on here to find out more about them. They seem pretty highly regarded for what it's worth.
I dunno. I wear A LOT of plaids. Of my seven or eight suits I normally wear, all but two are plaids / windowpane. So I'm not dressing conservatively to begin with. I think these shoes will go perfect with some of my darker grey plaid suits or even navy plaid suits.Then again I'll also wear green shoes with my suits and dark blue shoes with my greys. My shoe closet is about 80% non-black. Not the biggest fan of black.
Someone got one hell of a deal!
Went to the trunk show today and ordered a pair of the 546s..... Just like these in the Riva last - But in a double sole. I wanted to do a slight variation of these, but the way it looked was already so damn perfect....
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