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The problem with the Saks salesmen is that most of them are utter buffoons. Have no idea what they're selling.
I've waited 10 months before for Edward Green MTOs. I think the variance in time really has to do with when you order and how varying it is from rtw models.
Wasn't aware Saks carried Santoni - but if they do, I'm pretty sure you're right about the 25%. The problem with Saks is, they love carrying mostly black shoes and less in other colors...Sorry about that. I'd only been in Citishoes once and I was mainly there to check out their Edward Green selection. The Ferragamo store on 5th Ave has the Tremezza Special line, which to me is the only reason to go into that store.
Very interested to see them!
apparently citi shoes carries them -
I use my swims with both my brown AE Park Aves and C&J Finsbury 2 (cordovan) and haven't noticed any marks being left...
I got some swims - through Allen Edmonds actually. I wear 9.5E in their 5 last. The pair I got fit perfectly.
An ugly one...
A few reasons - you love your shoes and want to prolong their life. the model/color isn't available as a second the seconds defects bother you your shoes are broken in to perfection Certainly with AE, it's a harder choice to buy new shoes vs recrafting them. This debate sways in the direction of recrafting for more expensive shoes. I have had my AE Park Aves resoled twice already. The first time with regular soles, the second time with the half rubber soles. When the...
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