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I just passed on a Ascot Chang 'Mao style' black suit made from loro super 130s. Is that something you would usually buy because of the fabric alone? Or pass because of the style?
Picked up some shoes today. Ferragamo, Cole Haan, Polo. Are they Cole Haan's shell? Time to learn about leather and cleaning up shoes [[SPOILER]] Also, any tips on removing sharpie from leather soles?
I just ordered a scale and some other shipping supplies. Can't wait to put them to use.
@Brianpore - those woven Gucci's are interesting... what size are they?
Awesome grabs ATLnoob! Here are some quick phone shots of my haul from the last two days. Austin Reed, RLPL, BB, BB, Zegna Santa Claus Tie Eton, Paul Smith, Hart Schaffner Marx, Canali, Canali Kenzo Homme, Gant Jacket, Burberry Jacket
I need to come up with a 'shopping list' for packing/shipping supplies. I just read Brianpore's shipping guide (thanks Brian!) and have ordered some regional A and B USPS boxes. What does everyone find to be necessary to have on hand for shipments? Sizes are helpful too. So what's next - tyvek bags? Padded envelopes? Plain envelopes? What's the go to source for these items?
My thoughts exactly! Haha.
New guy here... already enjoying thrift shopping a lot. Had a chance to stop at a couple of stores today.Corneliani Blazer 3 roll 2 (44R). Really wish this were my size. Amazing feel to the fabric. Love the pockets. What's this style of front pocket called? [[SPOILER]] Hickey Freeman Suit (44L). Appeared to be in mint condition but just noticed a small moth hole. BummerHickey Freeman Shirt (size S).
Just about any photo editor will do. All I do on my photos is a quick level adjustment and color correction if necessary. There is a free alternative to photoshop called gimp that does all of that and way more.
I did a 'save as' through photoshop and made sure sRGB was checked and now they work fine. I need to dig through my Lightroom settings as it looks like I have sRGB on there as well.... but something is going awry. Thanks for the colorspace tip. I'm glad I got that resolved. Now to fix my workflow.
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