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Never been to the store, but wondering if it's worth making the trip to get some (potentially) discounted items.
I would be interested in an undershirt. They look comfy! Thanks!
Bit of a late pass because it's been going on all week: Lipson warehouse sale going on Saw a few Gotstyle, Harry Rosen, and Holt Renfrew shirts in addition to their own brand (Lipson), the Jack Lipson Signature Line, the Dagr line, Ivy, and a few others. 190 Norseman St, Etobicoke, ON M8Z 2R4 $50 - $75 each Bulk $50 shirts are 5 for $200 $75 shirts are 5 for $300
1) Burberry Overcoat - $165 http://www. grailed .com/listings/133722-burberry-vintage-burberry-overcoat 2) Rick Owens Zipped Leather - $675 http://www. grailed .com/listings/133814-rick-owens-zipped-leather-jacket 3) Rick Owens Zipped Leather - $675 http://www. grailed .com/listings/134394-rick-owens-zipped-leather-coat Pictures and Details in grailed links Delete the spaces to see the link
Click on Pictures for higher resolution. Note that prices DO NOT include Shipping. I'm shipping from Toronto, so will have to figure out actual freight rate before I can give a quote. Ransom Fishtail Parka More Pictures Here: Size XL Great Fishtail Parka, perfect for spring. Water resistant / proof (not sure, never tested), with a light lining. From the Toronto Ransom Store, when it existed Retail was...
You read that right - DS 1000 Miles for under $250! Bought some 1000 Miles and they're just a tad too big for me I don't think anybody on Styleforum needs an introduction to these boots. Simply badass Located in Toronto. Shipping will be based on actual costs, and will be added on afterwards. Contact me for estimates. Please feel free to ask if there are any questions Asking $240 + Shipping! Size 10.5 Classic Blundstones Nothing really more to say Size 9.5 $100 + shipping (or local pickup in Toronto)
Please note - there is something up with my camera. Those vertical tan lines are not on the products! 1) W+H White Leather Hi-Tops. DS. Size 43 Info - Asking: $260! 2) UC Anatomicouture Tee. DS. Size 4 From the F/W2013...
1) This one is DRKSHDW. Size S. - $300 The following few are R.O. 2) Size S - $400 3) Size M - $SOLD! 4) Size M - $700 5) Size S - $750 6) Size L - $1,000 Julius 7) Size 4 - $825 Dior 8) Size L - $925 Damir Doma 9) Size M - 700 KKA 10) Size M - $625 Open to reasonable offers. Will bundle for discounted prices You know the deal - Paypal + 4% Shipping is via Canada Post with tracking and insurance.
This is an intense coatNylon / Wool / Lamb's LeatherSimply insanity
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