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The outsole measurements are: 12 1/4 (length from heel to toe) x 4 1/8 (width at the widest part)
BRAND NEW I unfortunately ordered the wrong size, and Epaulet is currently out of stock on the size I want. They don't offer refunds, so I'm putting it on SF B&S. Everything that was originally included in the box is included. The shoes have been worn once on carpet for sizing. $540 shipped.
I bought these a couple of months ago and only wore them 4 times outdoors. I hate to let them go, but it's time for me to admit that they're too tight for me in the toe box. Price is $360 shipped (CONUS). Shoe trees are not included. didn't watch the full second leg, but I did watch the entire first leg. It was nowhere near 60% Barca possession. That number is most likely a mistake on the part of the Spanish TV (it is not a very big league, and mistakes do happen). Some of these stats are done by the TV station and not the match officials. Check out the link on top. I...
RM only have themselves to blame for this supercopa loss. They missed so many chances during the previous game. Benezema and Ronaldo missed at least 4 times. Pretty pathetic. This match was more even, but the last much was completely one-sided. Barca had something like 3 shots on goal and scored 2. RM had more possession and something like 10 shots on goal and got only two in.
I'm surprised no one has talked about Napoli, given the love for Naples over at MC. This season looks really promising for the azzurri. Hamsik, Cavani, Lavezzi going forward and Dzemaili and Inler in the midfield. There's a good chance that they might sign Rossi before the transfer window is over. If they do sign Rossi and manage to keep their trio, I'd say they have the best offense in Serie A. No, I'm not from Napoli, but I freaking love their passion for football....
I think that's Kate Upton. pics about it in the link. Only in China!
Quote: Originally Posted by Achillus This grandpa looks really stylish. Looks a lot like Signore Attolini to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by The Man Patina (pronounce PAT in a) is a noun not a verb and only idiots apply it to shoes. It's the look that new brass acquires with age or that green colour that the Statue of Liberty which is copper gets with age etc etc I pronounce it PAH-tea-nah, as the word itself has Latin origins. And no, the word is not exclusive to oxidized copper and bronze.
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