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Quick fit pic of the small grey kake. I'm 5'8 165. I like the olive or sage villain more. Hit me up if anyone interested in a sz.S grey kake.
Mine is still unfulfilled.
What is everyone's order status on this mornings kake order? Mine still says unfulfilled.
Checked out with a Small Dark Grey at 11:08IBcancelled
Any chance of a restock on the Adidas Ultra Boost Ltd in Talc?
Just ordered a pair of the 484 garment dyed in grey and 484 black barnet wash.The garment dyed didn't have the japanese kaihara denim label on them. The garment dyed were lighter in weight and had a slight boot-cut flare at the bottom. Not a fan of how are they drape or the color.The black 484 were made from kaihara denim and they were much higher quality. 13.5oz denim felt quite hefty and loved how they drape. Over-dyed black wash so I think these have the potential to...
Heres the link to the xeno flux it says theyre sold out but they havent released them yet.
I somehow checked out with a pair of Yeezy Uggs off
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