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Just ordered a pair of the 484 garment dyed in grey and 484 black barnet wash.The garment dyed didn't have the japanese kaihara denim label on them. The garment dyed were lighter in weight and had a slight boot-cut flare at the bottom. Not a fan of how are they drape or the color.The black 484 were made from kaihara denim and they were much higher quality. 13.5oz denim felt quite hefty and loved how they drape. Over-dyed black wash so I think these have the potential to...
Heres the link to the xeno flux http://www.adidas.com/us/zx-flux/B24441.html it says theyre sold out but they havent released them yet.
I somehow checked out with a pair of Yeezy Uggs off adidas.com
Figured it should be grouped together for Shoprunner 2-day shipping. I thought everything off BB was eligible for Shoprunner.
I am still being charged shipping if I order a Shoprunner eligible item and a Black Fleece shirt which is ineligible.
BB15 doesn't work for Black Fleece shirts and I keep getting error page when I'm trying to view my cart.
Just received my medium peacoat and it was slim fitting in the body and too tight in the arms even with a tshirt on.Medium being returned and I have a large coming in tomorrow.
I ordered a charcoal in sz.M. I have a lot of their shirts from a couple yrs ago and I'm a M in all of them. I'll probably hit up the stores this weekend and see if they have them available and return the one I ordered online if it doesn't fit.
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