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Last addition. Il Gergo chukka boots in "cola suede":
Just arrived: (Joseph Cheaney Nickelby Country)
Very nice (I'm partial to that color).
They're OK. I like them.
Il Gergo blue chukkas:
This is simplistic and misleading. Health food is good for your skin, obviously, but it won't prevent cracks and dryness (specially those associated to cold weather).
Depends on the restaurant. Fancy not necessarily means conservative. If you insist on doing something somewhat unnatural for a specific environment and you are the first to feel out of place, the whole situation is gonna be rather forced and, worst thing, you'd make your partner feel uncomfortable.
Shiseido Men Total Revitalizer for me (face). Effective and easy to absorb (non greasy, therefore). Great in the morning after shower. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula for my hands. Miracle repair in just one day (two at the most if they're already bleeding through cracks; a must in winter time).
It should be sandalwood. I'd just add that The Art of Shaving sandalwood scent is not to my liking, though.
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