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I'm pretty new to all of this. Any suggestions among the sales for somewhere to find nice dress shirts in the $20-60 range? I'm looking for 1-2 shirts to wear with a tie (preferably white or light blue) and 1-2 shirts to wear in a dressy-casual environment with just slacks. Preferably, I won't have to constantly re-iron these shirts. I'm not the biggest fan of OCBDs and FWIW am fairly slender, 14 1/2. I guess I'm also in the market for nice slacks, but those seem...
Any tips on dirt cheap dress belts? I'm looking
I really like Rodina, but I think my wrists are too skinny for it (I read some reviews that said the face wears more like a 42mm or 44mm face).
Thanks all! I think I've narrowed it down to one of the two Cosmos models. I probably like the numerals more, but I'm a little bothered by the 6 being cut off. Thoughts?
Thanks! Any other thoughts? What do people think of the Orient Cosmos?
I love the seiko spark but that's obviously not an option. Are there other watches you'd recommend? I'd like to wear it on a leather band (probably brown, but that'll depend a bit on the type of watch) as a mostly-everyday work/play hybrid. I have skinny wrists so a giant face is a no-no. Sapphire and water resistance are pluses by are by no means required (and I understand that they price me out of the range, at least for a watch with a half-decent movement). I'm...
Your jacket length is fine. In fact, IMO, any shorter and you're looking at a jacket that's going to become dated-looking pretty quickly.Your sleeves are too long. They should end at about the break of your wrist (where your thumb stops curving in to your arm), and these go past on both arms. I do think that it's worth getting them fixed -- even though it's only a small fix, I think one of the easier ways to look nice in a suit is to flash just that little bit of white...
I just bought these impulsively. Thoughts? They're my first pair of shell cordovan shoes. What colors would they go well with? And how formal are they? E.g., should I pair with a suit? With slacks? With jeans? Thanks!
Hey all! I am looking for a pair of dressy-casual shoes, something ideally on the level of walnut AE strands -- e.g., a shoe that you could wear to work with nice slacks as well as to dress up jeans after work. My budget's about $125 -- although ideally I'd like to stick closer to $100 (and would maybe stretch up to $150 for the right pair). I'm happy buying used from eBay so long as the shoe's in good shape. Any tips?? (I've been looking for strands in my size --...
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