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Your jacket length is fine. In fact, IMO, any shorter and you're looking at a jacket that's going to become dated-looking pretty quickly.Your sleeves are too long. They should end at about the break of your wrist (where your thumb stops curving in to your arm), and these go past on both arms. I do think that it's worth getting them fixed -- even though it's only a small fix, I think one of the easier ways to look nice in a suit is to flash just that little bit of white...
I just bought these impulsively. Thoughts? They're my first pair of shell cordovan shoes. What colors would they go well with? And how formal are they? E.g., should I pair with a suit? With slacks? With jeans? Thanks!
Hey all! I am looking for a pair of dressy-casual shoes, something ideally on the level of walnut AE strands -- e.g., a shoe that you could wear to work with nice slacks as well as to dress up jeans after work. My budget's about $125 -- although ideally I'd like to stick closer to $100 (and would maybe stretch up to $150 for the right pair). I'm happy buying used from eBay so long as the shoe's in good shape. Any tips?? (I've been looking for strands in my size --...
What's your budget for a suit? Some of the cheaper online MTM folks might be an option. Honestly, given your body, I think it's probably worth saving up a bit and picking up one of the ~$400-500 MTM online options. Ebay and consignment stores are great for people who are looking for a 38R or something else pretty standard, but it's hard for me to imagine that you'll manage to find something that works.
Yea! Peter Field in Chicago. That's actually how I found them -- they were tailors with a side business of tie making when I was first introduced...now it seems they're branching out to more stuff. (Sadly I think they're now moving away from ties.)
My tailor just started selling some neat looking microfiber pocket squares on kickstarter. See them here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nicholasmonterotti/microfiber-pocket-squares-made-in-america I'm stuck as to which one I want. I currently only have a white linen square, but want to work some more pocket squares into my outfits. I'm leaning towards the patch. Obviously 12x12. Thoughts?
Some interesting microfiber pocket squares on kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nicholasmonterotti/microfiber-pocket-squares-made-in-america.* *full disclosure: the guy making these is my tailor (but I have no financial interest in them)
Happy to help, however I can.So the fabric is a summer weight wool, and I got it through their MTM program. I don't remember the exact name, but if you make a MTM appointment and ask for (1) a summer weight wool, (2) in a mid-to-light grey, (3) in the lower price range for wools (although I don't think this was THE cheapest of the wools), that should narrow your choices down to 3-4 ... and this should be one of them. I think, but am not 100% sure, that this is a...
Ok, so I just found out that my great-grandfather had a diamond stickpin that I can use. I like the general concept (of incorporating a family heirloom into my wardrobe), but have no idea to wear it. Any sense as to how something like that would look as part of my outfit? I assume you wear this like a tie bar? I don't have any pics of it (or know what it looks like) because it's in a safe deposit box.
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