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Quote: Originally Posted by whodini 2. Just 2. Thank you, sir.
Please don't kill me for this question I'm just a little confused. So I want to get some decent jeans to upgrade from my 514s and I really like the APC New Standards. Here's my question, if I'm a 31" waist and I size down 2 for vanity, should I size down 1 more for stretch or is sizing down for vanity enough? I'd like to have a decent slim fit but not skinny. I'm 6'2" 175 lbs if that matters any.
I just got my Desert Boots from the UPS guy and they fit kinda loose. I normally wear a 12 in shoes but I sized down to 11 1/2. There is still some room in the toe but not enough to size down to 11. Are they supposed to fit that way?
Quote: Originally Posted by clarksdb Oh I forgot to mention - I'm sure they're comfortable (heard they are VERY much so) but I'm more hesitant about how they look. Do they look okay? Good with jeans and chinos or only jeans? Looking at the beeswax as well. Oh sorry! . I like them better with dark indigo jeans more than I do with chinos. I'd imagine they'd look good with brown corduroys too. i can post up some pics with chinos and jeans...
Quote: Originally Posted by clarksdb Nordstrom will match eastbay _ they are offering free shipping. By the way what is the general consensus of wallabees? I've got a pair of Beeswax Wallabees that I really like. They're really comfortable.
Quote: Originally Posted by snuff_daddy i get the same thing, its no big deal to me though if they arrive a few weeks later Definitely! You can't beat that price and I'm not in a rush to get them. I'm actually thinking about getting either the Taupe or the Oakwood from Eastbay. I'm just wondering when exactly they'll ship since the date keeps moving back. It's like they're on perpetual backorder .
To the people that ordered from Eastbay, what does your ship date say? I put in my order last Friday, the 8th. My ship date went from the 11th to the 13th to today and now it says the 22nd. I know it's backordered but how long does it usually take? I never ordered anything that was backordered but I couldn't beat the price...
They're both size Large. One is Brown Herringbone and the other is Grey Herringbone. They're both lined with Thinsulate so they're pretty warm. I bought them for $179 a piece but I'm selling them for $100 a piece and I'll ship through USPS Priority Mail with tracking. PM if interested. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by yamete ^is there a way to enter multiple codes? im trying 2 get the beewax around 60... I don't think so. But I'm not completely sure. Try it out
If you buy from eastbay add the promo code: URLEBT56 for an extra $10 off. I just did and the total came to $57.98. Thanks again for the eastbay heads up! I got the grey distressed
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