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just got a pair of tapered size 31 tts and they're tight as hell in the thigh. i'm 6'2 167 btw. the waist is perfect and the leg opening is decent but i can barley bend my legs in these lol. do you think that they'll stretch or should i size up? please excuse my dirty ass mirror.
bump. $90 a piece + free shipping
does anyone know how thick scott's billfold wallets are? are they easy to fold and do they bulge out of the pocket a lot?
Quote: Originally Posted by erbs If I wear a 10.5 in Wallabees, what size would I take in desert boots? 11? I think Wallabees and Desert Boots run the same. I've got Wallys in 11.5 and Desert Boots in 11.5 and they fit fine. I'm normally a 12 BTW.
How versatile are untanned/ natural leather belts? I want to get one to wear with a pair of raw denim jeans. I usually just wear black chucks, grey desert boots and beeswax wallabees. Do you all think that a untanned belt would go well with that?
Quote: Originally Posted by mikecch ^^ Nice sorenson belt there (it's got the same buckle as my Unlucky belt :P). I asked him a few months ago whether he would consider doing a belt heavier than 10 oz, but got shot down How thick is the leather on yours? I really would recommend Unlucky (Scott's) belt!!! If anything, other than his great handiwork, the ability to customise the belt and incorporate rivets into the final make-up is just awesome - not...
I'm never starting a thread here. You guys are ruthless
extra 15% off of sale items at ralphlauren on nov. 4 - nov. 8. use nov0410.
Quote: Originally Posted by darkbat she looks so familiar but i can't put a name to the face.. someone help? Jennifer Love Hewitt.
Quote: Originally Posted by k9n You sure you couldn't fit in an 11? I size down 1-1.5 in DBs Quote: Originally Posted by iwhelan I wear a size 12 in just about everything else, but DBs in size 11. They fit really well. You should give 11 a shot. After wearing them around the house for a bit, I think that the problem is mostly that I can't get them tied tight enough. I guess I just have bony ass ankles and feet....
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