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Quote: Originally Posted by hastur I think those fit well for being brand new. They'll definitely stretch a good amount. You have to keep in mind that the feeling of them being/looking tight is exaggerated by how stiff the denim is right now. Thanks. Maybe that's what it is. I've been wearing them around the house and they seem to have relaxed a little. I think I'll keep them and see how it goes. I still may get the slim straights if another...
Quote: Originally Posted by pronxs thats the passenger seat. travel more, so you know that ppl drive on the right hand side too. i gracefully accept my defeat.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hermitedge He drives a car wearing those?!
Quote: Originally Posted by yamete they fit good, what are they? thanks! they're just a pair of unbranded tapered selvedge. nothing crazy.
these are a little better. my room has horrible lighting and my camera's still shitty tho
Quote: Originally Posted by hastur the thighs will stretch and they'll start to feel better once the denim isn't so stiff. they don't look all that tight to me either. i think if you took them back for the 32, once the 32s were done stretching and breaking in you'd kick yourself for getting them. i have both the indigo (straight) and the black (tapered) and they have both stretched out a decent amount. oh and the slim fit is the same size in the...
I posted this in another thread but I'm looking for more opinions. How's the fit on these? Please excuse dirty mirror. I can take a couple more pics before I have to get to class.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini "Tightness" is subjective but if you're having trouble bending limbs then what's the point? You don't need to size down in something for it to be tonight, especially in a skinny fit. Thighs won't stretch. The waist will stretch so that the jeans sag a bit but that's not going to help you around the knees. How about trying a cut that actually suits you? thanks for the advice. i'll probably go with the...
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini You're giving yourself bad advice. This isn't a competition with this forum or yourself. "Toughing it out" gets old real quick and you'll regret the jeans. I simply don't understand how the recommendation to wear slightly-fitted jeans so that they stretch out comfortably gets translated into, "Wear them tight as fuck because that's how it's supposed to be, period." maybe i am just misunderstanding. i...
my thighs feel like sausage links right now lol. i don't want the waist to stretch because they fit great there. i was thinking about returning them to size up one or just go with the slim straights. this is my first pair of raw denim tho so maybe i'll try to tough it out.
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