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Quote: Originally Posted by yesssir What's the difference between the frankenstein compared to the indigo? Are they raw? The Frankensteins are raw but they have two different grains of denim that give them a different look. I'm no pro though so maybe someone else can explain it better.
Quote: Originally Posted by jaychiz fack, no 30's nope. they had 30 and 31 yesterday but them shits are gone lol
just got a pair of frankenstein weirdguys from k**** (****=arma) for $75.16. they're 93.95 but you can use the "xmas" promo code to get 20% off and free shipping but they've only got 32 and 33 sizes. pretty sweet deal
Quote: Originally Posted by eglbc Thoughts on these? Logo Kills it for me... i got both pair. they're pretty sweet though the laces collect hella lint.
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Those are pretty ugly, please do not wear them. well they have been chilling in my closet for some time. i think that i'll let them rest there for a bit longer.
I'm in the process of cleaning out my closet and trying to start anew and found these shoes that I bought some years ago. I bought them when I was working at an office one summer and never really wore them again. I'm trying to decide on whether to keep them or not. What can I wear with them? They're Cole Haan Air Infinity Drivers by the way.
they're a tad bit slimmer than ralph lauren custom-fit. I'm 6'2 170lbs and their medium sweater fits me fine.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wintermute Looking for a good quality slim-fitting white oxford button-down, ideally no more than 80-90 bucks. I'm 6'2" 175ish, having a hard time finding something that fits sleeve-wise and doesn't drape like a tent on me. Check out I'm 6'2 170lbs and their medium oxford fits me perfect. Not baggy at all and not skin tight. The sleeves will definitely be long enough. They're really nice quality too. It's...
$80 shipped for each coat. $30 shipped J. Crew Officers Chino 33x34 Brand New with Tags! It fits more like a 34 in the waist.
Quote: Originally Posted by il ciclista been wearing mine everyday since early august, i have the fades showing in the pockets,lap, and behind knees, but i havent washed them yet, trying to hold on to the dark indigo as long as i can how have they stretched out for you?
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