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hahaha! What don't you like about them? Help me out, SF veteran. Would the MMM GATs be better?
I think that I have made up my mind to get these: I really wanted these: but I can't find them anywhere in my size so I'm thinking about getting the first ones full priced ($680). Yay or nay?
Anyone have any experience with the italian leather authentic Vans? I'm thinking about getting them in blue and white. I wonder if the leather on them is decent. I got a couple pair of leather Chucks and the leather totally blows.
Margielas run TTS, right? I'm about to pull the trigger on a pair of size 45s and I wear an 11.5 in Chucks and a 12 in Nike Dunks. Does that sound about right?
They look like distressed grey.
price drop
price drop
Price dropon sweater and Desert Boots added
Karma loop has Slim Guys in Broken Twill for $93.95 and you can use the promo code save20 to get 20% off and free shiiping. I paid $75.22 total. Just a heads up.
Quote: Originally Posted by crackerjack Any (cheaper) suggestions for a simple white summer sneaker with gum sole, like these CPs? Vans LPE CA They're canvas instead of leather though... I'm thinking about buying a pair myself. Anyone know how these size? I wear an 11.5 in Chucks.
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