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yea, i know. vans... but i like the color way.
thinking about getting a pair of low cp achilles. i wear a 45 in mmm gats, 11 in desert boots and 11.5 in chucks. should i get 44 or 45 for the cps? thanks!
J. Crew is having a sale right now online. 25% off and free shipping. Use the code "OURTREAT". I just ordered a peacoat from them. Hopefully, it fits me properly. I got a medium tall with thinsulate and it came out to $232.31
Anyone try this Banana Republic Peacoat? It's only $200 and they're constantly having 25-35% off sales. Is it a good cheap buy?
I'm thinking about the exact same coats and need help deciding too . I'm 6'1 and 185 though. I was also looking at the Schott 740C. I'm looking for a fitted fit but not too tight. I had a Spiewak peacoat and though the quality was decent the fit sucked for me. The medium was too short and the large was too big in the body. Having gorilla arms sucks sometimes.
ain't shit
I got the Waxed Cotton Field Jacket in medium tall and boy is it huge! It's really heavy too. I like the material but unfortunately it doesn't fit me so I'm going to send it back.
Any good places for medium tall shirts and sweaters? I know that Banana Republic and J. Crew have some medium tall stuff but anywhere else?
Alright, so the mids are a "no" . I still think that they look cool but whatever. I was originally leaning towards the GATs anyway since I couldn't find the mids I was looking for. I just so happened to come upon the new mids on the Margiela website. So GATs it is. Thanks fellas!
hahaha! What don't you like about them? Help me out, SF veteran. Would the MMM GATs be better?
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