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I think I might have to. I wanted to avoid that by asking for a simple refund (I included the pictures I took), but might have to go with the "not as described" route unfortunately. Partly my fault or not looking sooner (obviously would pay return shipping due to the timing) but the suit is in worse shape then the pictures even show. No way I could wear it or realistically even resell it.   I hope I don't get added to the black list for this
From the 50's  & HEAVY! In pretty mint condition!!  Spoo       [[SPOILER]]
No breakdown, but good stores take me about 1-1.5 hours. Quick stores I can knock out in about 30 mins. Only hit them once a week or every other week so have to be pretty thorough.
Yea I know. With all the stuff I've been listing for my EBAY CONSIGNMENT every time I think about it I keep forgetting. Had to bring some other stuff to the tailor so finally dug this one out of the closet to try on again.   Different opinions before I actually contact the seller?
Thoughts guys.... bought this suit, rare my size, etc etc on the cheap from a reputable seller, not sure if he is here on SF or not. Purchased 7/18/13. Hung it up and just got around to really looking it over recently as I was going to bring it to the tailor. Its almost 30 days later (I know I know I know, stupid me), but the suit is in pretty crappy condition. Looks like someone it it with an iron (shiny) and the pants were unhemmed but are all messed up due to them...
I've more then one put tags back into things like a tweed jacket or sweater where they have fallen out of.
aww poor Dustin.   Side note... didnt you have the same one Wes? ROBERT GRAHAM NWT Blue Stripe Mens Casual Dress Shirt NEW Medium M (sold!)   F'ing Isaia pants had a hole on the butt
Help date this HF.... I know the union tag is 49-62' which give me a good range to start :)    
15 New Added 8/12
All 2012 F/W Suits & Sport Coats posted. Get them just in time for the cooler months fast approaching.
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