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If you dont have a valid phone number (part of ebay's TOS) that might be a reason why he could claim and try and win a case. Besides for that, just calling you and trying to work something out.
What have you been dealing with him about? Little more background info would help
+1 got to run this at an auction. That's awesome
+1 - I also personally do not like the appearance of any type of metal in a picture with a quality silk tie. That's just me though
If thrifting, listing and selling was easy everyone would do it. 
Flag, block, move on. Mods will remove the posts
Ton of info in the Buying and Selling on eBay: Tips, Tricks, Problems & Questions
Hence why eBay sellers get a bad rap.... do you also put Shell Cordovan in all your burgundy listing titles?
I feel like I only need to read 25% of the posts in this thread anymore which are related to clothes   That said...some stuff that was thrifted     NWOT BB Shirt   Polo by Corneliani Heavy Tweed Pants & Polo 80% Wool Herringbone Pants (non-corneliani)
New Posts  All Forums: