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Welcome to my world of 14.5x31 ESF shirts....
Persol 2339-S Sunglasses     Approximate Dimensions Model 2339-S Color Code 796/58 Size 62-16   Important Information Extremely Rare Model Polarized Lenses Glasses Only - No Case    
^^^^ Never seen this exact zegna tie layout for logos. Super recent or newer couture (doubt it, but has ***** )      
100% Orphan. Its just a half lined suit jacket.
Don't assume and you wont have a problem. One of my complaints with ebay buyers is that I spend a ton of time, measuring, inspecting, and listing items, and they make a rash 5 second decision and then when they make a mistake they expect ebay (or me) to fix it. Its even worse when I run auctions. This is a $35 w/ free shipping pair of pants. Basically the guys wants them for free..... Dont blame me if you lose....... You have to keep your ass on top of it. If a case is...
You have 14 day return window ... honor that, then fight it, at least I would.... call ebay.... you say tagged 33 and shoe a picture of the tag and provide measurements. If he cant ship it back he has to open a case and from my experience as long as you speak with an ebay rep and make sure you say "you feel its buyers remorse" etc etc etc you should win.
Always. Would you want to receive a $100 pair of pants smushed into a flat rate envelope...... One thing for a $50 pair of pants where the shipping cost is 10% of the actual item (before ebay/paypal take out the 13%) but for $100 pants, they always go in a box. I'll also send $100 shirts in boxes vs. 1st class mail depending on where its going.
I do use express mail only now, BUT in the 30 or so registered mail packages I sent international, never had a single issue.
Some of you need to learn how the BIN OBO game is played.... amateurs      I'm kidding, I'm kidding. carry on
Zegna Couture $ - Nice!
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