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Who wants an Isaia Lapel Pin???   [[SPOILER]]
ROUND 3   THE RULES - CAREFUL, THERE ARE A COUPLE MINOR CHANGES   OK guys, heres the deal. This is a scavenger hunt that anyone can participate in. Check the quick rules below and go out a huntin'.1. All the items below must be found in thrift shops. That means thrift, charity, church and other places. Consignment stores do not count, nor does full price retail environments.2. You do not need to purchase the item in question, you must only take a picture of it and upload...
  A new list will be posted tomorrow!    
I reread your comment and tried to edit, but you are too fast.
100% Cashmere Saint Andrews (the brand) seems to be very underrated when selling, but if it's tailored RLPL or Huntsman it goes for crazy money. No clue why, pick up house made stuff on the cheap. Quality is superb. [[SPOILER]]
Nevermind the pure freaking cashmere vintage topcoat from Saint Andrews I posted (yet too expensive, but still).... Saint Andrews
      1. Suit/Sport Coat with more than 3 enclosure buttons (more buttons for extra points)     2. An item priced by the store with a reference to the online cost - (extra point if they have attached an eBay listing printout to justify their high price). (Highest thrift store price receives a bonus point)      3. Pink Sunglasses.   4. An item of apparel or footwear tagged Made in England, Great Britain or equivalent.   5. A...
Typical Saturday Haul (forgot to take a picture of the suits/sport coats). This is just pants/shirts     Nicest Overcoat I've seen, but not at $130! (not even at 50% off day). Will talk with them next week about picking it up for $20 or $30 if it's still there.
DONE - Cleaned up the rest of the list today.
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