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 Versace x 2 + Ricci        
Using manual white balance but the issue is when I use the auto-contrast in photoshop. Example (I would say 1 out of 50 photos all with closeup of dark items this happens to) Out of the camera Auto-contrast   Tags go into the garbage as the items are inventoried. Would be my vote out of all of them.
 Can you post a full picture of the tag? +1
Great items!
Looks real just older. Not too many fake shirts do MOP buttons which is always a good sign  @SpooPoker   With all this work, when's the car upgrade?
e-thrifted for the win!   This   into    
Shoes & ties just listed @ eBay.com/Tailored-Consignment                                                                
You need to request and updated invoice from the seller
+1 learned about this a year ago, saves soooo much time. Only issues I find it for upclose pictures the auto messes up the balance example going from a far shot to an upclose shot of the button. Have the same issue?
PSA - Started a thread Helpful guide to "Who made this suit"? - If you guys have any labels/brands that I don't already have listed, can you post them in that thread so I can update the site. Trying to make it as quick and easy for people to figure out who made items.
New Posts  All Forums: