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I'd get an iron for shirts. Steaming cotton is a pain. Steamer for suits/sportcoats/pants though This went for $150 (could have gotten more if I waited I'm sure) - ROBERT GRAHAM Patch Embroidered LIMITED EDITION Artwork RARE Mens Shirt XL Went for $118ROBERT GRAHAM Embroidered Multi-Color Stripe Mens Casual Dress Shirt XXXL 3XL
Too much time - Not enough money. Quick iron and lay flat. Bumps, ripples and shadows are much easier to see when you have an item laid flat so you want it to be ironed IMO. As you said "it would take forever to put on a mannequin" which is why you dont lol.
Tons new added and prices reduced.
Missed the last 200 posts, and anything good? Had mentioned these before but finally got to take some nice photos [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]
 I think (not 100% sure) Priority has insurance up to $50, willing to risk the last $35 and if he is going to pay for it why not add it. Your debating charging for Registered but not the $3 for the full insurance? And use the Shipcover insurance offered though ebay. A few people have had to use it and said you get paid back much easier and faster then the post office. If you want, just send express mail ($100 insurance I THINK) and you will be set.
 Spoo has me converted. ONLY ship USPS Priority Mail (or express) + Insurance. I use to ship 1st class REGISTERED mail and never had an issue with registered or Priority Mail + Insurance. DO NOT SHIP no matter what 1st class normal!!
OK.....   Why dosnt someone start a "The offiicial  thrift/discount store fit thread". Then maybe people could get back to actually posting finds.. seems to been super slow recently. Then again I've only been out once in the last month and only found 1 item.
Heel/sole pics?
Best of luck. Ref consignment if you want to go full steam ahead can you incorporate in another state (DE corp, etc)? PS - I have no clue what I'm talking about but it sounds easy enough
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