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They are for a gift. I pick them up whenever I find them nice and cheap @capnwes has grabbed a few for me as well. They fit HUGE so a TB Medium is like a normal size Large. Me personally, I would need to wear a XXS in TB, which they do not make. The size small is HUGE on me.
Met my yearly goal  Sent you a PM - I'm always looking for nice cheap size Medium silk TB shirts.
+1 also better to ask questions her in the ebay tips thread about ebay then in the thrift bragging thread
Thanks, but I'm out... if only it was a GIANTS helmet
I know sorry! It's something that has bothered me for months every time I see his ebay items show up in my daily emails. As said, I'm not very patriotic at all, just something about being laid on the ground (clearly on the ground, black/white tile floor) bothers me. Yes I think a table would be better and hanging as a backdrop better yet. Still don't love the idea of using it but you are not suppose to let it touch the ground ever (disrespectful) and to lay it on the...
Welcome to SF Thrift Thread. Have seen your listings on eBay. Maybe it's just me (and not looking to start a huge thing, and I'm far from super patriotic) but I find it in horrible taste to lay the American flag on the ground and then use it as a backdrop for your photos, Just saying, if it bothers me to the point of not bidding on your stuff, I'm sure it bothers other people too.  
  For a SNAD case that you WIN or that the buyers ACCEPTS the return then you will sent a link to print a FREE label that can be dropped off at USPS or UPS. Do not ship the item back to the seller until they agree in the "return request" window to accept the return. I made this mistake by sending an item back at my cost and then after the seller agreed to accept the return I got a free label (which was no good to me). This was not clothing related but it holds true...
Love you camera/light knowledge!! I've done this by trial and error and reading online.
I was thinking the same exact thing....also tags on the inside of jackets re not always removed, hell some people leave the basting thread on the vents because they dont know any better.  Does not mean NWOT
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