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I do....but most people make offers Also, any studio photography guys here point me in the direction of a good light kit with a flash....vs the hot lights I have. I cant seem to generate enough light and have two Lowel Rifa 55 soft boxes pointed at the object. Current camera settings are 1/50 - Iso 1600 - f:6.7. Would like to be able to bump down the ISO and also increase the apature but the pictures get too dark. Is there a corrlation to how many watts i need in light...
I have mine set to the min. I think 72 hours... not 100% sure. I would d 24 hours if I could. If you buy something, I expect you to pay for it, just like you expect me to ship it within 24 hours. Buyers get tooo much time to pay for items especially BIN items. IMO (not that it matters) but when the buyer makes and offer it should tell them that if the seller accepts the item it will automatically be paid for by their paypal account and that they cant make offers until they...
Yes, see the attached picture from the drop down list. I would usually start the subject line "WTB:" so people know its a wanted listing 
Must be PA... some of those stores are open 24/7.
Not sure why I bother going out now that Wes has taken over NJ ALSO!!!   No time to thrift really these days. Did grab a really nice today today though. 
Still trying to dial in my camera setting. Is there a setting to tell the camera to auto knock out this "spike"? This is what keeps the background from beng PURE WHITE vs being just slightly off white. Need to take a few with it over exposed slightly I guess.  
Im sorry but this made me laugh
Coming Soon
Fav e-thirft recently. (have to know your stuff to know why this one is special)   Men Ermenegildo Zegna silk tie  [[SPOILER]]
I can't see them every forcing 100% returns. I think they would loose a lot of sellers. Costco comes to mind where over the years they have reversed course and actually put a limit on returns. PS - This just happened  VERSACE Versus Black RAWR Print Wool Cotton RARE Pants Size Mens 36 38     Sale price: $108.75
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