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OK, still not sure how you were able to see the address before he actually paid but either way, you shipped to an address that is NOT listed on either ebay or paypal when he paid. This is what I would do..... 1) contact the buyer and explain the situation and that you will correct it one way or another. He might actually be at both address, might have mail forwarded, etc etc and this would be a mute point he will get it either way. mail is forward up to 1 year if the name...
Are any of the thread regulars here in the Buffalo area? PM me please
Lets see...wondering how much the gray card helped you actually  So I understand correctly as I am confused. Usually you can not click "print shipping label" until the item is paid for. You would normally get a screen saying that the item has not been paid for yet etc. Im confused how you saw 2 different addresses? Are both the ebay and paypal (log into paypal directly to look at the payment) the "wrong" address you shipped it to? There are a couple of options but need to...
Got a gray card to set the white balance on my camera. Not sure I needed it but figured for $12 why not. There are raw unedited photos out of the camera. I dont really see much of a difference besides the gray card evens out the "shiny" part of the ties a little which is nice   Before - White balance set with photo of paper After - White balance set with gray card
nice, going to add this to my label list
Super cool thrifted item, not by me but a thread member in Cali (thread pop?) Vintage Charvet dress shoes (need TLC)    
Call the airline but from my experience missing the first half of a connection without speaking with the airline first cancels that ticket. 
x-post heel thread   never seen this interior marking. Supppppper recent... I think  I don't shop retail so anyone here actually see this in a store recently?  
And another...never seen this interior marking. Supppppper recent... I think      EDIT - Nevermind - @SpooPoker said they are very recent, thanks 
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