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Hi all, would love your honest feedback on my new site. Still in the development stage but it is going to tie into my ebay store. All of the "wix" stuff would be removed and it would have it's own URL, but any comments/suggestions on the content, layout, etc etc would be great. There is also a mobile version of the site which is very similar but without a lot of the pictures.   http://brianpore.wix.com/tct1   Thanks for the help!
Agreed, and just tell him to keep an eye on your auctions when he has more cash :)
You know I just use you all to proof my listings right?  And why do you buy tape? Free Priority tape if you get to know the post office people, I get 2-3 rolls at a time....shhhhhhhhhhhhh   have 2 tape guns loaded at all times, one with clear for 1st class and international stuff and another for priority boxes
Huge list of nice items for sale this week. $9.99 NO RESERVE   GENUINE CROCODILE LEATHER CLASSIC GREEN BELT FOR WOMAN - 1.5" x 31.75" 3 TIE LOT - HARRY ROSEN + ANDREW'S TIES Mens 100% Silk Neck Tie ALTEA Milano Blue Copper Gold Wave Stripe Woven Silk Mens Tie - 3.75" GIORGIO ARMANI Cravatte Green Yellow Pink Geometric Woven Silk Tie -...
I think they have been like that for years.... I just double tape the center (free priority tape anyway)
A mix of more consignors wanting stuff auctioned and also just need to make room for new stuff. Some really nice things in there which I'm always worried are not going to get their fair value.Still have 600+ bin items up lol
85 no reserve $9.99 auctions tonight.....    
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