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Awesome 1st post That is MONEY  
PASS - IMO if you thrift enough you will either a) find stuff that is nice, good condition and fits with some tailoring, or B) find stuff that is nice, good condition and that you can trade or sell to put money aside and buy what you really want.
So I ran a logo contest. Here is the link for all 44 entries. Most were super boring https://www.freelancer.com/contest/Design-a-Logo-for-Tailored-Consignment-92891.html   This is what i started with and currently using     This is the only one I sorta kinda like, but dont love. It has some character to it at least  
1st - great trade with k4lnamja, 2nd -  This just happened  (ebay brag) [[SPOILER]]  3rd - A few ties         And last but not least  Technically an "8 Fold" but who ever says that  
Thanks! What browser are you using? I guess I need to check it on all, its suppose to look like the below which works on firefox for me. Does the top box look OK with the length+width, not cramped? Oh wow, it looks like crap with IE.... who uses IE anymore :/ 
Please feel free to critique - New eBay Template 1st revision   CANALI Recent Blue Medallion Geometric Woven 100% Silk Slim Mens Tie - 3.375"
 CONGRATS!! Rumor has it he kicks carts
I sell about 99% (no joke) of my items on ebay and they sell for more then I am asking here. IMO the B&S forum has slowly died since they changed the layout about 2? years ago, Maybe others have a different opinion. That said, you can always consign items if you are worried... I know one or two people around here do that kind of thing
hmmmm, new member who just signed up today asking about my $800 boots....I replied but it sounds like the same scam as usual, no? 
On that note when I checked today it was much higher and should continue to increase till the month ends when no new items are being sold. 
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