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Yes, see the attached picture from the drop down list. I would usually start the subject line "WTB:" so people know its a wanted listing 
Must be PA... some of those stores are open 24/7.
Not sure why I bother going out now that Wes has taken over NJ ALSO!!!   No time to thrift really these days. Did grab a really nice today today though. 
Still trying to dial in my camera setting. Is there a setting to tell the camera to auto knock out this "spike"? This is what keeps the background from beng PURE WHITE vs being just slightly off white. Need to take a few with it over exposed slightly I guess.  
Im sorry but this made me laugh
Coming Soon
Fav e-thirft recently. (have to know your stuff to know why this one is special)   Men Ermenegildo Zegna silk tie  [[SPOILER]]
I can't see them every forcing 100% returns. I think they would loose a lot of sellers. Costco comes to mind where over the years they have reversed course and actually put a limit on returns. PS - This just happened  VERSACE Versus Black RAWR Print Wool Cotton RARE Pants Size Mens 36 38     Sale price: $108.75
Quote:Yup that's how I read it. All returns by holiday 2015 will be hassle-free. It dose look like there will be ways to appeal defects and in addition it did not seam very clear, but possibly a middle step between an "issue" and "ebay helping resolve a case" before a real case is open and a defect hits your account. Need more info on this
NOTE - All the below might go out the window if you actually accept returns. I have a strict no return policy. Either way, always call Live and learn, but I highlighted you mistake. NEVER EVER escalate a case via messages, always call and they can close it out in your favor over the phone. Get on the phone and speak with someone. You would have won this case 10/10 times if you had a person on the phone, no questions asked. 2 years ago before I knew all this stuff, no joke,...
New Posts  All Forums: