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Ending 7pm EST TONIGHT! No Reserve Auctions [[SPOILER]]
I did not, just took the picture for you. Even with high retail looks like they dont really sell that well. If its still there next week....
Looking good
Better pics.... nice boots This... easy money
4 more Paul Stuart suits added
Huge price drop on last 3 items
I called and the guy said they are getting a crap ton of complaints about it. Its something they are testing (have done it in the past, lasted 3 weeks and was random). He said the best thing to do is to send in your opinion how much you hate it. http://qu.ebay.com/survey?srvName=myebay%20(myebay-US)  Side note being that if you are viewing the items and you clear your cookies it "should" clear up the test unless ebay opts you into it again
Crazy. Just saw this.
Got 1 out of 8 on the 2nd go around. Not complaining about that.
98% (not an exaggeration) of the time a pinstripe is an orphan.
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