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+1 still looking to thrift one!!!!  Whats in 7.5D??
Suit is shot imo but the sweather is not bad, use those pictures and mention the issue in the listing and it should still do ok
Not 100% true. Good details and a strong no return policy like I have help win cases of buyers remorse all the time. Obviously if he opens a case saying there is a hole when none was pictured or described then you will not win.
Welcome. I use  Shipping / Payments / Details Payment must be made in full prior to the item being shipped No Proof of Authenticity - Sold based on photos in listing Pre-owned items might show evidence of prior wear Sold per tag size - Measurements are a guide only Shipped to paypal verified address only No refunds, returns, or exchanges
but omg do they bring in $$$$
Quote:From my experience, a hand signed note or picture will do no good. They need "delivered" proof tracking that they can access online. Even for freight shipments you need a BOL PRO # and some smaller carriers so you need to be careful. If you are selling locally either cash or nothing. if its paid on paypal you 100% need a tracking number that can be verified online, no questions.
+1 there is buyer protection on paypal 100%.. This is what the big fuss was about with the 180 change a few weeks ago where paypal actually has a LONGER window to open a claim then ebay doees due to the amount of international chargebacks they were getting. https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/security/buyer-protection
+1 I've met a few people locally and besides them allwanting to "come see my store" (i dont have a store), I just meet at the closest starbucks to me. I can grab coffee, they can go try on the suit and it's a safe place. Remind them it's cash only and once it's done it's done. Easy as can be. If they start to want to meet halfway, etc etc I dont bother. Either comes to me and try it on or dont wast my time...
I did it and it took all of 30 second. Longer to copy/paste the picture and save it and writing this post is going to take longer. That said, rhyme is 100% correct, spend time on your photo setup to minimise your post edit as much as possible and in the long run you will have saved a TON of time. If I do 1,000 pictures in a weekend even if its only 20 seconds a photo to edit it's still 5.5 hours of editing time which is a HUGE waste These are photos direct out of the...
New Posts  All Forums: