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 HUGE NEW LOT - 32 Sport Coats & 55 Ties. Click the hidden link below for photos (not in order),  Full Details of each item can be found on ebay (message me on Styleforum for the best deal) - http://stores.ebay.com/Tailored-Consignment Sport Coats (in size order) CANALI Recent Brown Camel 100% CASHMERE  Blazer Sport Coat Jacket - 46 C / 36 S NWT - J CREW Ludlow Cobalt Blue Cotton Blazer Sport Coat Jacket RARE - 36 S` HICKEY FREEMAN Recent Brown Plaid Check Wool Blazer...
That's insane. Congrats! 
hmmmm I've always done it like this (pic off google). Im sure your doing it right and not I though  
Whats up with the "widest lapel width".... I never get this question and had 4 people ask in the last 2 days. Really odd
When only your backlight fires  oops  
Couple days if your going to auction it but if you are doing a BIN OBO just list and and when they pay take it down. I would just send a note that its going to be put up for sale, no holds, etc etc. Too many people dont follow through 
It is a cool vest! The consignor sent in an entire wardrobe worth of items but there was not a matching suit. I would find it surprising to only send the vest so assume it was to be worn on it's own but not 100% sure. 
      Tag Size EU 56   Chest (pit to pit) 22.25"   Shoulder (seam to seam) 16.00"   Arm (shoulder seam to cuff) N/A    
Hugo Lot of NWT & NWOT shirts just came in. Most are slim fit and in the EU 39/40 range. See Details Below and message me here on Styleforum to save.   Free CONUS Shipping   NEW - ETON Beige Woven OCBD SLIM FIT Mens Casual Dress Shirt - 40 / M / 15 3/4 - $90   NEW - ETON Brown Lightweight SLIM FIT Keaton Mens Dress Shirt - 40 / M / 15 3/4 - $90   NEW - ETON Brown Woven SLIM FIT Keaton Mens Luxury Dress Shirt - 39 / M / 15.5 - $90   NEW - ETON Brown Woven...
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