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Yup, international sales even for cases do not give you labels. Its part of putting some responsibility on international buyers to not just return items for no reason. Obviously no downside in asking for him to cover the cost of shipping but you cant force him to send you the money. You also need to make sure you use a tracking number when sending it back. Canada is not a problem but sometimes overseas its gets really expensive to ship with tracking and delivery which...
Let me know when you find "46C" aka 36 S 
Curious of the paypal case goes now they are split. Before you could only open one case (ebay or paypal) and if you won/lost that case, that was it. The rep could see you won/lost and close it right there on the spot. Chargeback was different as it is outside ebay/paypal with the cc company.
Didn't win any Brioni shirts last night unfortunately 
Photo paper would be much easier I would think.  Hope it wasnt me. I block people every day it seems. 
You need more light "behind" the object to make the background brighter then the object itself. If the background is brighter then the object it will be pure white. If you dont have lights that are behind and only hitting the background its just going to be overexposing the object from my experience
Quick highlight and use the "curves" to slide the whitebalance till its pre white. Or you can paint it white. 10 different ways to do it. The trick is to be able to take the photos with a pure white background (if that's what you want) so you dont have to edit every photo. Raw unedtied photo 
Looks good. End result something like this... 
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