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Yea, should be 98cm = about a 38/39 in size 
After you speak with them just ask for the "SRN" Service Request Number. That is the serial number that is associated with the note they put onto the account. Give that number to the next rep and they can look up the note without an issue
Is there an opening date in mind (sorry if I missed this prior)?
  HUGE LOT OF NWT ETON TIES & BOWTIES   http://stores.ebay.com/Tailored-Consignment/ETON                 Only this one below is NWOT                                              
All different materials: WOOL, LINEN, SILK, COTTON, BLENDS!!  All ties are brand new with tags - first to pay gets it, no holds.  Free CONUS Shipping - Contact me for International shipping. $60/each or 3 for $165 (unless noted) Teal Woven Polka Dot Linen  Red Jumbo Paisley Wool    Only this one below is NWOT      [[SPOILER]]                          [[SPOILER]]           
What would the name of this pattern be.... right now I'm calling it "ski pattern" I feel as though I would wear this tie while skiing or very least as the ski lodge    Edit - NORDIC??    
NWT Eton Bowties    www.ebay.com/Tailored-Consignment/EtonTies                      
Haven't been in here for the last 5,000 posts but always in for a good cause. Happy belated Thanksgiving to all you guys! 
 Yes, even if you have all legal releases of liability mentioned that is not an end-all be-all for a sale on ebay. They make their own rules which you agree to when you list something.Both parties agree to the ebay TOS which states that ebay has the right to make their own rules, etc, etc. You can put whatever you want into a listing and yes it usually helps when you reference it speaking with an agent but ebay does not have to abide by legal terms. 
Although it is a "contract" ebay has it's own rules when it comes to returns and does not actually go by such a cut & dry legal wording unfortunately. That is why I was asking how the other people are fighting the case if they had any luck. 
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