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+1 the small metal parts are "made in england" but the item itself is made who knows where If you have not yet responded, call ebay. Always CALL ebay. Color (as long as it is close to the correct color) is not something that is covered by buyer protection. Its one thing if you sent a red jacket but said it was blue, but another if you say, medium blue and he things its dark blue, or sky blue and he things its ocean blue. When you speak with ebay, explain that you do...
I like the "Automatically set 291 of your detailed seller rating(s) to 5 stars from qualifying transactions"
+1 Regent fit is awesome, one of my fav blazers is a BB Regent. It's close to the Fitzgerald fit wise but with dual rear vents and not so "slim" lapels. Spot on for SF members usually IMO
^^^ and then people wonder why you don't want to be on the SF Blacklist.. 4 members sold to the same person in the few weeks
Got to play with my first ST Dupont lighter today
I just got this same feedback  Basically what I'm doing now.. debating getting a thermal printer though.
Thanks for the info hbk. Would be cool if you could print your logo into the label... Best thing is my post office now just gives me the handheld scanner and I drop them inside the back door, scan them myself and give them the scanner back to upload the info. No matter the line I'm in and out in 5-10 minutes at lunch.
Basically yes, it is Gucci (Tom Ford style) just after he left I think based on the labels
Can you guys give me the specs of the label printers you use and a picture of what the final label looks like? Currently using a dedicated laser printer with 1/2 sheet pull off labels (works great, no issue) but think a label printer will be most cost effective in the long run? Thanks
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