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Need to change your setings to 100 posts per page. Makes scrolling SOO much faster and only 3 pages worth.
Do it once and do it right.  Life story Edit- that shirt was some no name, off-brand shirt before I joined Styleforum.
Please PM me and do not respond here as I dont want to derail there thread...cough... Wes... cough.     On a non-clothing serious note (its not about a grill Spoo, I promise), had anyone used Freelancer.com to design an iphone app or worked with a US company to do one on a small budget with outsourced help? This is NOT clothing related. Different project all together.
When did you get that one!?  Still working on my Lambo though  
I was 95% sure they were and your 99% so that's like 194%... not sure hows thats actually possible though  Thanks
@SpooPoker  Stripper's Tit's eh? 4 lines isnt right is it....ever?          
I can't stand all the dust on the black and they were just too dark. Had to reshoot these in white. Dark items really need a highkey background IMO.  
I'd take her $25 million a year in sales over what any of us are doing.
Good to know. Hope you dont loose any votes from wifes/spouses/family members. Its one thing to have 2 or 3 from an IP but to have like 40 would be cheating I assume. Good luck!!!  Get your votes in early so you dont forget
New Posts  All Forums: