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I was curious so I just spoke with an ebay rep. The biggest thing is tracking being uploaded within your handeling time. That means that the label is printed and the tracking info is put into ebay....can you do this a week before you actually ship an item yes, and to meet the scan requirement it only needs to scaned at somepoint in the tracking process. You also run the risk of the post office not accepting the item if the date on the label is too far outside when the...
From what ebay reps have told me the shipping notification does nothing except notify buyers. If you leave items up and people buy them you will get dinged for not shipping within you handling time. The OLD workaround would be just print PDF labels and keep them until you return as ebay would see the label printed and you would be all set. Now that you have the pring & have a scan within your handling time, you can't do this.
Little brag... sold at BIN. Amazing shoes   VASS Burgundy Chukka Boots SHELL CORDOVAN Mens Shoes w/ Trees - EU 43 UK 9 US 10
Price Drop to $125
Just in that mood. Enjoy  
copy/paste thre feedback here
Once a month I would say I get a "I can't bid"....check the The official SF eBay Black List  and guess whos on there....Mr. I can't bid. With the millions of potential bidders why am I going to trouble myself with the 0.0001% which I know has already had an issue with a fellow styleforum member.
Rounding out my first real thrift in over a month. Yes there are pants @capnwes       Oh and I just won these..... some may hate but I think they are baller, not sure if they will fit and worst case make a couple bucks flipping them.   $690 Salvatore Ferragamo Mens Fully Woven Brown Dress Shoes Balmoral Oxfords 7 D
If new Kiton ties, awesome swim shorts and a set of beautiful hangers don't do it for you, I know you will all like some grenadine ties Courtesy of Exquisite Trimmings are 4 wonderful ties and 3 pocket squares added to the charity auction.   There is still time left to donate an item or two if you would like to help this wonderful organization. We are up to about 50 items donated right now.          
New Posts  All Forums: