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Much easier when they make offers.  I just make sure a get a little extra premium as I know sometimes there are issues
Yes, as was I. I just misspelled it.
People search for misspelled words all the time......
No animals needed. This is actually a pretty rare pattern from what I can tell. Took 7 months to sell though...   HERMES Gray Geometric 100% Silk EXTREAMLY RARE PATTERN 837 EA Mens Tie 3.25" End time: Feb-22-15 16:39:59 PST Sale price: $112.50
 +1 it is Pal Zileri http://www.tailoredconsignment.com/#!who-made-this-suit/cojr
Great selection and thanks for include my Kent Wang Tie 
Yes there is, many I presume, but I ran a charity auction in December (which a lot of the thrift thread guy and styleforum affiliate vendors contributed to ) raising over $10,000!   http://www.careergear.org/
hence why i dont bother to actually post much of anything anymore except to help people when they have specific questions     I think to myself, is it really worth getting bitched at for saying something/anything at all... wow. 
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