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My once a month stop     
Guess she lied to me...more so I dont have any "mutliple items" for sale
Yes, I called and its currently not for clothing either. Only 5 categories. Don't remember exactly what she said but they were all electronics, video games, etc. Looking to expand the service to other areas beginning of 2016.
+1 it all depends on the person but in general I find the women to be more helpful damn you, my limit is 10,000 items or up to $9,850,000.00 per month (yes million!!) LOVE my D3100 and its way more then you need for doing ebay photos. Currently at 102,519 clicks and working great. That said when it dies I want to get a fulll frame D600 or D610 when this camera craps out. Business expense 
Thanks as always for including one of my items. This one is even nice in person (hard to shoot all the details) 5% additional off if you mention this thread 
Thanks, changed the title on SF to match ebay- It is a 44 R
Free CONUS Shipping - Can ship International at cost     Tag Size EU 52 - Approx US 42 / M   Chest (pit to pit) 22.375"    Shoulder (seam to seam) 18.125"   Arm (shoulder to cuff) 25.875"   Length (BOC to hem) 27.50" (without hood)       4 Front Pockets   Zip & Snap Front   Removable Hood (Fox Trim)    100%...
I searched for an 'official dsquared' thread but did not find one. Can anyone shed some light or year for this jacket?   [[SPOILER]]
Except when it is something like an olive color and you put in "Olive Brown Green" in the item specifics. That covers it if they think its more brown or more green etc. Had that happen a few times. Same person I think was mentioned in the thread a few days ago. He's on my blocked list already for cases
Yup, I thought Canali at first but you are right, it is 100% Caruso. 
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