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Correct, paypal chargeback protection when done though a cc is very very narrow. What they do is they "fight" on your behalf and supply the info to the cc company proving your side of the claim (which I have done though and won) Once the item is received back and you issue the refund (be it 100% or less a restocking fee), you can cancel the transaction though ebay and get the FVF's back.
No clue, but that would make sense....maybes its only the "OBO" items 
Store had a rack of mostly NWT Wool JAB  and then BAM NWT 100% Cashmere (crazy size though)    
Love those Lot of Keng Wang 3” Ties – Navy Pindot, Green Grenadine
Well now you are screwed with ebay also... once you offer any type of return you are held to a full return without shipping and without a restocking fee. Even if you said I'll offer you a 50% refund on the return. If you use "return" ebay forces a full refund
I need to start watching your auctions  but yea, I really dislike auctions.  Kind of curious, how "ebay followers" do you guys have? Do you do anything to promote people to follow you in an email or note to them after they win an item? Spoo...3K+? I'm at only 421 +1, ebay uses a square, as default as Snoogz said. If you want it to fill up the entire area then you need to "zoom" in on the area of the coat you would want to be shown until it is a square Usually ignore
The official SF eBay Black List - Style Forum I get maybe one person a month messaging me asking why they are blocked and sure enough they are on the list or I had blocked them prior for doing something stupid or wasting my time
 not cool
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