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Whats up with the "widest lapel width".... I never get this question and had 4 people ask in the last 2 days. Really odd
When only your backlight fires  oops  
Couple days if your going to auction it but if you are doing a BIN OBO just list and and when they pay take it down. I would just send a note that its going to be put up for sale, no holds, etc etc. Too many people dont follow through 
It is a cool vest! The consignor sent in an entire wardrobe worth of items but there was not a matching suit. I would find it surprising to only send the vest so assume it was to be worn on it's own but not 100% sure. 
      Tag Size EU 56   Chest (pit to pit) 22.25"   Shoulder (seam to seam) 16.00"   Arm (shoulder seam to cuff) N/A    
Hugo Lot of NWT & NWOT shirts just came in. Most are slim fit and in the EU 39/40 range. See Details Below and message me here on Styleforum to save.   Free CONUS Shipping   NEW - ETON Beige Woven OCBD SLIM FIT Mens Casual Dress Shirt - 40 / M / 15 3/4 - $90   NEW - ETON Brown Lightweight SLIM FIT Keaton Mens Dress Shirt - 40 / M / 15 3/4 - $90   NEW - ETON Brown Woven SLIM FIT Keaton Mens Luxury Dress Shirt - 39 / M / 15.5 - $90   NEW - ETON Brown Woven...
  39 new suits just listed - http://stores.ebay.com/Tailored-Consignment   BRIONI Recent Nomentano Gray Striped 100% Wool Jacket Pants SUIT Mens - 38 L HICKEY FREEMAN Recent Black Solid 100% Wool Jacket Pants SUIT Mens - 38 R OXXFORD Gray Plaid Check Woven 100% Wool Jacket Pants SUIT Mens - Bespoke 38 R OXXFORD Solid Blue Flannel Wool Center Vent Jacket Pants SUIT - Bespoke...
Anyone recognize this one?  Looks close to Pal Zileri but not exact  
 I think everyone was happy all around and yes they were on consignment from a SF member actually. 
Yes, click the check boxes next to each item then go to action/print shipping labels and the bulk shipping screen will come up. Assuming he has the same ship to address it will notice you have multiple items going to the same address and ask if you want to combine them. You combine them and then print a single label through ebay.
New Posts  All Forums: