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Classic lace-up wingtip Oxford in Horween Shell Cordovan in Cognac. Featuring a medallion design on the toe. Style made on soft chiseled Rain last. Semi-squared shaped last with wide fitting.    Free CONUS Shipping   Tag Size UK 9.5 / US 10 Length    12.50"  Width    4.25"       Two photos below are stock images from Carmina's website - Actual photo of shoes above.  
Note though, my suggestions are still pretty valid but USPS has changed their cost structure so I have since updated how I ship so that use the cheapest boxes depending on weight and distance.
Thanks for including this one. Just dropped the price AND take another $100 off if you mention this thread when you inquire. 
40R is 29.5-31 usually 40S is going to be high 28 to low 29.  I'd call it a 40 R no questions. What did the tag say?
    Some new shoes just went live   ALLEN EDMONDS Strand Tan Walnut Calf Cap Toe Oxfords Mens Dress Shoes - 12 D   SUTOR MANTELLASSI Brown Leather Brogue Cap Toe Oxfords Mens Dress Shoes - 9.5 D   ALDEN for BROOKS BROTHERS Black SHELL CORDOVAN PTB Blucher Mens Dress Shoes 9 D   ALLEN EDMONDS Presidio Black Penny Loafer Mens Dress Shoes - 9.5 EEE
Store for only BINOBO items? Once you have a store you can still list stuff "not" in the store? Don't see any downside to putting everything in the store?
  Tons of new items just went live - http://stores.ebay.com/Tailored-Consignment                                                                                        
+1 I block people almost every day if I get a bad feeling about them
That was kind my thought.... I think someone here has one?
Can someone with a canister iron steamer has to explain why/how these work better when trying to steam a jacket or pair of pants that are hanging? I can see them being great for ironing on a shirt/board but something that does not have a hot metal plate on the bottom just seems like a better solution when dealing with wool/linen/silk where you want the steam to be close to but not touching the item with the unit. The iron like steamer just seems like it would be a PIA 
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