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Does that 'sport coat' comes with pants?? 
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"Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece" just takes up too many. I debated leaving out "brothers"....  Got a better title on this guy? VERSACE Recent Acid Trip Purple 100% SILK Mens Casual Dress Shirt EU 54 LARGE
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"serious hidden flaw" vs "minor flaw" are two different things. If it has a hole, big stain, etc yes you should be able to return it. If it has a tiny stain you would not normally see unless you inspected the item with great detail looking for stains, a loose button/loose threads (from normal wear, etc), being previously tailored, etc are not things IMO you should (or can via ebay) calim a return for taking into account you are buying pre-owned items. Most listings also...
Good call. Made in Italy got me wondering
If you win then no bad feedback. Do not escelate it on ebay, you will lose. Call and speak with someone and if you dont liek the answer you get call back and try again. You should be able to win this one pretty easy based on the 2nd message. 
  For sale are 10 Paul Stuart and 2 Baldessarini Hugo Boss Double Breasted Suits. Please see the links to eBay and contact me with any additional questions. Message me HERE on Styleforum to purchase.   Free US Shipping Included - Can ship International at actual cost.   1) PAUL STUART Navy Blue Windowpane Check Super 100 Jacket Pants SUIT Mens - 40 R - $125  SOLD   2) PAUL STUART Gray POW Paid Check Cashmere Super 120 Jacket Pants SUIT Mens - 40 R - $215   3)...
At first I thought this was old old Caruso for Hugo Boss Baldessarini but am not so sure. Anyone else chime in?      
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