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They are both very recent DAKS.but can't list them without the material content which I dont know   
cross post   Anyone can help translate these 2? Thanks much in advance    
Anyone can help translate these 2?    
+1 "With Su Misura pieces, disregard all posted measurements"     
Hmm what was that on? Where did you see it, you in NJ??
One to add... international sale issues  
+1 should be all set. One major difference I have seen is a fully welded one piece bottom "z" vs. a 3 piece bottom section where you screw in the 2 ends. I have the 3 piece ones as they were a lot less to have shipped but if you are picking them up I would look to see if you could find a solid 1 piece bottom section Middle bars should all be the same
    Burberry Rain Boots Size 44 Nova Plaid Made In France      real, Im thinking a big fat NO due to the patterns cutout    
 How is that not already your new avatar.  
This is blue, see last photo (also have black for sale). Free US Shipping       Tag Size 48 L   Chest (pit to pit) 25.375"   Shoulder (seam to seam) 20.50"   Arm (shoulder to cuff) 27.50"   Length (BOC to hem) 32.75"   Waist (laid flat) 21.125"   Inseam (crotch to cuff) 40.00"   Cuff Height (height of cuff) N/A   Leg Opening (width of leg...
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