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Don't forget about these small guys.  Wish there were my size, so perfect for Fall - RRL Wool Suspender Tweed Trousers, 34
Has anyone participated in this or better yet, does anyone have some inside info on the company or quality? If the quality is there not a bad alternative to a pair of Aldens. Def. like the diplomat the best   Their kickstarter seems to be getting a lot of buzz  https://www.kickstarter.com/thursday-boot-co-thursday-everyday
Call ebay, speak to a rep, explain the case, use the words "buyers remorse",  have them view the messages,  and when they AGREE its "buyers remorse" have them put a note on the account and get the service request number for the call. After the note is on the account, explain to the buyer that you can only provide the tag size which was indicated and the item was described correctly and unfortunately you do not accept returns, sorry. If a case is open, call ebay back, have...
Why dont you use Express with Insurance (or Registered Mail)? Would never use standard priority mail.
Why did you stop then?
PM sent depending on actual measurements   why do they put working cuffs on a NEW jacket?
By far the nicest "non-thing" YSL I've found. Dual vent also Cut an entire size larger then tagged    
Its been spoken about at length in the thread, most sellers here do not use it for the reason your just mentioned
Couple of small issues but felt bad leaving this on the Halloween Costume Rack  Anyone help date the tag before I spend time looking? Interesting is that under the size tag there is an EU 48 Long tag with a US size tag 38 sewn ontop.      So far have had a really great response from a lot of the Styleforum community. About 45 items that people have donated/going to be sending with a few affiliate vendors sending in some really nice items as well. Great start on the way to...
If a case is open and you want to accept the return, there should be an option to "have buyer return item" and you agree to send him a full refund within (5?) days of the item being returned. If you state no returns and you fell you are right AND you have not offered him a return in ebay messages (once you say you will offer a return no matter what you have to accept the return, NO MATTER WHAT), then call ebay and speak with a rep, explain the case, if they agree with you...
New Posts  All Forums: