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I knocked out the couple left from when things went down this morning. Go to the "shipping label" on the left side of the screen, clock on the "print 50 labels" and it will bring up a list of all the item you need to ship. You can print one at a time and repeat or bulk. Worked no problem + international canada
Picked up at least 2 pairs (vtg for BB) myself, true thrift....way back when   and the pair I sold in the Charity Auction was a true thrift I know (along with 2 other pairs from the same store I'm told). I think they get lost in the shuffle.
Not for any of you but these were all pretty awesome (even if not real, still need to check). All from the same tiny high end shop so I have high hopes although the Chanel looks fake to me...but can't imagine them faking the RL (wool??) and the DKNY (vintage 92) [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]   VINTAGE MID CENTURY RALPH LAUREN ITALIAN SILK AND WOOL SCARF; HUNTING SCENE - I was close wool/silk blend - really LOVE this one! [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
There should also be wording on the bottom of page 4 "customer copy" or something like that...
Great group of items just listed   MABITEX Gray Shepherd Check Woven Flannel Mens FLAT FRONT Pants Trousers 38 x 33 CROCKETT & JONES Oriel 2 Chestnut Brown Mens Oxford Shoes w/ Trees Bag - 10.5 D MABITEX Gray Light Flannel Woven Wool Mens FLAT FRONT Pants Trousers - 38 x 34 ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA Recent Beige Brown Twill Mens FLAT FRONT Pants Chino 38 x...
Ebay just removed my listing before I even posted it (scheduled listing). Called and they said "it looked fake". Asked what made them think it was fake and got the "we can't give you those details".....ok already relisted it, they are real. [[SPOILER]]
Free CONUS Shipping   1) C&J Oriel 2 w/ Lasted Trees + Bags - $395     2) C&J Brown Suede Ankle Strap Boots w/ Tress & Bags - $425    
Hi, I'm usually over in the CM section of the forum but trying to get a little more info on 2 pairs of Common Project shoes. Hopefully you guys can help. Thanks in advance!!   Any help on the correct name/style/color would help  bunch.   Thanks to @twotrey he sent me this link for the first pair which shoes SS13. Any more info on the color or model...
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