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Anyone have one of these double high Z racks or a rack where you can hang 2 sets of jackets without issue (36" of clear space I'm guessing for each section)? Any photos? Guessing need to get a 7' tall vs 6' tall one to do it right   Like this  @ 80" of clear hand space ce space http://www.metropolitandisplay.com/5-foot-deluxe-professional-grade-double-rail-rolling-z-rack-chrome-black/   or  http://www.garmentrack.com/zrac5bas7up2.html
Hugo Lot of NWT & NWOT shirts just came in. Most are slim fit and in the EU 39/40 range. See Details Below and message me here on Styleforum to save.   Free CONUS Shipping   NEW - ETON Beige Woven OCBD SLIM FIT Mens Casual Dress Shirt - 40 / M / 15 3/4 - $110   NEW - ETON Brown Lightweight SLIM FIT Keaton Mens Dress Shirt - 40 / M / 15 3/4 - $110   NEW - ETON Brown Woven SLIM FIT Keaton Mens Luxury Dress Shirt - 39 / M / 15.5 - $110   NEW - ETON Brown...
  Sport Coats & Suits Just Listed   http://stores.ebay.com/Tailored-Consignment   SPORT COATS           SUITS                                      
Free CONUS Shipping Included       Tag Size XL   Chest (pit to pit) 26.125"   Shoulder (seam to seam) 22.25"   Arm (shoulder seam to sleeve end) 22.625"     
Yep, feels like cashmere just another weird label
I'm just not having luck these days with wool/cashmere tags.   
Free CONUS Shipping       Tag Size Large - 34 x 33   Waist (laid flat) 18.50"   Inseam (crotch to cuff) 33.75"   Cuff Height (height of cuff) N/A   Leg Opening (width of leg opening) 8.00"   Front Rise (waist to crotch) 11.25"    
  New ties & shirts just listed   http://stores.ebay.com/Tailored-Consignment                                                                                        
hmmm 100% LANA WS.... seems kinda odd. Thoughts?   Lana = Wool WS = Cashmere   I guess there is such a think as "cashmere wool" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cashmere_wool     
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