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Big thank you to eHABERDASHER for a great selection of ties, including Kiton, Corneliani, Battisti and Benjamin Sartorial, donated to the Career Gear Charity Auction      
To note, I've had ebay reps tell me to do exactly that when there has been issues generating invoices after refunds with the wrong shipping address. Ebay & paypal are one company right now still so if he bought the item on ebay you can go into paypal and make an invoice, put in the ebay item # where there is a spot and send the invoice that way. Then go back to ebay and mark it as paid when it is paid, ship the item, update ebay and paypal with the tracking info etc.  The...
I'm 'special' jk but I get a high volume/top rated power sell rep directly without needing to ask for one. Ebay has a system where if your account is flagged (in a good way) and you call in with the phone number on the account it auto bumps you to them. There is a small team (I get the same basic people over and over as they remember my picture style/username) and I speak to them 1-2 times a week  for various things. If there is a tag size listed and pictured the...
Don't get out much anymore so I didnt thrift it myself but..... coolest BB leather jacket I've ever seen  
Can you "see" the note, no. But they leave pretty detailed notes. You need to ask for the "SERVICE REQUEST NUMBER", everything done on ebay has a unique ID #. I keep a log of the numbers the date and a note if I think there is going to be an issue down the line. Whenever I have given the SRN they can always reference back to the previous notes.
  One more for you... I got to learn this pre-death stuff. When's the first class? Is it a versace leopard panther?? 
Don't forget about these small guys.  Wish there were my size, so perfect for Fall - RRL Wool Suspender Tweed Trousers, 34
Has anyone participated in this or better yet, does anyone have some inside info on the company or quality? If the quality is there not a bad alternative to a pair of Aldens. Def. like the diplomat the best   Their kickstarter seems to be getting a lot of buzz  https://www.kickstarter.com/thursday-boot-co-thursday-everyday
Call ebay, speak to a rep, explain the case, use the words "buyers remorse",  have them view the messages,  and when they AGREE its "buyers remorse" have them put a note on the account and get the service request number for the call. After the note is on the account, explain to the buyer that you can only provide the tag size which was indicated and the item was described correctly and unfortunately you do not accept returns, sorry. If a case is open, call ebay back, have...
Why dont you use Express with Insurance (or Registered Mail)? Would never use standard priority mail.
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