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Looks it... which I had never heard of before then
Everyone starts somewhere... man was the color of those lights off before I know about pre setting white balance  
Found this pair about a year and a half ago.... never figured out who it was. Sorry for the big pictures   
Depending how you measure (tip vs middle vs inside edge) and how the sleeve lays you can be 1" difference. Is there an actual case open or only a message? I would CALL ebay and speak with someone and explain how this is a clear case of buyer remorse based on the item not fitting. It was described correctly and like with all PRE-OWNED items it had been altered to fit the previous owner, etc ect and the measurements given are of course only approximations but like with all...
how close are they? 10 vs 10.25" or 10 vs 12"? does your listing say "sold per tag size" and "measurements are only a guide" and "pre-owned items may have been altered"?
Just in time for the holidays, a guilt free way to shop and also donate to a wonderful non-profit. More details can be found here Consign for a Cause Career Gear Charity Auction but I wanted to give everyone a heads up the auctions end in under 48 hours. Tons of nice things, still going really cheap. 100% of the proceeds are going direct to CareerGear.org   Complete list of all 144 items in the charity auction. Feel free to ask any questions below. Thank you again to...
Sent you a PM
THANK YOU eHaberdasher for the wonderful donation to the Consign for a Cause Career Gear Charity Auction   Bidding ends this Sunday evening (12/14) for all 144 items including these awesome ties (click the links below) so you can do some guilt free shopping AND donate to a really great cause. 100% of the proceeds from all these auctions goes direct to Career Gear.   BATTISTI Napoli NWT NEW Dark Purple HIDDEN POCKET 100% Silk Mens Tie - 3.50"   BATTISTI Napoli NWT...
Pants from yesterday        
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