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Thanks paypal.... :(   We are changing the standard transaction fee for in store transactions received from buyers outside the U.S. from 3.7% to 4.2%.
Alden Shell Boots - Rare Size 7.5 C/E - Free CONUS Shipping    
Where to start...this is an amazing coat! Free CONUS Shipping via Fedex insured   PRICE DROP $3450  $3150 $2850    Tag Size - No Tag, Approx S/M  Chest (pit to pit)21.75"  Shoulder (seam to seam)18.875"  Arm (shoulder to cuff)25.75"  Length (BOC to hem)46.50"    
  SHOES DROP - All pictures and sizes seen live on ebay   Message me for 20% off the BIN price                                                
Pretty sure these are Ostrich???      
  55 ties just went live, they can all be seen with more pictures here   Message me for 20% off the BIN price                                                                                      
IMO quick sales on NWT items at BIN prices are impossible lol. But really to force a sale in 24 hrs the price would be sooo good. Under $200 obo and still might not sell in 24 hrs but you have a shot with someone buying it to flip. Giving away money vs running it for 7 days or something at minimum but you already know that.
Not sure but thought the same thing. I really don't deal with people questioning authenticity so I guess we going to find out.......  PS - Got some updates on this issue coming, many more messages, waiting to see how it all plays out
+2 BIN at 700 I think.... If they were mine I would be happy with 500 but then again I'm still drive my Toyota $$$ either way. You thrift those?
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