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Well my first question would be, did you ship it with a pocket seam seperating? If so then you should send him some cash for the repair or take a return if its an issue. If the item was in good condition when you shipped then it happened after he got it. In neither scenerio can I see how the shipping company insurance would be at fault. They got the item where it was going as they are tasked with doing.
ME aka consignment... Besides consignment, sell anything, lose $5 and get your 10 sales. Opening bid $0.01 with free shipping. Sell something like a post card, or a stamp or anything.
Small Trafalgar haul & a bunch of pants.   2 Silk   3 Non Silk   These Polo Cords match the Orange ones from last week, same store.       Leave No Seersucker Behind.....actually left it last week but was half off this week.   Again similar to the part last week, same size, just different style and not NWT. Half Off also!
 IMO if it was sooo cheap and you want to take the risk, tell him you will take it with the stain, and repay...Im sure he will say something like he already donated it/ threw it out, etc but besides that you dont have many options. Sellers are not forced to send items, but that's what feedback is for if you had a bad buying experience. DO NOT threaten to leave bad feedback, just do it if you must.
Only at 54,000 .... got another 200K to go I guess. What is the typical life of a DSLR?
No reserve auctions ending at 7PM tonight.... cheap prices!   SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Blue Horseshoe Mens Hand Rolled Silk Pocket Square - 16.50" $28.00 HERMES 738 FA Green Blue Rope Link Chain 100% Silk Mens Tie - 3.375" $45.00 SARTORIA ATTOLINI Napoli Blue Shadow Paisley 7 SEVEN FOLD Silk Mens Tie - 3.50" $61.00 VILEBREQUIN Solid...
Yea no question. Send Express with full insurance.
Ties from yesterday... fave is the "no name" Sacks woven gold tie. Very similar to the Charvet ties.                  
Best item of the day.... and a lot more to come later   Always wanted a laserjet just for labels and its wireless! Works great, just missing the little tray that catches the paper when it comes out. $9.99!   
Whole bunch of new ties added 7/5  
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