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I lost the bid on the Tux   (the guy below me only bid $11 so I helped raise the price by $4). The winner would have paid more though as can be seen by is double winning bid.   Side note, eBay is finally starting to see the full potential of Tailored Consignment  PER MONTH!  
3000 missed posts and nothing changes    Hardly thrifting these days    Leonard Paris   Versace   Charvet
I run them for some consignors but really dont like them
Nice items!
Free CONUS Shipping       Tag Size Chest (pit to pit) 50 R 25.50"    Shoulder (seam to seam) 21.625"   Arm (shoulder to cuff) 24.25" (1.625" to let out)   Length (BOC to hem) 31.25"       Fully Lined   Fully Canvassed   Dual Rear Vent   Pure Escorial Fabric    
That's almost like a barlycorn - or you can call it Galaga ship pattern, both should work. Great read on tweeds http://www.gentlemansgazette.com/tweed-guide-harris-history-styles-patterns/
It was working as of around 8am est today....   You can always tell him to consign with me to free up some cash 
Nope but just was surprised they refunded the guy for not following their TOS.
On that note, I sold a pair of shoes $300, didnt fit buyer, opened a case, I won in a 5 min call to ebay, he shipped them back after opening the case (before I even called ebay to have it closed) and I received the shoes back. Ebay obviously didnt take it out of my paypal account but I saw it noted that "buyer refunded by ebay". They sent the guy $300 because he couldnt follow some basic rules how to return (or not return) something 
Nice Alden's, wish they were my size!
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