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  Huge new lot of 39 new shirts just went live.   Full Details of each item can be found on ebay (message me on Styleforum for 20% off the BIN price)   ROBERT GRAHAM Multi Plaid Patch 100% Cotton Mens Casual Dress Shirt - LARGE ROBERT GRAHAM Blue White Striped 100% Cotton Mens Casual Dress Shirt - XL RALPH LAUREN PURPLE LABEL Blue White Striped Cotton Luxury Dress Shirt - LARGE ROBERT GRAHAM Blue Striped PATCH Shortsleeve Cotton...
This goes to something said a week or so ago... if you make an offer lower then your first offer... auto decline. I have no problem trying to work on a price that we are both happy and will usually respond to most any first offer but don't waste my time    
When you get an answer you like, ask them to make a note of that and get the SRN (service request number). This is the unique code they can look up to see any conversations/comments you have had with ebay reps before hand. I have found when you ask them to put a note on and get the SRN they actually do because they know you are going to follow up if you have any issues.
The listing is scheduled and not live yet which causes the link error I think. If you check the links I posted above prob the same thing? 
Nice shirt
From a bunch of consignors, will break it down when they go live   Photo   Title   FERRARI Red Solid Prancing Horse Logo 100% Silk Mens Luxury Tie 3.75" #ForBrian ROBERT TALBOTT BEST CLASS Purple Green Paisley Peacock Mens Tie 4.00" #ForBrian ROBERT TALBOTT BEST OF CLASS...
FYI if you put a note like this in your offer it gets auto declined "Hopefully your photos are true to color of fabric, and the measurements are good - I've spent about $50 returning suits because of color difference or defects/mis-measured."
Disregard everything I said as it sounds like you are in Canada? Didn't know that but international sales/returns are different
Anyone with initials "JCS" and wear a 18.5 neck shirt or for a more casual shirt with open top button 24.25" chest 34.25" sleeve - message me
Actually if its an NAD or Damaged item and she opens a return on ebay then it is the sellers responsibility to send the buyer the prepaid label. You can do this manually or ebay offers you an option to have them just email her a label and add the cost to your end of month bill. In addition you have to refund any shipping she paid to start with for the item which is done automatically though the return process. If she is returning it for a buyers remorse items (dosent fit,...
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