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Call back after it shows delivered... they are not going to remove any feedback until it shows delivered. 
Call ebay after it shows delivered within your stated s&h time and they should remove that. Block and add to the blacklist Top rated and refunds dont have anything to do with each other (Spoo & I). Top Rated Plus is where you get the discount for offering 14 day returns. If you list a few items without return then you will not receive the discount on those particular items is all.
Its a reasonable request. The question is if you want to deal with returns. There was a reason you elected not to deal with returns to start with, no?
Contact me about consignment services offered Couple of really really top tier items just listed. All from the same consignor so approx the same size. Full set of photos and measurements provided in the ebay listings Includes free CONUS shipping & insurance. 1) LUCIANO BARBERA COLLEZIONI SARTORIALE Gray 100% CASHMERE Sport Coat Blazer 48 L - $3752) LUCIANO BARBERA by D'AVENZA Recent Blue Plaid CASHMERE Sport Coat Bespoke 48 L - $325 - SOLD [[SPOILER]]  3) ERMENEGILDO...
Yes page 1 is incorrect
I've had good luck with vaseline both on the bottom of the shoes and on the inside sole to remove sticker residue. Was really surprised how quick and easy it worked.
GOTCHA! Sorry for the confusion. Makes more sense. That is beyond horrible. 
Weird, your items look normal when I go look at them... 
I dont see this on any of my listings. Where do you see it? 
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