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Why do I feel at a loss... so close to Canali...???  
  Jackets    Full Details of each item can be found on the direct ebay link below (message me for 20% off the BIN price) -  http://stores.ebay.com/Tailored-Consignment   IN SIZE ORDER      APC Solid Blue 100% Cotton TRIPLE PATCH POCKET Blazer Sport Coat Jacket 34 / XS RAG & BONE Beige Tan 100% Cotton Mens Blazer Sport Coat Jacket Rare - 36 S CANALI Recent Solid Gray 100% Wool Mens Blazer Sport Coat Jacket -  40 R CANALI Recent...
+1 org photo looks better IMO and would just cut the background out as the color of the jacket is def off in the edited one
Need to follow that guy I guess... $9.99!! 
SMALL GUYS - Not a bad deal for self use (not mine, slightly too much to flip) -  Rugby Mens Blazer 36 Short Tweed
Looks great Oversaturated. If you are shopping out the background I would use the select magic wand on the white first. Post a pic of the before and after which helps to see what you are doing
Shoot... I turned off the hub, was a pia
This is so awesome!
Thanks! Where do you see this? 
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