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just look to confirm my thought about fake on both  
oops, might be me or others have had problems with him also "I would like to offer you the opportunity to remedy this sale before I leave any feedback"
Yea, sometimes when there is a doubt its not worth the fight. If you had said EU xx / US xx you would have won but buy having the title confusing it gives ebay a reason to question the listing (rightfully so), once reason keyword spamming in titles is a bad idea, besides being against the TOS and a PIA for search results you will loose any case when someone says they were expecting a different items by a different name brand no matter what the pictures /listing says (or so...
Yup, ebay would side with the buyer on this on if you did not specify in the title. I have now started to include an item specific "tag size: EU...." if it is listed as EU size like Zegna suits specifically. US sizes goes in the one that gets searched and the EU size goes in my custom one so it's right there in black and white, no my fault if they dont read.
Great selection as usual
 Side note, I've sold to this guy without issue... just saying
If  you use gmail just put in the ebay name and search your email archive it will show any sold items, offers, etc.
small oval polka dot twill
exactly, bid your max and move on, there will be another. If you get it cheap even better but usually what you bid is still a good deal, just dont get emotional into a biding war
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