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Great items!
Looks real just older. Not too many fake shirts do MOP buttons which is always a good sign  @SpooPoker   With all this work, when's the car upgrade?
e-thrifted for the win!   This   into    
Shoes & ties just listed @ eBay.com/Tailored-Consignment                                                                
You need to request and updated invoice from the seller
+1 learned about this a year ago, saves soooo much time. Only issues I find it for upclose pictures the auto messes up the balance example going from a far shot to an upclose shot of the button. Have the same issue?
PSA - Started a thread Helpful guide to "Who made this suit"? - If you guys have any labels/brands that I don't already have listed, can you post them in that thread so I can update the site. Trying to make it as quick and easy for people to figure out who made items.
It will eventually time out or you can close it (I think its 7 days) and then ebay will refund your FVF
I never get it... I have items listed for week and months and then the day after someone else buys it I get a message asking "is this item sold" "will you relist it" "I want to buy it"   Why didnt you just make an offer to buy it while it was still for sale     PS - Closing in on 3,000 feedback 
New Posts  All Forums: