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And when it starts to run out you still have another 100 or so pages with the "shake & replace"  Side note being, someone who thought those 1/2 page peel and sick labels were the best thing ever, now that I have a label printer I would never ever go back. It is soooo nice.  I bought Savage Seamless Background Paper, 107" wide x 12 yards, Super White, #1 #1-12 and it was huge. Think 9' (yes 1' longer then a sheet of plywood). I would go for 8x10. The 5x7 is going to be...
Been busy at work and work and more work, but got 1/2 the new lighting setup in place. Photos on the left are 100% raw right out of the camera (zero photoshop, not even auto adjust anything)  and the photos on the right are with a custom auto color enhance run in a batch edit (30 seconds to run for all 100 photos), Ready to be listed.     You can see the bleed/backlight on the inside right arm which I need to fix by actually reducing the power on the backlight with a...
All of the proceeds from these 5 suits will be donated to Career Gear (you will actually paypal CareerGear directly). Check them out, it's a wonderful organization that helps mens dress for interviews and more! www.CareerGear.org Links to ebay for more pictures and all measurements. - Message me here on Styleforum to purchase. 1) BRIONI Aurelio Recent Brown Windowpane Check Jacket Pants SUIT Mens 40 R - $425 - SOLD  [[SPOILER]]   2) ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA Solid Gray 2BTN PEAK...
You know you want it. Baller status to the extreme. Gucci Tom Ford era.   No Tag - Approx 44 R Chest (pit to pit) - 23.00"  Shoulder (seam to seam) - 19.50" Arm (shoulder to cuff) - 25.50" Length (BOC to hem) - 31.00"  
Nice stuff 
Beautiful Boots - $550 + shipping  
WHAT?!? Do I really need to go back and read 1,000 posts  
 Missed you all over the last 3,000+ posts.... no time to catch up, BUT if these are your measurements and your intersted in a Double Breasted suit collection (Bespoke HSM Gold) shoot me a PM asap.   [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for including my Kent Wang Skinny Navy Blue Whale Embroidered Tie 
I take that all back. Its horrible and going back.... didnt last 2 days  Prob just have to build something unless someone has a good solution?
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