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+1 and then I get the message "why can't I bid on your item"
Helps, as long as the color is somewhat muted (which it appears to be) I'd personally listed it as ancient madder... its not like calling it a 2 button when its a 3 roll 2 or anything. This one is a little more of a gray area IMO. Go for it, no one is going to call you out on it 99.99% of the time
Nice Haul. The Zegna Sport is bad ass. PM sent on the XS!  When I buy a BB belt that is falling apart, but didnt know if was falling apart b/c your in a rush..... list the belt buckle Solid Brass, Made in Italy.   and this tie. 
I cant see upclose, but from my experience the ancient madder has more of a super fine twill pattern and is not silky smooth.
+1 I have spoke to multiple ebay reps who basically said, if there is any issue, buyer dosent want it, sending a partial refund, etc choose the buyer returning for a refund or buyer changed mind. This covers any and all types of refunds. DO NOT choose "other" as that counts against the seller.
I've thought about it, I have all the items on 'good till cancelled' so they just relist every 30 days.... how would that help with best match?
If your worried about the $0.10 or $0.50 per listing for the insertion fee your doing something wrong IMO. Yea, free is nice but I would never change how I run my auctions based on any fee or promotion, unless I try to list more/faster but never list less.
hmmm I would double check your actual invoice. When you schedule it, the fee is shown as $0 for insertion as the promo is going, but I'm pretty sure when the item actually gets listed if the promo is not active it will charge you the fee. You wont notice unless you look
Last but not least some suits      
$9.99 NO RESERVE AUCTIONS - End 7/6 @ 7pm   SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Blue Horseshoe Mens Hand Rolled Silk Pocket Square - 16.50" HERMES 738 FA Green Blue Rope Link Chain 100% Silk Mens Tie - 3.375" SARTORIA ATTOLINI Napoli Blue Shadow Paisley 7 SEVEN FOLD Silk Mens Tie - 3.50" VILEBREQUIN Solid Blue Draw String Swim Trunks Bathing Suit Mens Size...
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