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very helpful!!! One question. When bulk printing labels, how do I get my custom sku to turn on and print along the side? I must have just missed this. Update - NM i got it, but it is not the "custom label" I entered...got to figure that out The custom label is "Polo Ralph Lauren Black Puffer"  But the custom sku is a random number??  "131081125418" 
Thanks! Knew I saw it somewhere!
PM me for my address  Im not 100% pos but you might get around this by opening a store.. I dont recall if they still implement restrictions on stores or not.
I use to be the same way, skip the pants b/c it was a PIA. Obviouly is the store does soething stupid like hang them upside down by the middle then it's pointless, but if hung by the waist  (95% of stores) just flip though the like you would shirts and look for key inidcators its a nice pair along with the feel of the leather. Looking for a) nae brands on the waistband, b) curtain waistband c) the silky line though the waistband (arrow uses this so watch out) d) the...
Did you leave your number stapled to a $20?  Sweet e-thrift on 9 itmes!! Nice!!
f'ing a. nice find! and LOVE that car (but who dosent) $22 each to resell... idk :/ Have you seen my avatar recently?   Congrats!!!
I believe your statement is incorrect.  eBay does send auto reminders to buyers. I just saw it in B&W the other day but can't find it at the moment. It's listed on a page with 4 or 5 bullet points in how ebay is helping out sellers. It was somewhere in the new seller update form last week I read. The feedback reminder though is not new, but they had it listed in there as a positive thing ebay does for you
Little brag... most expensive pre-owned one sold recently [[SPOILER]]
I see it on mobile app right now.
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