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Got a gray card to set the white balance on my camera. Not sure I needed it but figured for $12 why not. There are raw unedited photos out of the camera. I dont really see much of a difference besides the gray card evens out the "shiny" part of the ties a little which is nice   Before - White balance set with photo of paper After - White balance set with gray card
nice, going to add this to my label list
Super cool thrifted item, not by me but a thread member in Cali (thread pop?) Vintage Charvet dress shoes (need TLC)    
Call the airline but from my experience missing the first half of a connection without speaking with the airline first cancels that ticket. 
x-post heel thread   never seen this interior marking. Supppppper recent... I think  I don't shop retail so anyone here actually see this in a store recently?  
And another...never seen this interior marking. Supppppper recent... I think      EDIT - Nevermind - @SpooPoker said they are very recent, thanks 
Correct, paypal chargeback protection when done though a cc is very very narrow. What they do is they "fight" on your behalf and supply the info to the cc company proving your side of the claim (which I have done though and won) Once the item is received back and you issue the refund (be it 100% or less a restocking fee), you can cancel the transaction though ebay and get the FVF's back.
No clue, but that would make sense....maybes its only the "OBO" items 
Store had a rack of mostly NWT Wool JAB  and then BAM NWT 100% Cashmere (crazy size though)    
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