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Not a 100% sure fire exact price, but I just look at sold items, priced high to low and if give you an idea where items are sold. It places them in order from high to low based on sold price not the BIN price.
Same for me, approx 85% of nov/dec/jan sales. Approx same % as last year. Its always a tad slower (and shorter month)
Pretty sure this is a vintage ascot and not a tie, right? There is no keeper. Large side is 3.75"    
Honestly dont know as I dont check paypal. I print labels direct though ebay (saves money also being TR) and it says "Eligible for seller protection" and that's where it goes.
+1 this is when it is important that you ship within your handling time, to the address provided on eBay, etc. I just had this happen and got off the phone with eBay. You are covered from an item not received case as long as you did everything correct.
This is so awesome. I looked at it the other day...blue and black... just looked again this morning white and gold BUT then as I looked at it longer it started to change colors and become black and blue again.
 Picked first one up at the post office today. They always sell well
Post a picture, but the "limited" are the interested designed ones that they stop producing after a while. Anything that is silk and has a design on it I'd call limited for eBay purposes
Kent Wang was one of mine and someone finally bought it. Thanks @StyleforumRobot 
and they feel like crap, just wanted to make sure i wasnt crazy quick
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