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Wheres the kids size stuff? RLPL small.....prob still huge on me
oops. yea that one, you didnt miss out. and who give arm hole measurements?? I have been asked and then do, but not a typical measurement anywhere I've seen.
Vintage BREE Satchel - $15 CONUS Shipping   Important Information Amazing Vintage Satchel Genuine Leather Beautiful Patina Without Strap Approx 15.25" Wide by 12.00" Height by 4.00" Deep
New thread...? head that up, sure people will be interested in participating. It was like the ebay scavenger hunt thread till it died.
How long have you been wanting to use that in your title?
Thanks to Wes! I got your answer. Its actually even cooler then I thought!  When you receive a message for a fixed price listing (not auctions) you can replay with a regular message like you have in the past, OR this new "private offer" message. You can still type any message you like but also add a lower price making them a best offer for it so all they have to do is accept your offer. They CAN NOT reply to your message (like a normal message, they would need to send a...
Here is the ebay link for the "private offer" which is a brand new feature. Spoke with a US top rated seller rep today and he didn't even know it existed when I asked if it counted in the 3 offers. http://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/private_offer.html
No clue to either question as I just found out about this today and there was no back and forth. I know even after the 3 there is a waiting period and the buyer can make another offer again (not sure if its 15 30 60 days?)
+10  & if you print 1st class labels though ebay for shirts and ties under 13 ounces you get free tracking which usually costs $ at the post office. On another note: SUPER COOL. Got a message with an offer in it for an item. Was going to reply that sure, I accept that price please make the offer though ebay best offer, BUT BUT BUT there is a new button on the bottom that says "make offer". Now you can reply back to a message with a direct offer and all the buyer has to do...
New Posts  All Forums: