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That's almost like a barlycorn - or you can call it Galaga ship pattern, both should work. Great read on tweeds http://www.gentlemansgazette.com/tweed-guide-harris-history-styles-patterns/
It was working as of around 8am est today....   You can always tell him to consign with me to free up some cash 
Nope but just was surprised they refunded the guy for not following their TOS.
On that note, I sold a pair of shoes $300, didnt fit buyer, opened a case, I won in a 5 min call to ebay, he shipped them back after opening the case (before I even called ebay to have it closed) and I received the shoes back. Ebay obviously didnt take it out of my paypal account but I saw it noted that "buyer refunded by ebay". They sent the guy $300 because he couldnt follow some basic rules how to return (or not return) something 
Nice Alden's, wish they were my size!
  An amazing pair of seldom worn shoes with Trees, Bags & Box.    Free US Shipping - Can ship International at cost.   More pictures in the eBay links - Message me here to purchase.   GAZIANO & GIRLING Brown Polo Suede Blucher Captoe Mens Dress Shoes UK 10 US 10.5     **I offer a full service eBay & SF consignment - Message me for full details**  
Yes Yes Yes
Nice suit, wish the jacket was an inch shorter
+1 no issues getting almost all pants in. Local I use a box as its the same cost and boxes are nice, but NJ to CA they go Flat Rate.
I tape over all 3 exposed seams on every box glue or no glue.
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