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+1 I find most buyers really arnt out to get you. I shipped the wrong tie to a guy and caught it an hour after shipping as I had a bad feeling (ties looked very similar). Shipped out the correct tie the next day and sent him a note with the tracking number of the 1st wrong tie, what the package looked like and if he could just write RTS so it came back. Gave him the correct new tie tracking number etc. No problem at all. Could the guy have just help both ties and never...
I actually have one and yes.
Looks like Simply Taupe to me  
I've always done GTC listings, makes it easy
Call ebay, should be easy win. Unless he uploads a video burning the item where it shoes not to be cashmere... but then I guess no return as the item would be in a different condition then shipped
Cracked 700 live listings with no auctions running Now this stuff just needs to sell faster
They arnt really cases if he pays so dont sweat it. It only affects his account if he didnt pay and the item was closed as "non-payment", once he pays it does nothing to his account. I have them open for buyer who dont pay after 48 hours all the time. No big deal
Pretty sure and someone will correct me but Escorial is the type of wool not how it's woven. It can be woven into super 130/150/200 but it comes from a certain type of sheep which makes it Escorial
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