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Most of the stores seem to have or are currently switching from summer stock over to fall/winter stock (finally!)   3x Tweed       Naked & Famous Black Selvedge   Summer stuff is still out - Linen Pants           3x Polo Silk Braces      
I ended up with ISO 800 F:7.1 and shutter speed 1/20 or 1/25.  Here is a full unedited set right out of the camera. All I did was either move closer/further and zoom in and clicked away. AMAZING. This just cu5 about 1/3 off my photo time. Will post process in a automatic batch which takes no time and then list. Between good lights, decent camera and now knowing how to use the camera a little better its becomes pretty painless to do photos. A much better lens is hopefully...
Thanks to breakaway01 with a little help on the camera setting I can now get them all pretty consistent without adjusting the camera at all. These are right out of the camera no editing. Same setting, not adjusting. Just point and shoot. AMAZING          
Why would you post other peoples photos with your items? (serious question)
Camera forums will have awesome guides in general. Reading a bunch I was able to pick little parts that applied to my setup.
No, I'm shooting in JPEG (fine). I use photoshop but very minimally to do an auto contrast and whiten up the background if needed.
+1  The blue tag is sold though non-bb stores On a side note, they have started color coding tags but they are still white tags and the writing is different colors
Quick camera question, been meaning to ask as I'm sure there is a simple answer I'm missing.  Nikon D3100, currently shooting in  aperture mode with a preset white balance, love it, but......I'll shoot a full body shot and say 50% of the white background is showing and 50% of the navy blue suit. I then step 2 feet closer (dont change any of the camera setting and keep the zoom the same), so now 25% white background and 75% navy suit. The photo come out SUPER DARK. I need...
Better pictures once it arrived    
In all honesty who actually uses best match when searching. I know what I'm looking for and I search for that then sort by price, newly listed or distance depending on what it is.....like everything else, they push best match so you fee like you need to do all this stuff but in the end, people are going to find your item if you have quality stuff IMO...
New Posts  All Forums: