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 +1 it is Pal Zileri http://www.tailoredconsignment.com/#!who-made-this-suit/cojr
Great selection and thanks for include my Kent Wang Tie 
Yes there is, many I presume, but I ran a charity auction in December (which a lot of the thrift thread guy and styleforum affiliate vendors contributed to ) raising over $10,000!   http://www.careergear.org/
hence why i dont bother to actually post much of anything anymore except to help people when they have specific questions     I think to myself, is it really worth getting bitched at for saying something/anything at all... wow. 
Not a 100% sure fire exact price, but I just look at sold items, priced high to low and if give you an idea where items are sold. It places them in order from high to low based on sold price not the BIN price.
Same for me, approx 85% of nov/dec/jan sales. Approx same % as last year. Its always a tad slower (and shorter month)
Pretty sure this is a vintage ascot and not a tie, right? There is no keeper. Large side is 3.75"    
Honestly dont know as I dont check paypal. I print labels direct though ebay (saves money also being TR) and it says "Eligible for seller protection" and that's where it goes.
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