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BROOKS BROTHERS Brown Leather Mens Laptop Bag Attache Briefcase   [[SPOILER]]    
No spoiler needed  
Edited - Sold Items Listed Above
Be Careful......1st degree burns from my steamer tonight Steam is hot
A beautiful mini briefcase was just donated to the charity auction by www.massimilianostanco.com          
Thom Brown Shirts for sale. Free CONUS Shipping     THOM BROWNE Recent Bespoke 2014 Solid Blue MOP Mens Dress Shirt Medium Size 2 - $200   Tag Size Size 4 - Approx XL   Chest (pit to pit) 22.75"   Shoulder (seam to seam) 18.00"   Arm (shoulder seam to cuff) 25.375   THOM BROWNE White Red Blue Plaid Check MOP Mens Dress Shirt Extra Large Size 4 - $225   Tag Size No...
No clue - horse's_ass  If I copy/paste the name it links though. PS - Did you get me PM
PVC from home depot.... 1" or 2" tube would prob work well and you could put a hanger hook right in the tube itself, or drill a hole or something and its already white.
 Thanks!! Love the knowledge around here!
^^^^ a clothes steamer might work?  
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