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Can you post a photo of the XL label? Unless you print a lot of UPS/FedEx why would you need the larger one aka more expensive labels or do you use the smaller labels most of the time and just have a roll of larger ones when needed to switch in?
Has anyone gotten the Dymo to work on the Mac now? I see on the website it has driver for Mac software (dont think it did before). You'll be SO happy, dumbfounded how you lived without one. Seriously besides for studio flash lights the label printer is my best investment.   Why am I not feeling so good about this one being fake also??   
Are you using a label printer yet?! I ran out couple weeks ago and was SO sad to have to print big labels again. Now I have 15 rolls (150 per roll) of backup labels. 120 ties just went live Biggest single tie dump yet + 40 more set up for later tonight
Appreciate the effort, did try a bunch of searches for all the codes on the tag. I think those 2 images revert back to B-6 jackets also? Still trying to find something about the tag or other hardware with RDS
Just wondering as Im confused, what leads you to it being made by Aero? I can't find the contract number or anything on google or the RDS hardware either.
Thanks Yup.   The RDS is really throwing me off, can't find anything on google :(
Damn.... got to yell at a consignor hahahaha   The medusa looked kinda off, not have a good night with this stuff. On a better note, anyone know who might have made this jacket? Thought AVIREX but that does not appear correct. Not sure what R.D.S stands for either     
@SpooPoker never seen on this "cool" before. Vintage? Medusa Head? $$$?    
  40 pairs of pants just went live, links below for more pictures and measurements   Message me for 20% off the BIN price   IN SIZE ORDER   NWT - RRL RALPH LAUREN Beige 100% Cotton Mens Luxury Pants Khaki Chino - 30 x 34 RRL RALPH LAUREN Beige Khaki Tan 100% Cotton Mens Luxury Pants Chino - 32 LORO PIANA Taupe Olive Gray Brown 100% Cotton Mens Luxury Pants Trousers - 32 HOWARD YOUNT Deep Ocean Blue Wool Mens Luxury Flat Front...
Yea 30 days should do well. I would see how it goes for the first 7-10 days and then adjust accordingly PLUS you can put whatever is left on sale at say day 15 for like 10% and day 25 for 25% or something to help push the last few out the door. Do you have an auto reject offer set up? Something like $100 or 150 auto reject as to not waste your time with those and the serious people will offer higher. PS - In a couple why not change "made in" to "dual vent" if you have the...
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