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IDK I have pretty good luck getting things like that removed without too much trouble. I would try another agent and not sound so 'smart'. Play dumb, I said red, he said red, he thinks its a different shade of red, but its still red which is what my listing said, etc etc . Actually just won a case for this kind of thing.... I said olive brown and he said olive green... either way it was olive which is what the listing said so I won no problem.
 Still quality sale.  I'm actually very impressed. Only imagine if eBay had a rep (who actually knew what they were talking about) here to answer questions and resolve issues we have.  Like a dedicated Styleforum eBay customer service rep we could all call and who knew what issues we deal with every day....
^^ just took 416 photos of shoes...and still have 10 more pairs to shoot from one consignor 
 Thats crazy. I was just thinking i need some shoe racks also!! Anyone have cheap shoe rack options
Very cool tie and $$ "Black Gold Pleated Woven Polka Dot" those words in some order Just sold a similar tie    VITALIANO PANCALDI Black Yellow Gold PLEATED Woven 100% Silk Mens Tie - 3.625"
None of my items this week but a great selection as usual 
Why does that irk you? Its just negotiating a price in the middle. Just wondering, seems better then people sending messages asking "what is your best price" where I just respond "whats the most you will pay?" At least he made an offer and you are working to a price you are both happy with or the sale wont happen. 
Hi, has anyone won a "this is fake case" and what exactly you said to win? This is the item http://www.ebay.com/itm/141571575700 This is the message   [[SPOILER]]  Side note being its 100% real and I think MOP buttons also
You can prob put his username into the ebay message search and search that way if you ever sold him anything, and/or search via your emails for sold items (if you keep them). 
^^ Did he buy it from you? If not, more an issue that the next person is going to not get the item pictured
New Posts  All Forums: