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Oh great.... I log in and have a chargeback lol. 
+1 screen shot and upload everything
Its annoying and takes time to call but once you know the ins and outs of what you should be able to win and why and what to say (and what it's not worth fighting over) its just part of business. I speak with ebay at least 2-3 times a week usually. Spoo doing 3-4x my sales so 3-4x the amount of issues lol.
100% agreed. Employees are upset because they have to do more work and their management has just risen up though the ranks so breeds the same mentality unfortunately. 
Was #1 on my to find list for years. Never did find one. Very nice!
Only business in the world I've seen that frowns upon it's customers doing more business.... amazing.
I think of it the other way... $1.5M/year   PS - Does USPS deliver boxes by the pallet if you're using 1,500 a month? lol 
Not for Zegna though... all the labels I've seen have a drop number even when they are jackets. Example says Drop 7 but it is a "jacket". PS - going back to the org point, Lirum, why does it matter? I would list it as a "Sport Coat Blazer Jacket". Unless it is a stripe jacket most solids and checks can get listed like any other jacket  
  Awesome mix of ties, shirts, coats, suits, etc just went live. Links below   Full Details of each item can be found on the direct links below (message me on SF for 20% off the BIN price)     VITALIANO PANCALDI Black Pink Paisley Geo Woven Silk Mens Luxury Tie - 3.75" VITALIANO PANCALDI Black Orange Geometric 100% Silk Mens Luxury Tie - 3.75" VITALIANO PANCALDI Red Black Geometric 100% Silk Mens Luxury Tie - 3.75" ERMENEGILDO...
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