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Hi all, thanks in advance for the help. Trying to determine why these are so cool/special. Any info would help. Thanks!   501XX - Big E - Green Rivits,???    
Keywords for these guys... made in Japan? .... 510 XX, Big E (green paint rivits?) ANyone point me in the right direction to what these are exactly? Thanks!   [[SPOILER]]
Glad I was wearing clothes to take this photo set.....oops    [[SPOILER]]
I'm not sure what kind of answer you are looking for. If someone breaks into your house and robs you but there are no witnesses and no live camera around what do you do? It's a crime and you go report it to the police.... At least with eBay you have an address, a name, ebay has info, paypal has bank accounts, etc. Really pretty much end of story.
This is only my guess... but if they live in the US, report them to the US agency and if they/you live in Canada you can report it to that agency as well.  This is really not a common thing. Having sold 1000's of items (Spoo, Wes, and others selling 1000's and 1000's more as well). It's not like this is happen all the time or even close to a small percentage of the time. I'm trying to think if I have ever, maybe once years ago had this happen so your talking 0.0001% or...
See below. It is a federal offense to commit mail fraud. That is why it is not widespread and most people on ebay just want the item they bought in the condition it was described.  
As a side note, it changed about 1.5/2 years ago that eBay is not responsible for items received back in different condition and you will loose the appeal. It was a very hush hush thing they changed in fine print. The explanation I got was to speak with the police, mail fraud, federal offense, forward them a copy of the police report etc and go from there but they were loosing too much money when sellers would open cases especially on higher value stuff (our used clothing...
+1 Have UPS (or FedEx) pack the item for you and fully insure it. Only way to be sure. I would also list it on craigslist. Sold on in SoCal a few years ago for good money pretty quick and much easier then shipping.   Thanks for the update
Hi, has anyone heard from or know hbkshin (aka wardroberenovations on ebay)?  Hasnt been on SF since 10/1 and has gotten a  lot of negs on ebay due to not shipping items. I won a few also a few weeks ago and nada. Just kind of curious as he use to post a lot Hope all is OK
Any Armani fans here? No clue what this is referring to? "solo blu"?? Thanks in advance.        
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