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Congrats! Love that watch Now I just need to buy the Lambo......  [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for all the help and suggestions. Just went live with my new site. I'm sure there are still issues here and there, so if you see any please feel free to message me!   http://www.tailoredconsignment.com/   Two pages to bookmark are http://www.tailoredconsignment.com/#!who-made-this-suit/cojr http://www.tailoredconsignment.com/#!who-made-these-shoes/c11au
+1 working hard at getting Tumblr followers. Heard today from a bunch of fashion people Instagram is the "place to be" these days so need to look into it but as said, PIA as there is no easy desktop app. SF marketplace accounts for less then 1% of my sales when it use to be about 25%. I dont pay to do the "extra bumps" so maybe that hurts me but I feel the marketplace has headed downhill fast since the revamp. Just my opinion. If you find out how RSS feeds work, please...
Pickings have been slim            
And its very recent.  He will prob have Spoo ship it direct to the winning bidder.....why pay for shipping twice when you can just have it shipped once and be the middle man.... Added to my block list
 FREE CONUS SHIPPING Tag Size     XLNeck (button to hole)     17.00"Chest (pit to pit)     24.75"Shoulder (seam to seam)     20.00"Arm (shoulder seam to cuff)     26.875"  [[SPOILER]]   Tag Size     XLNeck (button to hole)     17.25"Chest (pit to pit)     25.00"Shoulder (seam to seam)     20.50"Arm (shoulder seam to cuff)     26.625" [[SPOILER]]
Lets play "Is this a shirt or jacket game". Tagged EU 48 (US 38ish). Measures 21.5" across the chest, unstructred, unlined and no cuff buttons but my guess is a jacket. Its somewhat like a moleskin cotton. [[SPOILER]]
WHAT!!  All great things much come to an end....
Online on ebay....or though the USPS website also? I've found sometimes ebay does not offer Express Mail shipping to some countries but if I go to USPS.com I can print an express label which makes no sense Calk it up to checking items when they arrive better..... most store (let alone ebay sellers) would not accept a return after 8 months.
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