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Nice way to start Monday morning. Actually won the first of two paypal credit card chargebacks for Merchandise Defect after already winning the eBay dispute.
Another one to add - neg feedback on a issued noted $40 zegna tie - obviously called removed neg but PIA would not sell to   invst1
Quote:+1 That thing is awesome. Good luck!
Open unpaid item case, wait and close it. Worst case he responds and its an automatic things after xxx days that ebay does, etc
Post exact messages. might be feedback extortion if he asked for money
 I buy these just for that situation. IMO if you are buying NIB shoes the box is part of what you are buying so I want that protected as well as the shoes YOu can just wrap it in something but then the corners of the box have a very good change of being damaged in shipment  25 Pack 14x10x6 Cardboard Box Packing Shipping Mailing Storage Moving Cartons
One more for your BLOCK LIST - Lost the ebay case and opened up a chargeback through cc company   elpuma654
Yup, anything with online tracking that shows delivered. UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, Freight (with online PRO numbers), etc
Guy is asking me to send him the cufflinks that were missing from the shirt I'll drop a few in a stamped envelope if I can find more then the one I use for photos, not a big deal but just was confused at first   PS - Does anyone have a box of these sitting around?    
Random question... does anyone have the ability to run a free carfax report? 
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