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"Auto" is the issue as it's trying to determine the white balance automatially. Shoot in manual mode with a pre-set white balance (use a cheap $10 gray card) and you should be all set.  Bought this one and it works great   DIGITAL GREY CARD 18% GREY WHITE BALANCE 8X10 SIZE     Also need to turn off "auto iso" even if you go out of auto mode i think iso is still auto untill you actually turn off the...
    Took me a while but finally got an awesome new feature on my shoe listings. First shot so still some kinks to works out.    Check it out -> EDWARD GREEN Black Plain Toe Balmoral Oxford Mens Dress Shoes 606 Last 7.5 / 8 D   PS - It "should" be a 360 degree image that is spinning which you can click on and rotate around to look at all angles of the shoe (let me know if you are having issues with a browser)
Yes you should win now based on tracking as long as you shipped to the address provided. Go into paypal and enter the tracking number OR call them. The message you received does not say anything about tracking. It says authorized payment, totally different then an item not received case. In this case, call Paypal and speak with someone on the phone
Dont want to get off topic or anything.... I'll just post some pictures.   Charvet   Ricci x 2   Varvatos & Zegna  
Ties are sold per lot pictured. PLEASE do not ask to break up the lot for a single tie. Additional photos can be seen on eBay. Message me here to purchase. $4.99 shipping on the first lot. Free shipping on any additional lots or ties from the TIE MEGATHREAD (click here, over 100 ties listed)        3 TIE LOT - PAUL SMITH Blue Pink POLKA DOT Geometric 100% Silk Luxury Mens Ties - $80   3 TIE LOT - PAUL SMITH Floral Yellow Green 100% Silk Luxury Mens Ties -...
^^ I am officially 1 second faster then Spoo....  
Print labels directly though ebay/paypal and you dont have to worry about this, BUT if you cant provide a tracking number (and the post office will not help, they do not keep track for you) then you will loose the case, sorry. Even if you had 10,000 feedback on ebay, without a tracking number you lose. You can't prove you shipped it.
I got my 2 cents on these making the eBay roundup     I never usually post pictures of consignment items but these were 100% thrifted      
No OR check the boxes he won, go to "shipping action" which will bring up bulk shipping, and it will show that "there are items to combine". Combine the items and then ebay knows you shipped them together and the tracking will be update to both. 
I lost the bid on the Tux   (the guy below me only bid $11 so I helped raise the price by $4). The winner would have paid more though as can be seen by is double winning bid.   Side note, eBay is finally starting to see the full potential of Tailored Consignment  PER MONTH!  
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