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Way to remember who pulled that... I can't remember half the stuff I thrift myself until I look at my inventory list. Had no clue who it was but interesting Very well said.
 @SpooPoker - screw the $20/item profit - BOOM SHAKALKA (click me)   waiting for Spoo to post 5 things that made this look like chump change
What he is saying is that really it isnt your problem (sounds bad but its the truth). You as a seller did everything correct. You shipped like you should, you used insurance, you used signature confirm over $250, etc. If the buyer didnt get the item and the post office says they delivered it then its up to the buyer to fight the post office. If they open a case and it shows delivered and signed for ebay will side with you and no refund will be sent. Your safe end of story....
@SpooPoker  PM Sent
Merry Christmas All (for another few hours).... 2x Consignment Shop + 1x Closeout in from a Thrift Thread Member                
Listing/Selling 30 items a day.......part time........um OK....... Brutal truth...start small, slowly build if you are going to try and do this at all or stick to the HIGH VALUE 1 or 2 items you find a day and consign with me or Spoo. There is no easy get rich scheme going on here your missing out on. $20 net profit items are ALL yours I'm out.
I know I have an engineering degree and all but back to first grade math for a second....or did I miss something 30 items/week x $20/item = $600/week (1,560 items/year) = $31,200/year. Not bad, but not close to $3,000/week which would be 7,800 items per yer - $156,000/year
I'd keep the "trading" to PM's just like all the other trading and sales after "available" are kept to PM's. What is that?
THey dont even make a size 6.5   Best Christmas lunch leftovers ever!  
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