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Get your bids in early so you don't forget. Item are still very very cheap. $9.99 no reserve auctions ending at 7pm est.   CHRISTIAN DIOR AVENTURA 2 Womens Brown Logo Sunglasses                           FLORSHEIM IMPERIAL Vintage VTG LongwingMINT Mens Dress Shoes US Size 10 B                                 CHURCHS Diploma Brown Suede Perf Captoe Mens Dress Shoes Size UK 11 F US 11.5...
+1 That is Loro Piana fabric only. Came back from the dead ....2013 without a single post. I have tried to start this a few times with no luck. In the mean time, I now have my website up with has this for easy viewing on mobile as well. I'm trying to update the site with more labels as people post them. http://www.tailoredconsignment.com/#!who-made-this-suit/cojr
Did he?  Very nice
I know they are "good" but what is the technical name for the stitching behind the lapels on hand made suits?  
30 great items just listed @ eBay Tailored Consignment                                                            
@Fueco  where are the XS/S ski jackets      Maxed out at 137 lbs and very fine with that. Would rather be in the 132-135 range when running in shape
Thanks for trying. When in doubt go to a forum for that item  Signed up and asking on "O-Review.com" and within 15 minutes had a reply. So hard to find as they were unbranded without a name to start with. http://o-review.com/database_detail_colorway.php?ID=143&table_name=glasses
Off topic I know, but plaster walls that you are thinking of are a bit different I think and are a PIA to work on (Wes correct me if I'm wrong).... old school plaster walls are framed out, then lath (wood strips or wire mesh) is attached to the beams, and then plaster is applied direct to the lath in a 3-4 step process.
  I miss my 9000 Aero! Here it is to end the debate. That is not Isaia. From my experience the Isaia for BB has it printed right on the tag that it's for Brooks. Currently have this one for sale.  See Above ^^^^^   Love me some e-thrift  - Thank you ISW (received, listed, sold and shipped in under 24 hours)  
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