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  Very nice of you!
Only.... 7 days a week? That's not low volume at all Lets play... which one made the PTO roundup  I think I've started to count on my 2nd hand how many times I've made it . Its always a nice surprise.   
Bunch of great stuff just posted on ebay @ eBay.com/Tailored-Consignment                                                  
Killing it recently, love this one!
FTFY  Brianpore post on how he ships
+1 on that, I thought they ties you sent me for the Career Gear auction came packaged from Bergdorf Goodman with those little bows, in the boxs and all. Top notch presentation.
duration = extended time....not sure what your question is Basically as was said a few posts up, if you are gone and people buy your stuff you have to ship it. It does not matter if your store is on "vacation" or not. You have a set handling time and you need to ship it, end of story. If you do not ship it, you will have cases open and negative feedback. If you are gone for a long weekend (3-4 days) not as big a deal, you will get a ding on your shipping percentage (which...
DO NOT LEAVE YOUR ITEMS UP IF YOU ARE GONE A MONTH. Not sure how to make this anymore clear. If you have questions beyond that, call ebay directly.
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