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The official SF eBay Black List - Style Forum I get maybe one person a month messaging me asking why they are blocked and sure enough they are on the list or I had blocked them prior for doing something stupid or wasting my time
 not cool
$40/each + shipping - $185 with free shipping for all 5 pairs.  
I felt this was directly related to a bunch of you who helped out and donated items to the Career Gear Charity Auction last year. I received a Facebook message on my Tailored Consignment page (message below). The point of this post is not to have people bid or anything like that but to say thank you again to everyone who participated, and help inspire other people do also do good. I just thought it was very cool.  [[SPOILER]]   OK, back to thrifting.
Maybe able to let out (can't tell) otherwise it will sit till T-Rex comes along...will fit someone eventually 
That is crazy. Shouldnt $2000 be like €1700 though or do they not bother with the conversion?
Offered $30 with FREE shipping as a half joke and it was accepted..... popped my Linda cherry.   How the f does she keep any consignors of menswear is beyond me with stuff like this. 
+1 if it is an ebay message, scan your proof (or print via pdf) and upload it as an attachment to your reply message and then call ebay asap.
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