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I add insurance to anything over $200 FYI
Pretty cool tie, not sure what to call the pattern though..    [[SPOILER]]
There are usually sooo many words I can use to describe an item that will be searched for I run out of room anyway "pants" "trousers" "slacks" "knickers" "clam diggers" and the list goes one, prob all searched for more then "wow" but thats just me. I'm just giving you a hard time, I see the benefit of having an adjective at the beginning or end of a title just dont do it myself.
I don't use them in the title ever as no one is going to search for "wow" pants lol. But usually in the item condition box something like "Nice - See detailed photos and description".
I personally try to avoid terms like "mint" "like new" "excellent" and use "wow" & "nice", and "very nice" if they are very nice lol Looking at the pictures (and pictures of shoes always look better then in person if done correct and you seem to do them correct), they do look pretty mint to me. That said, you accept returns so you'r going to have to take them back either way. 
4 pairs of shoes in 10 E and EEE just listed at Tailored Consignment eBay        
Yes, this is a thing...not Kiton  but these are actually pretty nice for what they are    
Some great items you picked out this week!
Can't beat walking into a store for 5 min and seeing 4 pairs of AE in the cart waiting to be put out.    Side note, photos are raw our of the camera, no editing.         
I pay for a photobucket pro account the last 2 years.... I could prob use my own website server but photobucket is not that expensive and works good   Its also free for the most part unless you get into a large amount of bandwith over 100's of listings a month. Not sure what your bandwith usage is
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