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At first I thought this was old old Caruso for Hugo Boss Baldessarini but am not so sure. Anyone else chime in?      
Is 2010*greek on ebay a SF member? Nothing wrong just have a question for him about someone he sold items to?? Thanks!
If You Want To Grow Your Business, You Need To Buy A Lamborghini (or a Ferrari)    
When your friend knows you sell stuff on ebay and is like "hey, can you list a few things for me"  At least the pictures look good         
  Free CONUS Shipping     SCHOTT NYC Classic Black 740N Wool THICK PEACOAT Jacket Coat Mens RARE Size 34 - $135   POLO RALPH LAUREN Blackwatch Plaid Sport Coat Blazer Jacket ITALY Boys 18 US 34 S - $225   BROOKS BROTHERS Soldi Olive Green Brown Sport Coat Blazer Jacket Mens US 36 S - $60   NSF Brown Herringbone Unstructured Tweed Sport Coat Blazer Jacket Mens SMALL 36S - $100   MARC JACOBS Mainline Runway White Cotton Sport Coat Blazer Mens EU 46 US 36 S -...
One of my fastest sales ever at full BIN price. Was afraid I forgot a number in the price at first.    ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA Solid Black Multiseason Blazer Sport Coat Jacket Mens - 42 R   Start time:Jun 19, 2015 20:44:11 PDT End time: Jun 19, 2015 21:41:16 PDT
I need this shirt! No ESF 14.5-31/32?? 
Anyone have the initials RJR
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