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Oldest Paul Stuart i've found...not sure of age though  
I much prefer when they just overload the ties (as long as not in a basket on the floor). There are only 55 ties out. You could fit 3x that many if they tripled up on each hook. No clue why they only put one tie on each hook. I know they have more in the back and rotate ties every few days.
A few years ago in Cali - Ferrari of San Diego in La Jolla....
Lets play a little game...which one does "not" belong [[SPOILER]]   First time actually thirfting one....two quick questions. 1) It has the "BLUE LABEL"....which I see people advertise as "rare" but what is the actual difference if anyone knows.2) "Made in England" tag looks very similar to Drakes??
I am confused why this went for almost $100K.... there seems to have been other sold in the $15-30K range and much better condition  On that note, I almost thrifted a Ferrari today... I really don't need another tux (that isnt a blue shawl lapel), but damn.... New $4800 Luigi Borrelli Black Wool Tuxedo - 36/46
+1 actually..... you need to tell me what you are sending so I don't have to send it back
Yea... basically a 40S. 
Who's measurements are these?   Chest - 21.25" Shoulder - 17.75" Arm - 23.25" Length BOC - 29"
Would be interested depending on shoulder and BOC lengh.... sent you a pm :)
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