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Got to add this one to the list   
Love the large paisly's!
My hose is super stiff to start but when it gets hot it goes limp and kinks One of these days going to spring for a new one.
Not mine and not dirt cheap but maybe a good deal for someone with halfway small feet. http://www.ebay.com/itm/331351034714
Thanks & yea it should work , prob 2 sessions of steaming. My biggest issues (when I;m not burning myself) is that after the first or second item the plastic hose gets really really hot and kinks super easy. I have a halfway cheap thirfted steamer so if you are going to get a new one, check the hoses to see if they will kink after 10 minutes of hot steam in them. Anyone here have a steamer without hose kinking problems they can recommend? PM me your gmail email address "or...
[[SPOILER]] How small are those? Size US 6? Almost look like womens   Tiecrafters
BROOKS BROTHERS Brown Leather Mens Laptop Bag Attache Briefcase   [[SPOILER]]    
No spoiler needed  
Edited - Sold Items Listed Above
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