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Back on the bank account thing quickly. 2nd checking account opened no problem, no fee, no minimum balance Can link that new account to paypal and then just keep a $0 balance in there. When money needs to get transferred out of paypal to my account I can send it to the new "paypal checking" account and then move it over to the main checking account right away while keeping $0 funds in the paypal account. Good idea guys!
Good call on checking the bank account. Need to speak with the bank tomorrow to have a different 2nd account... might be able to do it easy with a business account
This makes me feel good and bad at the same time  - How can I photograph it any better?   Beautiful Canali tie. Nicer than picture. Came a day earlier than anticipated. - View Item
How did you search for them? I have too many to keep track of in and out each day
  Suits and jackets   Full Details of each item can be found on ebay (message me for 20% off the BIN price) -  http://stores.ebay.com/Tailored-Consignment     NWT  BROOKS BROTHERS Fitzgerald Gray Check 3 PIECE Wool Jacket Pants SUIT - 36 R BROOKS BROTHERS Custom Gray Wool PEAK LAPEL 3 PIECE Jacket Pants SUIT - 36 R CORNELIANI Gray Striped 100% Wool DB Jacket Pants SUIT Mens - 40 R BRIONI Gray Striped 100% Wool Jacket Pants SUIT...
About the bank account stuff... usually after you "attach" the account they send you 2 small deposits (under $1) which you need to log into your bank account to check, log into paypal and then enter those specifics amounts to confirm the account. I wonder how they verified the bank accounts without being able to log into check the amounts for confirmation?? Any info?
  MORE Shoes & belts and a great Zegna case   Full Details of each item can be found on ebay (message me for 20% off the BIN price) -  http://stores.ebay.com/Tailored-Consignment   POLO RALPH LAUREN Brown Leather Mens Luxury Dress Belt 1" Wide - Size 34 BROOKS BROTHERS Burgundy Cordovan Maroon Leather Mens Luxury Dress Belt Size 34 ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA COUTURE Brown Leather Briefcase Attache Bag Key - 15" x 10.5" BERLUTI A741 Brown...
Paypal has 2 step verification (you need to opt in) but when you log in with your password you get a text message with a unique code you need to enter. Its a bit of a PIA as you need to do this every time you log on but def helps with ease of mind that someone hasnt stolen your password. 
"The jacket condition looks like a used dish rag"    
  Another great group of shoes!   Full Details of each item can be found on ebay (message me for 20% off the BIN price) -  http://stores.ebay.com/Tailored-Consignment   PRADA Solid Black Leather Jodphur Style Buckle Strap Ankle Boots Shoes - 9 POLO RALPH LAUREN Brown Solid Leather Wingtip Kittle Loafer Dress Shoes - 9 D CAPORICCI Brown Leather Crocodile Alligator Monkstrap Dress Shoes Size 8.5 US 9 BRUNO MAGLI Platinum Black...
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