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On the other hand everyone likes feeling like they got a good deal, just human nature. I run 20 or 25% off sales every month or two. I find it very funny when a few days or week after an item goes "off sale" I'll get an offer for more then the sale price. Example: $100 item, on sale 25% off for 2 weeks, BIN on sale is $75 someone can just buy it. After the sale ends someone comes and offers $85 and I accept. This is not unusual at all. The guy paying $85 feels like he got...
Huge price drop
Fingers crossed these fit   Crockett & Jones Arden Black Calf 6UK     That tie haul is crazy 
IMO that is complete bull on the sellers part and he deserves neg feedback and being reported to ebay. You know me and Im all for being fair, but if you list an item and it sells for less then you expect, to bad, its a live auction, deals to be had. Looking on ebay sold items, there are 113!!!!! NWT Brooks Brothers ties that sold under $10. Its not crazy to think this tie sold for a fair (yet cheap)...
Agree with Snoogz, suck it up and do the right thing (we all complain about crappy buyers for a reason here),
   I said that like 3 hours earlier, no credit?? Just kidding with you, as long as we all get the right answers.
Not sure the cheapest, but I know the BEST way would be to send it to NJ.....  Depends if you get a discount with UPS/FedEx by any chance though work?  Yes, it use to just be called USPS Express Mail, now they changed it to USPS Priority Express.
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