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Glad I didnt miss much over the last 12 hours where 95% of the posts had nothing to do with thrift bragging.   On that note, only one thing to post but nice silk Made in England braces.  
  OMG he had to kick someones cart to get this "croc case".... frenchyfoundit   Seriously WTF $10
I just get this case open.... no joke, the ebay guy I called was laughing on the phone...   What link to what description? Arrived late - Paid on Friday, shipped on Monday Priority Mail, arrived Wednesday... Not able to give honest feedback?? - Left pos feedback with "This experience sucked" Picture (12 high quality photos from all angles) were misleading? Description said "OK to Fair Condition"  I see no reason why this wont be an easy win for buyers remorse when I...
^^^^^^^^ ???????
Just a couple of zegna suits  
Is there a difference between the inner, like inside the jacket? I have asked for pit-to-pit on size 18 stuff as it usually fits me.
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