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Those are what $1,000+ retail? Reg shirts go for $100, prob end around $300..   My gifs now have to be NSFW (not safe for wife)  
+10. I hate when people use sharp objects. Get a knitting needle or a (non-wood) chopstick or something. Plastic, soft round end, etc.
Last I knew this was his long thrift route.  
Try to turn the flash on? Step back and zoom in more. I assume you are shooting on 'auto'?
Congrats Spoo on the WSJ  I was wondering why there were no new posts in the "old" thread. Won't keep my top 10 spot of posts in this new thread as I hardly thrift anymore BUT working on my 'photos'.   [[SPOILER]]
What do you guys think? Black or White background?   http://tailoredconsignment.tumblr.com/post/119413612705/black-or-white
Hence why the blacklist is so important. I just updated my blocked bidder list with all the most recent names 
Best of the Best from Brooks Brothers Great fit! Rare size!!!  
 Thanks for including the Edward Green for Paul Stuart Walnut Captoe Dress Shoes, 9D & Trafalgar American Eagle Braces
Would 110% block - organic_sound   Left me neg feedback after trying to extort a partial refund. Never opened a case with ebay knowing they would lose. Knows the system and threatened "customer satisfaction". Still trying to fight but appears to be an uphill battle after an hour on the phone.  
New Posts  All Forums: