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  Just listed over 70 great items!   Title   Item ID   ISAIA Brown Plaid Check Super 130 Wool Dual Vent Jacket Pants SUIT Mens - 40 R LUCIANO BARBERA SARTORIALE Solid Gray Unstructured Jacket Pants SUIT Mens 44 L BRIONI Recent Charoal Black Check CASHMERE Sport Coat Blazer Jacket Mens - 40 R VERSACE Istante Blue Check Flannel Cashmere Zeus Jacket Pants SUIT...
Winter Baller Status    MONCLER Blue Double Breasted Wool DOWN Zip Out Collar Coat Jacket - Sz 6 / 3XL        
Watch out for the "ermenedildo zegna" also.  
Been a slow month. Nice little hit. Was hoping it would have gone for closer to $700 though  This thing is sooo baller status.   BRIONI Vintage VTG Gold Raw 100% Silk Smoking Shawl Dinner Jacket Blazer 40 R
I have my unpaid item set to open automatically as soon as possible by ebay (I think 72 hours is the min) and then close as soon as possible after that (another 72 hours?). I have cases open almost every day for people who do not pay and have never had a single person leave me neg feedback because a case was open. Just saying, most people feel bad they forgot to pay to start with and send me a note that payment is coming right away, sorry for the delay. 
I don't think I'm going to be able to do it myself this year. Just too much going on but am going to try and put together a "community" type auction where everything ends at the same time with proceeds going to them... 
Got to get back to work on my "brand". Snapped over 500 photos tonight   Including these which are going up 100% for my fav charity CareerGear.org 
 Thanks for pointing that out! 
+1 - Never had a single issue with selling to a SF member and a lot of them go international Yes, grenadine?
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