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Great.... defect for an item not fitting.... looking forward to them supposedly changing the system where this wont be counted as a defect when the buyer loses the case. At least its an easy win in the resolution center.
Some of the labels I am passing on I still pick up thrifitng to sell for a nice profit but for consignment they just do not work "usually". Thanks, lots of editing on text still to do. Ref the pictures on the home page. I would eventually LOVE to have them link to the auctions, but at the moment they are just a nice assortment of items listed (and sold) to give an idea of the types of items I sell, quality pictures, etc. There is an option to have it go right to the...
Thanks.... have not proofed or spell checked it at all, will go check that one though. Just trying to get pen to paper. And I'll look at the buttons!
I've found I really only need USPS boxes of: RRA - Side Load1097  - Side LoadMedium Flat Rate - Side LoadShoe BoxLegal Flat Rate EnvelopeExpress Mail International Box - Side Load + any non Priority Mail boxes you use
Was wondering if it was an e-delcon country but it's not so I'm not sure how they are going to even track the suit unless they used registered mail. Even Priority Mail does not offer tracking as required by ebay for international shipments. Was also wondering how much you actually paid for shipping for the item. For suits I charge a flat $55 and they get shipped Express Mail. Never had an issue so far but people complain about the cost of shipping. Its a toss up. Ref the...
+1 I got my RRA and my 1097 boxes depending on where its going and the weight. Since the RRA price update a few months ago, most of the time under 2 lbs its cheaper to ship 1097 vs RRA almost everywhere
If it says Priority it should go priority, but just wondering, what was it, how much did you pay for int shipping, how much was the item, and what country are you shipping to?  That sucks
Thanks for all the suggestions!!!!!!! I would consider cutting out ebay and thats a great idea. Maybe "best offer" page, were you can enter the item name/number and your offer (outside ebay) for any BIN item saving both of us money...
Hi, thanks and yes the names on the Boglioli and Brioni on switched....ooops. Know what you mean about the LP label....still a work in progress. For the 1 good VTG Brooks Brothers Gold Fleece 3 roll 2 sac suit you find, you get 10 crappy items. Going for a higher end more recent setup and want to avoid all the older vtg stuff all together (Brooks & Hickey Freeman mostly), unless it's Savile Row type vtg stuff. Thanks for checking it out and giving me your thoughts, helps a...
Hi all, would love your honest feedback on my new site. Still in the development stage but it is going to tie into my ebay store. All of the "wix" stuff would be removed and it would have it's own URL, but any comments/suggestions on the content, layout, etc etc would be great. There is also a mobile version of the site which is very similar but without a lot of the pictures.   http://brianpore.wix.com/tct1   Thanks for the help!
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