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OK, that makes more sense but not sure your 209% profit is correct. If the profit is $11.88  on a cost basis of $10.80, you made 110% profit. not 200+%. And we track consignments basically the same. Ex.  - This item I made 30% on. ($43.50 profit on $145 sale)Sold Price Shipping Ebay Paypal Comish Paid out $145.00 $9.72 $13.80 $4.51 $43.50 $73.48
5 day handling time...really?  That's awsome
I'm looking at 2 totally different percentages. Consignment items have a $0 cost basis and are pure profit as I dont have a time cost factor built in. For example (number are not correct) If I would say each consignment item takes me 20 min on average to inventory, measure, photo, list, ship and I want to make $60/hr then I would put a $20 base cost on each consignment item which then I would be loosing a lot of money when i sell a tie for $30 and only make $9 on the...
The term I used for % might not be correct.... I'm just taking my net profit (cash made) divided by gross sales on ebay x 100. = 34%.   If you look at my actual costs (money spent in 2014) vs my total profit its closer to 473% (aka spent $1 and made $4.73 net profit) but consignment has a baseline cost of $0 spent which is not realistic.   What numbers are you using to get 70%, just kind of curious what other people shoot for % targets
YTD running about 34% net profit on gross sales after all fees (before taxes). Taking into consideration 55% of my net profits come from consignment and only 45 is thrifted by me, I'm happy with that.
you and 4 other people here
        4x Alden (thrifted in Cali, but not by me). Liked the picture so wanted to share
No, its like from the lining of the jacket, not on the outside
How would you describe this? The little silk like things  
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