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I had to go look who it was with 65 feedback pretty easy to tell.. Bought a cheap suit off me, hasnt left me feedback yet from June...oh well
+1 go with your gut, the $ is not worth the hassle in the long run
Good idea, look one post up   Thats the first thing I thought of also.
hmmmmm I wonder if it will be bright enough...... http://cnj.craigslist.org/for/4524490806.html 
$9.99 NO RESERVE - Ends Sunday @ 7pm   Plus approx 650 other times - Make an offer, special discounts for SF members + Free Shipping - SUMMER SALE!!   BOGLIOLI Blue Birdseye PATCH POCKET Sport Coat Blazer Jacket EU 56 US 44 46 R PRADA Solid Gray Light Flannel Triple Patch Pocket Dual Vent Blazer US 40 / 42 BROOKS BROTHERS BLACK FLEECE Blue Ticket Pocket Dual Vent Blazer US 44 46...
Yea, that's exactly what I want!!! Dont even need the side lights, just the table!!
I would ignore him and add him to your blocked bidder list Nice. What I really want to do for smaller items like shirts and ties (maybe even pants) is create a light source under the item shooting up though diffusion. The concept is that to generate a white background, the background has to be brighter then the object your shooting. When an object is flat on the background like in the pictures (and in mine) the background light source and the object light source are the...
Check the listings for pictures, info and price. PM me here on Styleforum with interest. Take another 10% off or make a fair offer   PLUS Free Shipping for items or combination of items over $50   CHIPP New York VINTAGE Blue Wid Animal Zoo HAND PAINTED Mens Tie VTG - 3.875"   J PRESS Blue Horse Bit Chain Link Stripe Woven 100% Silk Mens Tie - 3.00"   FENDI Multi-Color Red Green Yellow Geo Diamond Box Woven Silk Mens Tie - 3.875"   ALTEA Milano Blue Copper...
  By Canali - Orphan but wasnt leaving it.   Suits  
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