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Try to select only the category you want when searching, removes a lot of what you don't want to see like shoes when looking for a suit, etc. 
  Free CONUS Shipping - Can ship INT at actual cost    
  Free CONUS Shipping  
Call ebay.. Not a lot you can do to get out of a transaction easily but they might be able to report it and take a look at the IP addresses. Make sure to mention (they should know) that it is against ebay TOS to use a 2nd account to buy an item from a seller that has blocked you already and that is what you feel is happening here based on the timing and messages, etc
Hence my wording of "shoes"  but I dont use flat rate boxes for shoes anyway. In general the most it costs for a 4 pound box is apporx. $15. If you use that as a baseline you should be OK for most shoes as a local pair is under $6 so in the long run the costs even out.
The max shipping besides for a pair of shoes is $10.65 for a medium flat rate box. Just factor that into any price and you'll be set. Shoes $15 coast to coast at 4 pounds which does kind suck. Add $3 signature and another $3-5 if you want to insure the item. If you use the $10.65 number when you accept/counter the offer you should be fine as more then half the time you can use package by weight which will be less then that.
 Yup, its fun and anyone who isnt having fun doing BINOBO should take a different approach or set auto decline amounts where you dont get bothered with lowballs +1 - face - tattoo.... can we just put this on a shirt?
Honestly I don't care and didn't even know it was someone in the forum. Thought it was kind of funny so wanted to post it.   Everyone should be able to list however they want with any pictures/style/format they want. The only issue I would have is if people are using my custom HTML code or my actual pictures to represent their items (which would be silly as then the buyer is not getting what is pictured anyway). Photo, list, format and use all the capital letters you want....
Close. That ones seems to be more popular/common then the one I have (not sure if that's good or bad). Pretty cool shirt though, if your into that sort of thing
wha wha wha   Thanks 
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