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662 is usually Burnished Tan but these just seem much lighter 
Correct color name?      
36 R all the way.IMO
I dont usually post these but would 10000% block this guy. kriegsmarineh39 Only leaves neg feedback.  Took 2 calls into eBay but finally got a nice helpful person.      Before                After  
    yes and yes. don't need over the 1/160 I am shooting. Iso at 100, etc no problem. I was just surprised so made the comment. 
Looks great. Is the overhead just to light up the room for working? Can't image it actually providing any light when the strobes go off....  love how I can have bright sunlight coming in the window on the object and it has no affect on the photo as the strobes are so powerful. Also interested your shooting at 1/250...... Anything over 1/160 on my d5100 starts to cut off the bottom of the photo. Don't think the shutter if fast enough... Can you bring the backlights down and...
Thanks, I'm an idiot... its on my own site  Sold a pair for $140 - "TRAFALGAR Limited Edition DOG EAT DOG WORLD Rare SILK Mens Braces Suspenders"
  Full Details of each item can be found on the direct ebay link below (message me for 20% off the BIN price)    24 SUITS IN SIZE ORDER     ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA Recent Gray Striped Trofeo Wool Jacket Pants SUIT Mens - 40 S HUGO BOSS Heise Recent Black Striped PEAK LAPEL Wool Jacket Pants SUIT Mens 40 R HUGO BOSS SELECTION Light Gray Chalk Stripe Cashmere Jacket Pants SUIT Mens 40 R ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA Recent Bold Gray Stripe 100% Wool...
Anyone know this label who made them? No other tags    
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