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 I'm kinda wondering if @SpooPoker can list ONE BILLION DOLLARS per month  This actually made me laugh when I got the email.  Here's how much you can now list every month:User ID: gooseguy84Items: 10000  100000Amount: $9,850,000.00  $98,500,000.00 
"Back in the day" before they changed the system it was a free for all and amazing. I would keep Styleforum up and just hit F5 every 10 minutes to refresh the page and see what new awesome stuff was posted. Each reply would "bump" the thread and there were discussion within the sales threads. Prob not the BEST way but the new system is just horrible. Without seeing the back end statistics no way to know what's really going on/how many people view threads, search, etc, but...
Most of the people trying to help you are the ones who post here all the time, if you actually read any of the last 20K posts   USER NAME POSTS capnwes 1837 Brianpore 1460 Fueco 1268 TheNeedMachine 1219 Snoogz 1084 SpooPoker 813 jebarne 669 hbkshin 572 Koala-T 567 ridethecliche 482
 Kinda funny we are all on Styleforum, which has an entire 100% free selling system setup (which use to be really really good) and people mention craigslist and grailed  Goes to show you how poor the Styleforum classified system has become. It use to be close to 25% of my sales vs eBay and now is UNDER 1% of sales and prices on Styleforum are always less expensive then on eBay.   @idfnl In the end eBay fees are a lot but they also have a HUGE customer based and that is why...
Pretty sure the top one is fake (no green "O"). The bottom one is 100% real.         
Love this one  
Period, end of story 
That sucks but the biggest thing is now I need to go look if I have been charged a higher PP fee on international sales already??  CRAP  It is higher!
 Thanks Wes. Knew it looked farmiliar but didnt remember. Only 3rd pair Ive listed BB EG
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