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Don't always judge a book by its cover (item by its label). Not the best quality but older made in USA so has that going for it at least. Cool pattern, 1/4 lined, almost unstructured, 3x patch pockets, lightweight tweed  [[SPOILER]]
Free US Shipping - Can ship international at cost         Tag Size 44 R   Chest (pit to pit) 23.375"   Shoulder (seam to seam) 20.125"   Arm (shoulder to cuff) 25.125"   Length (BOC to hem) 30.625"       Fully Lined   Fully Canvassed   Dual Rear Vent   Ticket Pocket   100% Cashmere    
Use to hate doing pants, now I like doing pants better then shirts.  Those are great
I have no clue how you do this. I use to get sooo frustrated when it wasnt sunny out and I couldnt shoot pictures or at night when it was dark
Tossing this one out as it's one of my fav ever (might post a better one later in the year)      
No interior tags. Calling this "raw silk" due to the weave and imperfections?? Date this thing?          
Learn something new every day, thanks!
Awesome, thanks for the into! Is there a list of Ralph Lauren supplier codes corresponding to who the maker is? If this has been spoken about at length before just let me know and I'll read through the thread. Did a quick search and did not see the "25094 supplier code" mentioned prior. Could be wrong though. 25094 = Carusoetcetc
Currently have 2 rifa lights as my main lights on the object. I do want more light and was looking into strobe setup like this Novatron V600-D 600w/s Power Pack 4-Light KIT w/ Stands but wasnt sure how much better it would be then my current setup. Thoughts? What I do (I know its not the best way) is set my manual f at the highest value that will cover all 18-55mm so that I dont have to adjust it when zooming. Usually f 7.3 or 8, shutter speed is 1/50, 1/60 or 1/80...
New Posts  All Forums: