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  RALPH LAUREN PURPLE LABEL Olive Brown PEACOAT Cashmere Wool Jacket Coat Mens XXL
Side note being any feedback where the buyer leaves the comment and mentions shipping charges as the neg comment can be removed as long as the shipping charges are started in the listing when he paid.
Thanks Spoo, always love Sundays! 
Great selection
  FREE CONUS SHIPPING on ties over $35   Make sure to check out my other  MEGA classified adds by clicking the links below Shirts, Polos & Sweaters Pants, Slacks & Jeans Suits, Blazer & Coats Ties, Ties & Ties Shoes & Boots   **Tailored Consignment - Lowest Commission % on SF - Studio Quality Pictures - Message me for Details**     All Brooks Brothers Ties are $20/each (unless otherwise marked)   BROOKS BROTHERS Pink Purple Silver Stripe REPP Woven Silk...
  A number of bespoke Oxxford Clothes items for sale. Please see the links to eBay and contact me with any additional questions   Free US Shipping Included - Can ship International at actual cost.   OXXFORD CLOTHES Solid Brown PURE SILK Jacket Pants SUIT Mens Bespoke - 46 S/R - $345   OXXFORD Clothes Deep Brown Burgundy Plaid Sport Coat Jacket Blazer Bespoke 46 R - $200     OXXFORD Clothes Recent Brown Plaid Check Sport Coat Jacket Blazer Bespoke 46 R -...
Cufflinks are usually in the case but these were just chillin on with the ties out in the open.       Best part, I can return them to Nordstrom's for a 6650% profit       I'M KIDDING ABOUT THE RETURN
I add insurance to anything over $200 FYI
Pretty cool tie, not sure what to call the pattern though..    [[SPOILER]]
There are usually sooo many words I can use to describe an item that will be searched for I run out of room anyway "pants" "trousers" "slacks" "knickers" "clam diggers" and the list goes one, prob all searched for more then "wow" but thats just me. I'm just giving you a hard time, I see the benefit of having an adjective at the beginning or end of a title just dont do it myself.
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