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Little brag... most expensive pre-owned one sold recently [[SPOILER]]
I see it on mobile app right now.
On the phone I just go to "My Ebay - selling - sold" and it shows the items in order that sold and paid. It also shows items that you have already printed labels for. That's how I go and pick out my items to ship *** Note - I now see under reminders on the very bottom "need to ship". Pretty cool, never knew about that. No its a tiny little office with the car 10' from the door and another 10' to the counter
I pick items sold that day, pack them all and label the packages with a 2-3 word description "zegna blue tie", "BB Brown Check SC" then sit down and print the labels one by one and put it on the box. Then they all go to the post office in my car at lunch and get scanned one by one. The post office people are great, they scan every item 5 days a week for me. Once its scanned in the system its USPS problem.    
Just return it - "14 days money back, buyer pays return shipping"
Nope, I just think it's very cool!
Have to admit it felt weird having basically no ebay activity today, no offers or sales. Not a fan
I see my items are still listed but cant sign in, thanks
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