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Thats all exactly what I thought but wanted to get a 2nd opinion
Scarf 11.5" wide by 71" long. No tags at all 
@SpooPoker  (or others) any tell tail sighs?
+1 This month in general has been awesome
+1 This month in general has been awesome
Loving all the holiday offers from ebay.   *Pay no insertion fees on up to 2,000 fixed priced listings, monthly through February 2016 (going to use these up way before that, but still nice)     
 On fios 75/75 package via wireless 
 Listed for exactly 30 minutes. Was worried I left a number off the price at first.     ARNYS PARIS Berluti Brown Cotton Twill Button Front Mens Jacket Coat EU 50 US 40 End time: Nov-21-15 21:45:39 PST Sale price: $695.00
 Fixed this "max return" is 99% of the time going to be better solid separately unless your name is @SpooPoker
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