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Would be impossible by hand to do it correctly. Have an automate table and camera on tripod (need a better tripod). Need to grab some actual black glass vs acrylic I think to keep it clean.  Experimenting with black and I love it for light/white items and love the reflection. Maybe white glass will get a good reflection. Need to pick up a piece to try out.
 and thanks. I'm always looking to improve the photos.
I miss thrifting.... ethrifted these        
Chest is a little big for a 46 IMO. Are you using How To Measure a Jacket To Get An Exact Fit?
Persol 2339-S IMO the overall best looking sunglasses. They don't make them anymore and are pretty hard to find. 
100% work with bulk on a PC. Tested it for @capnwes. It will print out the "custom label" if you use one on ebay. I dont personally use the bulk shipping or the custom label field for a few reasons personally but I tried it and it works
I think I'm too picky to keep up this black background shooting.  It not being perfectly black really bothers me and all the dust is horrible    Loving the on white 360 though            
WTF, that listing was for "ties" how are you suppose to even know which tie you are getting now? I went with a label printer and would never go back for eBay shipments. So fast and easy and cheap. Dymo 450 works great and they can be bought cheap on ebay. Have a thrifted lazer printer for international
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