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Thank you @Ledbury for the generous donation of a $150 gift card which can be used to purchase any number of the wonderful items at www.Ledbury.com  
Thom Brown Shirts for sale. Free CONUS Shipping     THOM BROWNE Recent Bespoke 2014 Solid Blue MOP Mens Dress Shirt Medium Size 2 - $200   Tag Size Size 4 - Approx XL   Chest (pit to pit) 22.75"   Shoulder (seam to seam) 18.00"   Arm (shoulder seam to cuff) 25.375   THOM BROWNE White Red Blue Plaid Check MOP Mens Dress Shirt Extra Large Size 4 - $225   Tag Size No...
I've sold a number of 100% cashmere suits. Usually the higher end stuff
Not that I offer returns but thats nice to read. Side note, when  you guys call in ask the reps to pass along your thoughts (if you get a top rated / high volume rep). Having spoken to a bunch they all say the same thing. The small group of people here in the US that handle top rated power sellers, etc have monthly meetings to voice the concerns they are hearing and they said it actually makes a difference. These are guys/girls who are also sellers and are really here to...
You rock! Way to top HERMES Overload the other day
This is $$$$$ - Recent Sold BRIONI Recent Solid Blue SUPER 160 Dual Vent Jacket Pants SUIT Mens 44 45 R Small??
This isnt a new program. Maybe a new name but not new. Pretty sure styleforum already uses it to generate revenue anytime you post an ebay link (which is why they dont mind you posting ebay links) and it gets clicked on sf gets a percentage of the final value fee if it sells to that person. If you have your own site and use the affiliate marketing it's against the TOS to link your own items so that you recoup fees for your own items that sell. For example if you run a blog...
+1 - Super excited for the 2 items I won this week
A couple of really nice suits & sport coats/blazers just posted @ http://stores.ebay.com/Tailored-Consignment   Suits         Sport Coats & Blazers        
Got to add this one to the list   
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