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Good day today!   Grabbed this very recent Banana Republic shirt for myself   All the other stuff that dosent fit me   Looks very VTG to me....anyone can help date this shirt?
My post office women loves me  
Thats what I was 99% sure but always best to check. The double row of nails had me guessing at that last 1%. Thanks for the confirm.
 Hi, thanks, I updated it with interior labels...again both remind me of C&J#1    CROCKETT & JONES Polo Ralph Lauren Brown Tan Spectators Mens Dress Shoes 10.5 D   #2   CROCKETT & JONES Polo Ralph Lauren Prestbury Suede Box Mens Dress Shoes 10.5 D
My guess is Alden for Brooks Brother?? Alden usually has a 2 size width B/D but the ones they make for Brooks Brothers usually only have a single size like here "C"
Both of these are from Polo Ralph Lauren Made in England shoes. I thought they were both C&J but nail patterns off different. Any help would be great.   Thanks!   #1   #2
Guys, I can't thank you all enough for the suggestions on the basic site I posted a few days ago. Took all of it in and put in lots of hard work. Lots more content on the "about page", the scrolling pictures now link to the items on ebay, etc. I think it's almost there. I want to include a shoe heel database page like the suit label page. Also still need to think of some cool info to go on the "shirt, tie, etc" page. If you dont mind taking a look and any additional...
gotcha... a tad overboard and not following up with ebay...cool thanks for mentioning it though. Gonna leave mine as they are
Did you call and thats what they said? I have that in all mine and have both A) been told by ebay customer service reps its a good idea and B) had ebay resolution people tell me its what saved me from loosing a case.
AMAZING - Free Conus Shipping   UK 8.5 E on the DG70 last (Approx US 9 D)   $600 for boots without the belt (or $100 for the belt alone)  
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