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Me no, I was trying to help them out by sending a note that it was not shell....
I did and I might have that master list you shared with me... I'll check Thanks for the confirm
  Thats what I told her in a very nice FYI email this morning and they sent me back a long list of ALL the shell model numbers.... thought I was going crazy so wanted to double check. That said, this old list on AAAC does have that number for Leeds... I think the list is wrong or they changed #'s of the years. http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/forum/showthread.php?110401-A-Hunter-s-Guide-Shell-Model-Numbers
 Finally showing up. Hope I spelled everything correctly.    Opinion are these Shell Cordovan? They look to have weird micro wrinkles? @capnwes http://www.ebay.com/itm/371702423287?euid=89d64b769373473187961e78d34ae4d0&bu=43163202540&cp=1&sojTags=bu=bu
  Pants & Ties - Lots of Zegna & Brioni   Full Details of each item can be found on the direct ebay link below (message me for 20% off the BIN price) -  http://stores.ebay.com/Tailored-Consignment   ROBERT TALBOTT Best Of Class Geometric Box 100% Silk Mens Luxury Tie - 3.875" KITON Burgundy Purple Woven Paisley 7 FOLD Silk Mens Luxury Tie - 3.75" CANALI Current 1934 Purple Geometric Dot 100% Silk Mens Luxury Tie - 3.75" CHARVET...
@drlivingston totally agree with you - If it came as pictured in the box, as it was described (which was minimal) then although it might be what was expected she sold the item as photographed with no returns. You might be able to force a return if you really really wanted to but I would side with the seller. 
Did she ship it as show in that box?
If your going o leave a neg, thats the way to do it, no contact and short opinion. Not much you can do about it. I would reach out to the buyer and see if you can make amends with offering a return or finding out why they are unhappy with the item.
..... who signs professional emails with "hugs"? 
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