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I HATE photographing solid white shirts They always look like crap        
As long as the items are shipping to the same address, even if the buyer paid on different days, etc you can go to your sold items, check the ones you want to combine and then click ship. It will say something like "items going to same address can be combined, do you want to combine" click yes and then all the items will be together and you can print one label for one box with all the items inside and ebay knows its only one box. As said, a buyer can always claim "there...
BUT make sure to choose a cancel request that you dont get a ding for. I usually use "returning for a refund" which is true as you refunded him and he will purchase it again. If you choose "OTHER" you get a defect
Thank you to The Hanger Project for donating two wonderful items.       Men's Sampler Hanger Gift Set - choose a size   Saphir Shoeshine Starter Kit  
You guys always pick out nice stuff for the roundup!! Good job SF-BOT
You have to wait 3 days for the seller to help you first before (I think)
Much better! I have found the issue with lights is you want to move them further away (when you have space) to increase the evenness of the light source but then you loose intensity and need brighter lights so you dont have to up the iso/shutter speed etc. Hence I need brighter lights which should be bought this week I think. Looks great though and all the pictures will be pretty consistant.
Same basic sizes and labels, so pre-death also? Both have issues though :( - $1 is in the mail    
 GIANNI VERSACE Blue Yellow MEDUSA Head Vintage Woven 100% Silk Mens Tie - 3.875" GIANNI VERSACE Couture Pre-Death Blue Vintage Medusa Greek Key Silk Tie - 3.875"
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