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Maybe able to let out (can't tell) otherwise it will sit till T-Rex comes along...will fit someone eventually 
That is crazy. Shouldnt $2000 be like €1700 though or do they not bother with the conversion?
Offered $30 with FREE shipping as a half joke and it was accepted..... popped my Linda cherry.   How the f does she keep any consignors of menswear is beyond me with stuff like this. 
+1 if it is an ebay message, scan your proof (or print via pdf) and upload it as an attachment to your reply message and then call ebay asap.
Sweet, thanks! Any idea on the size...wtf no size on these... 
Happy Valentines Day [[SPOILER]]
Two baller pairs of shoes   CROCKETT & JONES Ralph Lauren Walnut Brown Tan Mens Cap Toe Shoes Boots - 9.5 D     VASS Old English Medium Brown Suede Mens Shoes w/Trees - U Last - EU 42.5 US 9.5  
Can I just not read? Never seen the logo before.   Mr. Shell (@capnwes)..   Something... (F/H/J arman) Benchmark? .... for men  
Call back after it shows delivered... they are not going to remove any feedback until it shows delivered. 
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