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When you just see something on the rack that looks cool. Any help dating the union tag would be awesome (in the spoiler) [[SPOILER]]
And when he wants to relist and sell it? That's a good way to get a negative feedback...
It dosent look like you even have international shipping at all? Thought you might have just had worldwide shipping clicked. Call ebay
Link your listng
Cant find the stupid guide for dating these...? Anyone help, thanks  
Call them. If your terms clearly said "no return" and it was sold on paypal that is a direct sale with no returns. It should not fall under paypal protection. I would fight that. Ask what happens if you decline the return shipment as a very last resort but I would think you would not be responsible. Got to call and have someone note your account. 
Didnt know Austria was every included? Some countries suspended service in June 2014 it looks like http://pe.usps.com/text/imm/immc2_022.htm#ep2899642
 Thanks for the mention. 
Jos A Bank buy 1 get 2 is a great deal for shoe trees IMO at least here in the US. I have more pairs then I can count for all my personal shoes
I have taken partial payments to hold items for x amount of days with the terms clearly stated that the funds sent are for a deposit until xx and then forfeited if not paid in full etc for more expensive items. Never had an issue. Usually do about 50% upfront. I dont ship the item till paid in full. Little risk besides time/value.
New Posts  All Forums: