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98% (not an exaggeration) of the time a pinstripe is an orphan.
Pretty much all problems are handeld the same exact way if you are in the right. 1) call ebay2) have ebay rep agree with you on issue3) have them mark your account4) ask for the SRN (service request number)5) keep log of SRN's if you have an issue in the future6) explain to buyer nicely why they are wrong7) if a case is open, call ebay back, reference SRN, close case It takes time but is how 99% of any issues get resolved correctly. The issue, like in this case is if the...
Thanks for including on of my items 
 I'm staying out of this one, but the one thing I did sell to him....he never paid for and an unpaid item case was open and closed agaisnt him. I never thought to check if he had it listed for sale over that week.
    Tag Size 40 L   Chest (pit to pit) 22.00"   Shoulder (seam to seam) 18.75"   Arm (shoulder to cuff) 27.00" (1" to let out)   Length (BOC to hem) 31.625"       Fully Lined   Fully Canvassed   Dual Rear Vent  
Wonderful consignment item was just listed.   H HUNTSMAN Brown Beige Plaid Check 1 Button LINEN Sport Coat Blazer Jacket 40 L      
Call ebay first and you can ask that but no offering to reship it at the acutal shipping cost should be no issue. 
From my experience nothing. Wait till you get it back, I usually call ebay, have them note my accont, get the SRN (service request number), keep that on file if they open up a case, and relist. Obviously confirm with ebay that the note they left on the SRN is saying you are not responsible for any item not received case and that you can relist the item without issue. Not your fault.
+1 Ive had the same person try to return stuff.. Already on my blocked bidder list
Lots of nails....???      
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