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@SpooPoker  Stripper's Tit's eh? 4 lines isnt right is it....ever?          
I can't stand all the dust on the black and they were just too dark. Had to reshoot these in white. Dark items really need a highkey background IMO.  
I'd take her $25 million a year in sales over what any of us are doing.
Good to know. Hope you dont loose any votes from wifes/spouses/family members. Its one thing to have 2 or 3 from an IP but to have like 40 would be cheating I assume. Good luck!!!  Get your votes in early so you dont forget
Just voted. They FINALLY added a "real person" function but that still dosnt track IP's unelss they do it manually for the 40 votes shes gets in 10 minutes
E-Thrift - Not sure if they are going to fit...or when I'm going to  where them but why not      
Can chat about photos all day if you want in the ebay tips and tricks thread :) dont want to clog this up but that is black acrylic.
Would be impossible by hand to do it correctly. Have an automate table and camera on tripod (need a better tripod). Need to grab some actual black glass vs acrylic I think to keep it clean.  Experimenting with black and I love it for light/white items and love the reflection. Maybe white glass will get a good reflection. Need to pick up a piece to try out.
 and thanks. I'm always looking to improve the photos.
New Posts  All Forums: