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THANKS SPOO!!!!!!!!!  Need to go update a bunch of listings!
I wont be seeing a new star color for a LONG time....    gooseguy84 ( 5032)
I'm still trying to figure this one out, debating giving them a call... some of their other stuff is made by Attolini   HADLEIGH'S Solid Gray 100% Wool Dual Vent Jacket Pants SUIT Mens Bespoke - 44 R
try a different browser (chrome works for me. but so does firefox), update adobe flash, check if there are any 3rd party apps that might be an issue. 
+1 450 Turbo is well worth the money
Anyone recognise these off the top of their head? On a pair of pants.         This one is off a cashmere sweater
Lots of new great shoes just listed - http://stores.ebay.com/Tailored-Consignment                                  
  Thanks guys! 
Quick tag question...Custom made jackets from Hadleigh's (wow they are nice!!)   These 2 I know are made by Cesare Attolini        No clue who makes this one though?? Any thoughts?
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