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Haven't been in here for the last 5,000 posts but always in for a good cause. Happy belated Thanksgiving to all you guys! 
 Yes, even if you have all legal releases of liability mentioned that is not an end-all be-all for a sale on ebay. They make their own rules which you agree to when you list something.Both parties agree to the ebay TOS which states that ebay has the right to make their own rules, etc, etc. You can put whatever you want into a listing and yes it usually helps when you reference it speaking with an agent but ebay does not have to abide by legal terms. 
Although it is a "contract" ebay has it's own rules when it comes to returns and does not actually go by such a cut & dry legal wording unfortunately. That is why I was asking how the other people are fighting the case if they had any luck. 
  50 new ties just listed - http://stores.ebay.com/Tailored-Consignment/Ties                                                                                        
Hi, thanks for the post. No, not me. I dont find them interesting but why do other people, like what are the "desirable" things about these? Have them listed for sale and trying to find the right keywords. Thanks!
Maybe it's just me but this bothers me.  I don't mind the lowball offer and would normally send a counter offer, but thinking I should sell you a RLPL tie (that you don't need to impress your 13 year old students) while I'm trying to make a living selling nice clothing bothers me...... and that gets you added to my blocked list   PS - It's not the first time this person has made the same type of offer because he is a "school...
Name to block? PS - also how are you fighting this? just had a "not real pair of ferragamo shoes" case opened for SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Black Classic Cap Toe Formal Luxury Mens Dress Shoes - 8 E 
You guys really shouldn't get so upset about lowball offers. It's just part of the game. If it bothers you just set up an auto-decline so you don't have to deal with it.  I personally don't like/use auto decline and on avg get about 50 offers each day as a lot of lowballs turn into sales on the 3rd offer
+1 - Exactly what I have setup. Dymo 450 is amazing. No clue how I lived without it. I said the same thing about shooting with flashes vs hotlights. You don't know how good something is until you switch. Would never go back.
Thats all exactly what I thought but wanted to get a 2nd opinion
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