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I did it and it took all of 30 second. Longer to copy/paste the picture and save it and writing this post is going to take longer. That said, rhyme is 100% correct, spend time on your photo setup to minimise your post edit as much as possible and in the long run you will have saved a TON of time. If I do 1,000 pictures in a weekend even if its only 20 seconds a photo to edit it's still 5.5 hours of editing time which is a HUGE waste These are photos direct out of the...
Trying to pull a "wowniceshirt" and flip this.... *BRIONI* Recent Gray Pinstripe Super 150's Wool 2-Btn DB Handmade Suit 42S
I got a message the other day saying "this trackign number is already being used"
Ending tonight at 7 PM - Still at low prices, get a steal   Don't forget about the December 4th  Consign for a Cause Career Gear Charity Auction   ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA Blue Unstructured Jersey Jacket Sport Coat Blazer Mens 40 42 R CORNELIANI Recent Gray Plaid Check POW Sport Coat Blazer Jacket Mens 40 42 R ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA Recent Trofeo Comfort Blue Woven Sport Coat Blazer Mens 48...
Some pants from this weekend            
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