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Each thread has an "search this thread" button at the top. Within that you have an advanced search feature which you can enter the SF name and the date range and it will bring up all posts by that user within that thread
                  Lots of new shirts & ties just listed - http://stores.ebay.com/Tailored-Consignment                                                                                  
[[SPOILER]]  I don't post in here much anymore either but always here to help. Glad things are looking a little better these days.
I had this same basic thing happen. If he wants the item you should be all set but if he paid by accident you need to manually refund him though paypal
No reserve auction ending tonight     MINK COAT Brown Black Full Mink HERMES SCARF LINING Jacket Coat Bespoke - MEDIUM  
First I said fake but the white tag looks good.....  - Title would just be "VERSACE VERSACE VERSACE VERSACE Mens VERSACE Sweater"        
Over/under on this one making the PTO Roundup?  Fingers crossed as it went up $9.99 no reserve.  Has anyone had luck posting Polo auction stuff on a dedicated Polo forum to generate more eBay bids?   [[SPOILER]]
FREE CONUS SHIPPING - Check out the link for more details and measurements.   POLO RALPH LAUREN Leather 1990 VINTAGE Suicide Skier Commemorative Patch MEDIUM           
Playing around with the new lens.... not really sure why I bought it afterall lol. The detail is pretty cool though        
Just color it in a little with sharpie so it dosent look like a price, hit it with something to dull it out and call it a day. The rubber is porous and like @Jompso said you wont be able to get it out.
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