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Pure Brag (besides for Spoo ) most of us are pretty excited to make PTO Roundup Within a few hours of it being listed on PTO it sold. THANK YOU PTO!   Only the 3rd time I've ever made the roundup.   Paul Stuart gun club sport coat, 42
I e-thrifted that.... were you the seller
Not 100% fair right...he had a 40 (vs. my 46) but the color is still better also lol @hbkshin always has great photos!
I just sold this exact jacket today!!  (your photo looks better )   [[SPOILER]]
The local ones here close at 4 and 4:30. They are organization based stores, not goodwill/salvo type.
Woohoo 15 minutes to thrift before store closes, 1,2,3,4 suits in a row to start the suit rack 2x Burberry 2x Paul Stuart, all "recent" current labels.
I just got this Didnt do anything. From my understanding there are still changes being implemented on ebays side as they see how the new regulations are working. Funny as it never even said I had 10 defects to start with  Removed 10 transaction defect(s) from your seller dashboard Upgraded 362 of your detailed seller rating(s) to five stars Prevented buyers from prematurely asking for a refund or a replacement on 1 transaction(s) during the past 2 months
Guy received these and said these arn't UK 9 but instead US 9.... never ever heads of Church's being labeled a US size.... anyone got a 2nd opinion?   CHURCH'S Diplomat Black CUSTOM GRADE Cap Toe Mens Dress Shoes UK 9 US 10
+1 that tie is THE tie if you are going to end up with any Tom Ford.. Looks 4"? and slightly pressed, but baller pattern
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