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go to my ebay - resolution center - cancel transaction agreed by both - enter item # - choose "buyer changed mind"
and you think you get girls with a rari..... wait till they see your range
All items were on sale at the store, aka grocery thrifting.    
I can't find my old pictures of them, but 99% sure those are incotex.
It looks close, and Incotex 100% has made for Faconnable in the past but I find they are very rare. Ive never seen a pair of Faconnable pants in the wild made by them and I double check knowing they have made them. The only place I have seen them where at Daffys when they did the Incotex clearance ( SO miss those days).  More pictures or tags (split V waist, front pull tab)? Also the ones made for Faconnable and other off brands did not always have the handwork. Even the...
I was looking into it but couldnt get enough people to make it worth it.
Amazing Vass Shell Cordovan Vass Chukka Boots - Free CONUS Shipping. Can ship International at cost.    
Only have about 100 so 250 is sure a lot more but just need a bigger bar...   [[SPOILER]]
+1 had a bunch of tweed sales MINUS any 3 piece suits
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