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Hi, besides being pretty cool Ive never seen a pair of Levis like these and could not find similar on ebay. Are they anything really unique or special to ask more $$$ or just different typical levis?        
Never seen a pair of Levis like these. Are they anything really unique or special?        
Thanks I knew someone would know... havnt seen a Jungle Book character in 20 years
Maybe someone with kids knows who this is?.... I want to say its like a lion or panther, they did pink panther but he was more animated and not so realistic..  
E-thrifitng things that are cheap and ending Sunday night this came up, if there was no stain not a bad deal and $15+shipping. He also copied my title but forgot that his was not a "Madison"
hmmmmmm, this is just odd.. one of my pictures is randomly in this guys listings
 Anyone know this logo maybe from a college or state?Smathers & Branson belt 
@Spoopoker what ended up happening with those boots, take the offer?   Just sold these guys   DAVID ESPINOZA Brown ALLIGATOR CROCODILE Western Cowboy Boots Box - 10.5 Sale price:$600.00
Can always buy some stock in PPL. Looked into it when they split with eBay as they would have more opportunities to grow without being tied to ebay
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