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$73 int. :( Had insurance through the ebay, no problem there but they dont cover the shipping cost so had to eat that. Now to fight with USPS about the auto insurance they have on express int shipments to get the $73 back. 
Seriously..... I wonder why there is a 6" cut in your shoe.... These happened to be SOOO nice also          
Very close, this one has a hood.  
@Fueco @SpooPoker @anyoneelsewithknowldgeofmoncler   Any help with what "name" jackets/vests these are? Anywhere to check reference numbers on the tags? Also tagged size 3 but almost fit me (size small) and I thought 3 was "US LARGE"     Thanks!        
  Great collection on new and lightly pre-owned shoes just went live   Full Details of each item can be found on ebay (message me for 20% off the BIN price) -  http://stores.ebay.com/Tailored-Consignment     BRUNO MAGLI Brown Solid Leather Slip-On Luxury Mens Dress Shoes - 8.5 M ALLEN EDMONDS Montgomery Solid Brown Split Toe Leather Dress Shoes - 9.5 D ALDEN Burnished Tan Wingtip Blucher Leather Mens Luxury Dress Shoes Box - 10...
Oh great.... I log in and have a chargeback lol. 
+1 screen shot and upload everything
Its annoying and takes time to call but once you know the ins and outs of what you should be able to win and why and what to say (and what it's not worth fighting over) its just part of business. I speak with ebay at least 2-3 times a week usually. Spoo doing 3-4x my sales so 3-4x the amount of issues lol.
100% agreed. Employees are upset because they have to do more work and their management has just risen up though the ranks so breeds the same mentality unfortunately. 
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