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WHAT?!? Do I really need to go back and read 1,000 posts  
 Missed you all over the last 3,000+ posts.... no time to catch up, BUT if these are your measurements and your intersted in a Double Breasted suit collection (Bespoke HSM Gold) shoot me a PM asap.   [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for including my Kent Wang Skinny Navy Blue Whale Embroidered Tie 
I take that all back. Its horrible and going back.... didnt last 2 days  Prob just have to build something unless someone has a good solution?
I'll report back in a month but so far I'm happy with it.
Not perfect but cleans up some much needed floor space. Prob will get a 2nd one pretty soon.    Calls for '50' pairs but ended up only fitting on 40. It is pretty ridgid in the upright position and the picture makes it look like its leaning way more then it is due to the angle.   
This link really works well to know what size store you should star with http://www.fees.ebay.com/feeweb/feeillustrator THe closer you are to what you actually will be listing/selling give you a better idea
Just tell him thats ok and ship the rest...
Yup, also I've found you don't usually have to wait for 3 days (some reps say you do but they are wrong) if they agree it is a case of buyers remorse they can open a case (vs a return request) and close in your favor anytime. Some reps (most non-us reps) do not like to jump the 3 day window but I found US reps who actually know what they are doing, do it all the time for me. 
If you deny it they CAN still leave neg feedback and low dsr ratings. Them being able to open up a case is 50/50 as I've been sold different things buy multiple eBay reps but after getting though to a 'good' one they denied the case the 2nd time. What you should do, is call eBay and explain to them how this is a case of 'buyer remorse'. If/when they agree with you ask to escalate the case and have it closed in your favor. The only time buyers can not leave neg feedback and...
New Posts  All Forums: