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 Quote:Originally Posted by txwoodworker  Oh, too late, but I figured his message amounted to feedback extortion.  Unfortunately what was written in that message is 100% NOT feedback extortion in eBays mind. Anyoen else, yes its a clear case but not by ebay's standards. Just went through the same exact thing and is why I have 99.99% and not 100% feedback from a few months ago. Unless the person in prety much these words "I will leave you negative feedback unless......" its...
Once an unpaid item case is open they need to pay of receive an unpaid strike. No way to close it otherwise. Just block them, close the case when you can for an unpaid strike and move on IMO
Slow month but sales finally starting to pick up again it seems. Figured it wouldn't be for another week till kids back in school/summer over. Looong month
  Even $400 if you mention you saw them in this thread. Free CONUS Shipping 
Free CONUS Shipping Included  
Free CONUS Shipping - Can ship interantional at actual cost.    
  Just Listed - Boots are the highlight but others are nice also   http://stores.ebay.com/Tailored-Consignment        
I hate church's..... size UK 8.5??   PS - I'm an idiot... they say 8.5 G on the sole  
Had him make 15+ offers on 10 different items... sold him 5 over $1,000 total and never paid either.
  Just listed over 70 great items!   Title   Item ID   ISAIA Brown Plaid Check Super 130 Wool Dual Vent Jacket Pants SUIT Mens - 40 R LUCIANO BARBERA SARTORIALE Solid Gray Unstructured Jacket Pants SUIT Mens 44 L BRIONI Recent Charoal Black Check CASHMERE Sport Coat Blazer Jacket Mens - 40 R VERSACE Istante Blue Check Flannel Cashmere Zeus Jacket Pants SUIT...
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