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Love you camera/light knowledge!! I've done this by trial and error and reading online.
I was thinking the same exact thing....also tags on the inside of jackets re not always removed, hell some people leave the basting thread on the vents because they dont know any better.  Does not mean NWOT
Free CONUS Shipping       Tag Size 36   Waist (laid flat) 18.50"   Inseam (crotch to cuff) 28.00" (2" to let out)   Cuff Height (height of cuff) N/A   Cuff Width (width of cuff) 9.00"   Front Rise (waist to crotch) 11.75"       Very Recent Current Label - 1934 Collection   Classic Flat Front   Reside on Right Inside Waistband -...
One of my best finds (been posted before) but screw the $20 Brioni, I'll take $50 Escorial any day.  
I have 2 lights dedicated for the background and 2 for the object. The lights for the background are brighter then the lights for the object. I don't have an overhead light. Link?
You have way more light then me. The key to getting the background pure white is that you need to get light behind the object that is brighter then the light hitting the object itself. It's near impossible if you are doing this with only lights from the front unless you have barndoors or a setup to control the light direction and keep it off the object itself as whatever light you are shooting will be lighting the object and the background at the same exposure level so you...
TAKE 15% OFF THE MARKED PRICE THOUGH DEC 31st (or lower price listed on ebay) 
Hell yea. That's awesome Matt, congrats! and thank you for the wonderful gift. Def one of my fav. ties. You picked out a perfect one, thank you! 
Can someone please confirm this guy is not living on the moon.... http://www.ebay.com/itm/GRENSON-Footmaster-Genuine-Gazelle-Rare-Vintage-Shoes-/220946210820     because I'm about to list these.... Also not sure if someone made these for Grenson as I've never seen the heel pattern before      
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