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+1 no issues getting almost all pants in. Local I use a box as its the same cost and boxes are nice, but NJ to CA they go Flat Rate.
I tape over all 3 exposed seams on every box glue or no glue.
Its not Russell IMO, but it is pretty cool. Large/Jumbo glen plaid is what I would go with
Good mix just listed @ http://stores.ebay.com/Tailored-Consignment   1) Alden Shell & Brooks Suede PTB’s 2) Shell Wingtips - Long & Short 3) Captoes by Edward Green & Allen Edmonds 4) Casual Hermes Sneakers               
Few more raw photos, still some tinkering but almost look like they are floating..  Getting the new lights dialed in. For shoes there are 3 lights. Overhead (to light the shoe itself) 2 lights, one under and one behind the light the backdrops.        
This might work for you also, it works great for me... The Priority Boxes fit perfect inside, tape the "ear flaps" (you get when you put a small box inside a bigger bag) closed with clear tape and you are all set. Now no need to change boxes. That said, I do the same thing, but use Express Mail tape and now I have an express mail box. I do not pre-package my shoes but have been debating doing it and you would never have to re-package them no matter where they are going...
And when it starts to run out you still have another 100 or so pages with the "shake & replace"  Side note being, someone who thought those 1/2 page peel and sick labels were the best thing ever, now that I have a label printer I would never ever go back. It is soooo nice.  I bought Savage Seamless Background Paper, 107" wide x 12 yards, Super White, #1 #1-12 and it was huge. Think 9' (yes 1' longer then a sheet of plywood). I would go for 8x10. The 5x7 is going to be...
Been busy at work and work and more work, but got 1/2 the new lighting setup in place. Photos on the left are 100% raw right out of the camera (zero photoshop, not even auto adjust anything)  and the photos on the right are with a custom auto color enhance run in a batch edit (30 seconds to run for all 100 photos), Ready to be listed.     You can see the bleed/backlight on the inside right arm which I need to fix by actually reducing the power on the backlight with a...
All of the proceeds from these 5 suits will be donated to Career Gear (you will actually paypal CareerGear directly). Check them out, it's a wonderful organization that helps mens dress for interviews and more! www.CareerGear.org   Links to ebay for more pictures and all measurements. - Message me here on Styleforum to purchase.   1) BRIONI Aurelio Recent Brown Windowpane Check Jacket Pants SUIT Mens 40 R - $425   2) ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA Solid Gray 2BTN PEAK LAPEL...
You know you want it. Baller status to the extreme. Gucci Tom Ford era.   No Tag - Approx 44 R Chest (pit to pit) - 23.00"  Shoulder (seam to seam) - 19.50" Arm (shoulder to cuff) - 25.50" Length (BOC to hem) - 31.00"  
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