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+1 shoes boxes ship all kinds of great items
Another one to block, WOW   entre.davi Thought my first message was pretty nice.  Already got the feedback removed but that's besides the point for all you guys who sell on here. PS - Oh yea, this was due to the claim that buttons were loose......  
You should buy this tie I just photographed    Also, how makes this one? I know I've seen the label before 
Dont forget to use your free $$$$ from ebay if you have a store. Expires March 31st
That was my 1st thought. I've only seen wolf collar on coats. This is a entire freaking coat. Full length.  
Hi, any thoughts on this fur?    
Had this issue with photobucket once and then went to hosting all my own photos on my website account under my own domain. 0 issues with down time or things changing
March is on pace to be my best month ever if it keeps up the way it has but this past weekend was a little slower then the first two
why does my gut say these are fake....              
I think some of the really new ones have 6 letters and 2 numbers like this one I sold but yes none like that horrible fake tha was listed  NEW - HERMES Paris 605743 HA Blue Interlocking Links Silk Mens Luxury Tie 3.125"
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