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Yes, buying & selling. Here is the link. Then you have to wait 15 days like everyone else, sorry, but this is not the right place to post your for sale ads. http://www.styleforum.net/f/6654/buying-and-selling 
This is the wrong place for an ad tryig to sell your own items... should go in the B&S section of the forum. As noted this is the "tips and tricks" thread not the "buy my items" thread
If they are too small hit me up
Quote:Another Islander? Glad I'm out in Jersey these days
 Didnt Spoo not go thrifting this weekend?? 
 Staple solid suit, solid shirt, classic dot or repp tie. (no cufflink, no pocket square, etc) IMO
Some ebay buyers are actually cool. I dont offer returns and instead of trying to force the issue a buyer messaged me (no case), explaining what he felt was an issue with the jacket (it had been tailored, its a used jacket). Because this was one of my own items, and he messaged me I took the return no problem and sent him all his money back when the item arrived. If he had opened a case and I had a defect for the case my only option would have been to fight it and try and...
Thanks @drlivingston for the amazing donation to the Career Gear Charity Auction.    BIN Brooks Brothers Gatsby Shoes & 2 BIN Robert Talbott Estate Ties.  
Just learnt about this brand today actually. Nice!! That should do well.   Last (only) one looks like it sold for $60 shipped... nothing to laugh at.  
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