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Go Wes Go!   
+1. It's not about the object its about all of us signing up and going to the site. The more the better in advertising. Wes is doing 100% exactly what they want him to do. Tell all of us about the site so we visit it. 
Wasnt able to ship to Russia via express online (ebay or USPS.com) this morning. FYI
Bookmarked. Will be voting for you every day. Good luck Wes!
Nice pickup on the Armani. If any thats what your looking for 
Free CONUS Shipping     Tag Size EU 52 - Approx US Medium   Chest (pit to pit) 23.25"    Shoulder (seam to seam) 19.75"   Arm (shoulder to cuff) 25.375"   Length (neck seam to hem) 25.875  
  Just listed a bunch of Charvet, Brioni & Kiton ties (plus 100 other ties listed on eBay). Styleforum member prices listed next to each item. Free CONUS shipping included.     CHARVET Silver Gold Stripe Thick Woven 100% Silk Mens Luxury Tie - 4.00" - $60   CHARVET Silver Pink Stripe Thick Woven 100% Silk Mens Luxury Tie - 3.75" - $75   CHARVET Place Vendome Blue Paisley Swirl Woven Twill 100% Silk Mens Tie - 3.625" - $75    CHARVET Place Vendome Red Large...
Nice stuff
Already looked. If this small one works how I think Im going to get a much bigger one. http://www.pleximart.com/store.php?seller=pleximart
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