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On a side note, no worries with tracking showing items delivered.. I thought it was only for 90 days but nope.   The records of mail classes and services are stored in the system for different time periods: USPS Tracking™ service – up to six (6) months Signature Confirmation™ service – up to one (1) year Priority Mail Express™ service, Certified Mail™ service, Registered Mail™ service, and Numbered International Mail services – up to two (2) years Adult Signature...
3 pairs of NWT pants - 1 Bills & 2 Hilti      
That was a MAJOR issue I was reading about today..... 180 days,.... USPS does not keep tracking that long, ebay does not keep auctions up that long.  You might be able to also upload to something like photobucket, etc. That's what I currently use, or just buy a cheap hosting service. http://whdb.com/plans/cheapest/unlimited-storage
How are you shipping a RRA box to Canada. I assume you are paying based on the weight and just using the RRA as the box vs the general Priority Box which is the same basic size? I think the catch is also on the Flat Rate Envelopes.....havnt used them in a while to Canada but not sure if they track. That all said, anything under 4 lbs and $100 I would ship via first class mail with E-Delcon Tracking to Canada anyway vs Priority Mail. If it's worth to send priority I usually...
Are you 100% sure about that (serious question).... I have found it odd that some Priority items shipped to Canada dont have tracking where 1st class items shipped to have tracking. That said under 4 lbs you can ship via first class mail with tracking to Canada.  I see no reason to ship Priority unless you need to insure it. What is the value of the item?
Is there a case open for a return?
To be honest guys....I sell a lot and have only had pretty positive experiences with e-bay reps. I have tailored my listings to conform to suggestions and to meet certain things that ebay requires or to help protect myself for issues, but if you sell quality items, take multiple photos, provide accurate measurements, etc you really should not have any problems. Yes, eBay makes it harder and harder but these new rules are only going to make it easier for the 1% (or less) of...
+1 Dior Homme (silver tag) is tacked at the corners only Finally finally finally got back out today after a few weeks without thrifting. Only one stop and only a couple of things and 3 pairs NWT pants, 1 Bill's and 2 Hilti (pics soon I know, slacking)  [[SPOILER]]
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