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   Forgot about this..   And this... hmmmm 
Finally got out today.... finally  Versace V2 Leather, Paul Stuart Leather, JAB 3 Piece USA Tweed, tons of Zegna & Incotex Pants   $$$ I just sold a few of those for $100+ a pop Very nice   
teens..... you mean my size 
Mens or Womens.... can be buttoned either way.  My guess was Womens but can someone confirm 100%? Spoo?   Also have a minor concern it's not 100% authentic, stitching label and not straight cut seams   Tag Size XL Chest - 21.75" Shoulder - 19.25" Arm - 26.5" Length BOC - 30.00"          
Thrift Brag - Actually really liked this tie. Thanks Spoo   LILLY PULITZER Pink Green Cotton Floral Sunflower Mens NEW NWT Tie - 3.50"
To bad it's not a suit I laugh inside every time I see one of your suit listings now.       Happy Thanksgiving all
I get nervious shipping $500 suits
OK, that makes more sense but not sure your 209% profit is correct. If the profit is $11.88  on a cost basis of $10.80, you made 110% profit. not 200+%. And we track consignments basically the same. Ex.  - This item I made 30% on. ($43.50 profit on $145 sale)Sold Price Shipping Ebay Paypal Comish Paid out $145.00 $9.72 $13.80 $4.51 $43.50 $73.48
5 day handling time...really?  That's awsome
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