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Hi, looking for a little help on determining the actual color. Anyway to break down the numbers? Thanks!    
Except they aren't Alden's - Polo by C&J but good idea about thread about them
Tips for determining which awesome rare shell color I can call these?    
I am working on thrifting my Lamborghini : Murcielago Roadster
Not sure you can print 1st class with tracking though USPS>..... you can though ebay and you can ship it at the post office but dont think you can print it online via USPS website. Might try paypal shipping also but not sure....99.99% use ebay shipping
I've never seen the priority option removed but I know they remove the express mail option from a lot of countries. Havnt figured out which ones yet. 1st class in 2 boxes wasnt cheaper anyway? what is the weight of said item. If over 13oz your only option is priority or express or flat rate....
 I use firefox and have the same issue. The "fix" I found is to change something that is a check box on/off and then go reenter the value 95% of the time it works. For example I want to change from 10 day listing to GTC listing, etc. but it keeps popping back to 10 day over and over and over. I uncheck/recheck the "need to pay right away" (wrong words I know) box below my paypal email and then go to change the listing duration again and it changes no problem.
Maybe it's just me in business but I dont get this.... I list an item as BIN OBO and someone says "what is your lowest price". Why would I bid against myself when I have already put a price on the item I feel is fair and accept offers. I usually just respond with "what is your highest price" but I dont get why people even do this, makes no sense at all.
15 quality shirts just listed on Tailored Consignment's eBay Store     Including: Brioni, Zegna Couture, Duchamp, Etro, Robert Graham & More                   Also this really cool Vintage Versace Vest
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