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PVC from home depot.... 1" or 2" tube would prob work well and you could put a hanger hook right in the tube itself, or drill a hole or something and its already white.
 Thanks!! Love the knowledge around here!
^^^^ a clothes steamer might work?  
Not sure where else to ask this, but trying to get some info on these pants. Super awesome pants, like a mosaic camo look? Any info on season or actual name of the pant/design would be awesome, thanks so much!!  [[SPOILER]]
@horse's_ass (I know you wanted that @ symbol)
12 pair of Trafalgar Limited Edition Silk Braces just listed @ eBay Tailored Consignment  
The few I've sold were made in Romania and sub-Brooks Brothers quality.  It's what the employees wear, not what they sell.
12 pairs of silk braces. $125/each or all 12 for $1,150   The geisha girl pair has frayed edges and is only $50.   Indivudal pairs and detailed photos can be found on ebay @ http://stores.ebay.com/Tailored-Consignment    
Call and speak with eBay. There are 2 ways I would ask the ebay rep to close the case in your favor. 1) the item has been altered by him saying he cleaned the shoes which voids the ebay buyer protection2) using a re-shipper (depending on if they are a legit ebay reshipping) voids the buyer protection due to the item being shipped to a 3rd party and there is no way to tell what the reshipper did to them. 
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