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I do print screen paste into photo editng program and cut out the part I want, save as picture.
#CareerGearAuction   If anyone is going to post on social media please use the hashtag
That is awesome. 
Happy Birthday??
  We gonna play this game...  
FVF savings is 20% of 10% so really a 2% discount... not bad, dosent work for my business model but if you get a lot of returns something to think about.  I know they are still adjusting what returns count as defects and what do not. Do 100% of returns count as a defect still or did they change it?
easy fix, dont offer returns.
Have taken over 1,000 photos of items for the Charity Auction already and items are still arriving!!   Here's a couple more items that were just posted        
3 calls and 1.5 hours later got a case closed in my favor. If you don't get the answer you like the first time (or the second time), call again.   Best part, got a bunch of items listed for the Consign for a Cause Career Gear Charity Auction while on hold.
New Posts  All Forums: