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cheapest is 1st class if under 4 lbs
 Knock $100 off if you mention this listing.
      Tag Size EU 54 - Base A - Approx US 40 R   Chest (pit to pit) 20.50"   Shoulder (seam to seam) 18.625"   Arm (shoulder to cuff) 24.875"   Length (BOC to hem) 29.25"   Vest Chest (pit to pit) 19.125"   Vest Shoulders (seam to seam) 14.75"   Pants Waist (flat across) 17.125"   Inseam (crotch to cuff) 29.50" (1" to let...
+1 Def find sometimes the US reps are more "strict" with the rules and I dont bother entering in the code to get a US rep and try overseas 
Nice group of items
Good luck (he happens to be a nice guy) but there is no way IMO you win this unless he is outright using your photos or text or html code, none of which he is doing. There is no false impression when I go to his ebay store that I might actually be on yours by accident, you , they look 100% different, stating with the color and HUGE name at the top. 
Vintage cigar cutter. Wood & Brass
Probably the most fun type of photography Those unique menswear accessory type items  
 assuming you are kidding...?
+1 who cares.   How many times have you walked into a retail store to look at clothing (or anything), thought in your mind it was nice and if it goes on sale you would buy it, but not at the price they are asking and then leave.......
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