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Awesome John Varvatos Wool Moto Jacket  - Free CONUS Shipping   Approximate Dimensions Tagged Size Size 4 / Extra Large See Measurements Chest (pit to pit) 23.00" Shoulder (seam to seam) 19.375" Arm (shoulder seam to cuff) 29.00"  Length (BOC to Hem) 28.50"  
One suit sold. Price drop on the RLBL
YUP. They are my fav. Fit well, great patterns and not big deal if they get dirty as they are always so cheap
My walk-in is packed to the brim with suits, dress shirts, pants and jackets. It was a box for right now or to fold them and then I would never know what is under the top 10.
Not sure I have enought 'casual shirts' All were either thrifted/traded for or bought on ebay cheap with thrifted money. I love this hobby  
Nice - Not sure I actually need it though
90 E looks like to me which would be a size EU 9 E for Church's. Anyone confirm?
Fun Saturday. Fav. by far is the JV coat, wish it was my size  ALSO, working on my Tumblr page and got reblogged by oliver-peoples-eyewear which was pretty awesome             Awesome John Varvatos / Converse Wool Moto Style Jacket [[SPOILER]]
Edward Green Shoes **Free CONUS Shipping**   Approximate Dimensions Tagged Size 8.5 / 9 D Last 888       Important Information Best of the Best Quality - Edward Green for Ralph Lauren Purple Label Beautiful Shoes - See Detailed Photos Lasted Shoe Trees Included No Return - Please Know Your Size in Edward Green Size, Width &...
Time to find a new cobbler...
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