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I dont worry about the handling time for the month month. You can miss the 90% one month being top rated without an issue. I do set the away message and in all of my best offer replys I note the actual shipping date and for every item that sells I send a follow up message making sure they are 100% aware I am away and if there is any issue with the ship date I will send them a full refund right away. In multiple years and prob 300+ items sold I've had 2 people request a...
ebay.com for the US has (at minimum, I would think it's actually higher) 55% of all ebay traffic. UK as under 3% and Italy even less. Your missing a huge target audience if you dont sell on ebay.com but at the same time, shipping is a huge issue as well. There are enough people within the US selling the same items where they can buy one from someone locally and not risk/pay for international shipping. http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/ebay.com
I should have skipped the small 12" one and just gone full out 24" x 36". With a 2 light setup I am happy with these results. Now all those little dust particles on the black are really really going to bother me.        
Looked quick, thought they just mislisted it as womens as eu 46 would have been us 36 and thats what the measurements are but didnt look close at the button. Avg price for womens especially with the holes. Those go SO cheap.
 Thats damn close to fitting also 
How did that fit in the Ferrari!?  
+1 PS - Wes is only up by 5!
Yes, he should pay shipping (ebay would force him to pay shipping for a not as described item anyway). Ask about the return shipping and give him a specific dollar amount before you ship them so there is no confusion. If there becomes an issue open a case, you are doing him a favor contacting them directly. Ask him for the address via ebay messages. Ship to that address with proof of tracking/delivery. Once a seller says you an return something in the ebay messages they...
175 - Goodnight
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