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YUP. They are my fav. Fit well, great patterns and not big deal if they get dirty as they are always so cheap
My walk-in is packed to the brim with suits, dress shirts, pants and jackets. It was a box for right now or to fold them and then I would never know what is under the top 10.
Not sure I have enought 'casual shirts' All were either thrifted/traded for or bought on ebay cheap with thrifted money. I love this hobby  
Nice - Not sure I actually need it though
90 E looks like to me which would be a size EU 9 E for Church's. Anyone confirm?
Fun Saturday. Fav. by far is the JV coat, wish it was my size  ALSO, working on my Tumblr page and got reblogged by oliver-peoples-eyewear which was pretty awesome             Awesome John Varvatos / Converse Wool Moto Style Jacket [[SPOILER]]
Edward Green Shoes **Free CONUS Shipping**   Approximate Dimensions Tagged Size 8.5 / 9 D Last 888       Important Information Best of the Best Quality - Edward Green for Ralph Lauren Purple Label Beautiful Shoes - See Detailed Photos Lasted Shoe Trees Included No Return - Please Know Your Size in Edward Green Size, Width &...
Time to find a new cobbler...
Serious note....who found those vintage condoms??  Spoo??   PM me
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