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+1 Dior Homme (silver tag) is tacked at the corners only Finally finally finally got back out today after a few weeks without thrifting. Only one stop and only a couple of things and 3 pairs NWT pants, 1 Bill's and 2 Hilti (pics soon I know, slacking)  [[SPOILER]]
Lesson 3: It never hurts to ask for a better deal, worst you can say is no.
IMO (not that you asked for it) but this is bad business. I have had more people then I can count (about 2 times a month or so) start with a low offer say $40 on a $200 suit and after  2 or 3 offers or even messages after their offers run out we settle on a price that is fair. Just saying, you would be better off to just decline outright or to make an offer you are happy with. Example above if you want to net $150 for that $200 suit (usually knock off 25-30% as a baseline)...
e-thrift....   Turning this....   into.....  
Revise item description and price and tell him to use the BIN once the description correctly states what is being sold in the auction.
Do you not use sniping software? Works very well! but why am I telling you this
Better then the: Why did Spoo cross the road..... to enter a Goodwill!  "SEE OUR OTHER AUCTIONS FOR OVER 100 SIMILAR TIES & MORE" I thought it was someone else's items for a moment
+1 if the "I steamed it" is in the ebay message, be super nice to the person on the phone at ebay, ask how their day is going, tell them a knock knock joke and then explain to them why steaming a tie would be returning an item in different condition then it was shipped and you have a decent shot at winning.
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