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Yes the 2nd suitis navy.
A couple of recent ones, suitable for this thread? I leave it up to you gentlemen to decide...
Happy new year gentlemen! A quiet evening at home for me as well! A rather slow night as expected in this place. I think its safe to say several SF:ers are out taking advantage of one of the few occasions a black tie won't be too out of place.
Off topic but with some relation to the thread title.... Last night I was zapping on the TV when suddenly the outfit of a gentleman that was beeing interviewed caught my attention, a nice looking sports coat. The show happend to be a documentary about a luxury hotell in London and this gentlemen was one of the guests celebrating his marriage. After watching a little more I noticed the face looked familiar, then it struck me that it was styleforum member WHNAY (I'm almost...
I was given the same advice but due to laziness I tried the most delicate handwash program on my machine followed by hang drying the shirts, so far after 3-4 washes I haven't noticed any negative effect.I've used the same method on all my shirts throughout the years, bespoke, MTM as well as RTW without noticing any damage.
Some splendid shoes posted in this thread gentlemen! I'm contemplating a pair of St C's on the classic last for my next purchase.
ThanksIt's a local MTM (Thomas Mason fabric)
End of the day, rumpled gear. The shirt is actually light blue. [[SPOILER]]
Very nice! Those are next on my list to purchase.I'm tempted to for two pairs, both the ones in black and dark oak.
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