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Thanks alot Mr Stitches:D
Thanks alot for gentlemen:)Do you care to enlighten me concerning what is considered CJPish dressing?:Is it merly based on what suits your personal taste, or is it a particular type of outfit(s)?
Thanks, our friends and fellow posters at Shibumi Berlin.
A litte more colorful palette today
Gentlemen, I'm planning my next suit commission. A navy/blue fabric suitable from mild spring to mild fall, obviously with exception for the hottest summer weather. I'm eyeing a the 0520 blue minnis fresco. Any recommendations of similar fabrics suitable to my needs? It doesn't necessarily have to be a fresco fabric. (I did some research in this thread and there was some discussions, but a few years ago so I'm uncertain how accurate that info is today).
Out of personal taste I prefer knit ties with open weave, hence all my knit ties are of this composition, regardless of color.Gentlemen, let's agree that we disagree concerning the black silk knit tie. Thankfully opinions and personal style vary from person to person, it would be rather boring if we all had identical opinions and outfits. But a healthy discussion as we've had is all in good fun.
Thanks gentlemen!
I fully understand your opinion about the knit tie not being too formal for the rest. But for instance look at Sean Connery in several Bond movies wearing a knit tie (usually navy or black) with a white shirt and a grey or blue suit.Regardless, the outfit I wore was my interpretation of CBD where I purposely chose to combine the less formal tie with the rest, as it was perfectly suitable for the occasion and environment. I'm quite sure in this day and age, the occasions...
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