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A rare contribution from me in the challenge thread, grenadine time...
Splendid collar roll!RTW or MTM/Bespoke?
1st post in part IV, CBD friday...NSM suit, Shibumi grenadine, MTM shirt, EG shoes [[SPOILER]]
A little maintenance on a Saturday morning on 4,5 years old C&J Lowndes...Before:After: [[SPOILER]]
I've also used the set-up with garments shipped to me in between visits, gives you an opportunity to try them out before possible alterations are beeing made and it also shortens the lead times.I agree with your opinion about them beeing very friendly and flexible to come up with solutions to satisfy your needs.
Thanks kind sir!
Thanks for the compliments and thumbs up gentlemen:)
Rumpeled after a long day of meetingsUp close. [[SPOILER]]
Local MTM:)
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