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Wow thanks for the positive feedback gentlemen:)
"Pattern frenzy" compared to my usually rather conservative outfits
Arrivef today, MOP buttons and Thomas Mason Oxford fabric (Feel free to omit the hideous ironing board cloth:D
Great look compadre, good to see a fellow Swede fond of the braces. However my personal preference is to place the buttons on the inside of the trousers.
Thanks, these are by Meermin. The stain seems to be more noticable on photo, but I've not yet made any effort to remove it as it's barely visable to the eye.
Nice tie, I have the same one:slayer:
It's been a while, good day gentlemen
Late february, as I can recall they said when they were here a couple of weeks ago.Btw Calypso, Kojak a great classic show, I got all seasons in my DVD collection:D
Thanks alot gentlemen
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