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Thanks friend, it's 21 cm see added photo. I leaned over while taking the initial photo hence the trousers looks super narrow and short.
Birthday dinner yesterday Adding another er view to display a more proper shot of the 21 cm leg opening
Must be due to the angle of the photo, the leg opening is 21 cm.
Gentlemen it's been a while, a few outfits from the past.
Thanks for the recommendation, I do like the Drapers and one might very well go for that one, just wanted to see what else is available for comparison.Trini - thanks, Abraham had plenty of suitable fabrics
Gentlemen I'm on the hunt for a fall/winter herringbone jacketing, not too heavy, wool or wool/cashmere blend. Something similar to the Drapers illustrated below. I would greatly appreciate your recommendations, thanks!
Thank you for the greeting, most kind of you dear sir
Long time no see Up top Down low
Gentlemen I'm contemplating acquiring the Carmina string loafer (Uetam last). However as I'm unfamiliar w Carmina Id appreciate some size advise. For reference I wear size 8,5/9 D on EG Chelsea and size 8E on the C&J cavendish tassel loafer. Which size would you recommend for the Carmina string loafer?
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