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Thank you for the greeting, most kind of you dear sir
Long time no see Up top Down low
Gentlemen I'm contemplating acquiring the Carmina string loafer (Uetam last). However as I'm unfamiliar w Carmina Id appreciate some size advise. For reference I wear size 8,5/9 D on EG Chelsea and size 8E on the C&J cavendish tassel loafer. Which size would you recommend for the Carmina string loafer?
The tie is navy/red from Drakes.
CBD today
Wednesday...[I [[SPOILER]]
Greetings fellow sartorialists
Yes Burgundy antiqueI might get banned for saying so, but I'm never a boot fan:embar: even though I can appreciate the appearance of a fine boot.
Most kind of you gentlemen!Yes I like to think these 3 pairs cover most occasions.
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