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I was in the store again today and he had this shoe on the shelf. I asked him about it and Peter Lee had it made for Zee for being in the shoe business for 50 years.
I bought a Whirlpool Fabric Freshener. I just set it up while I'm in the shower and forget it...well worth the $$$
Thanks for the insight. I cant find the thread, but someone posted a website that listed the top dry cleaners in the country and Margaret's was on there. Apparently they are the only place licensed to use that Sanitone cleaning fluid in San Diego. I'd prefer to use a local place rather than ship my clothes via mail. Any thoughts on whether the service compares to RAVE Fabricare?
I just brought back a couple of Chan and Peter Lee suits and shirts from HK and was browsing the numerous threads regarding cleaning and care and came across a thread on "Luxury Dry Cleaning." I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on using them as a happy medium between regular dry cleaners and handwashing shirts/going a full year without drycleaning my suits. Someone pointed out this place on SF as one of the highly regarded dry cleaners in the country...just so...
PM sent on the obnoxious orange Versace!
I saw that you bought one already, but for those interested in getting one, I picked up this David Donahue at Nordstrom yesterday for $45
Quote: Originally Posted by robbz9206 now im interested in raw food diet..this recommended by the top UK security dog breeding and training company Swatt I highly recommend it if you have the time to dedicate to putting together well-rounded meals. One really good resource for information is the "rawfeeding" group on yahoo.
Quote: Originally Posted by wizards11 this is very interesting, i have been visiting peter lee and never notice this shop. I am actually considering buying a pair of church's or C&J oxford for work, should i give Zee a shot? how is the quality/price compared to those british brands, are Zee's the better bang for the buck? i have never tried bespoke shoes... any advice appreciated The really nice thing about Zee's is that he will tailor a shoe...
Quote: Originally Posted by rickimky Thanks for your kind words. I went in around 2 pm Saturday afternoon - told Zee I want a pair of wholecuts. Went back for fitting at 6 pm same day. Shoes were ready by Tuesday afternoon. They'll glady ship it to you wherever you are at reasonable cost too I believe. Nice shoes! I bought a couple of pairs from Zee's last week and love them. I just emailed him about whether he could reproduce the...
Try's well regarded as the best grain-free, natural dog food. My dog has been eating it exclusively when he's not on his raw diet. Although it sounds kooky, look into a raw diet around the internet. My dog has been doing extremely well and eats a well-rounded diet of raw chicken, pork, fish and beef Orijen is definitely the "easier" way to go.
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