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Past by this place recently. Very posh, great service and nice people. I am surprised that the price is not outrageously high. Full custom suits starts at low $1000s and they are 100% locally made in Toronto!! I've bought a bunch of suits recently but will definitely give them a serious thought on my next purchase. They are located at the downtown core on 26 Wellington St., very convenient. Anyone has any experience or pics of their finished product?
Picked up a bunch on boxing day!! Two Samuelsohn $299 a piece!!! $100 off on every suit. Unbelievable! Cut is not the greatest but the quality of the suit at that price is an amazing deal. There were some good deals on the Hugo Boss there as well but none in my size with the style and colour that I like.
A Scabal suit for $1600 a good deal? Custom made in Toronto.
don't you want to feel the fabric first before you buy online?
I am in Toronto. The tailor shop is in downtown but I am getting the fittings at their Markham location. Apparently, the tailor doesn't go downtown too often, so I have to go there for measurement and fittings. Its a dinky little place, I wouldn't have bought from it if my co-worker hasn't tried them out before. Anyway, its still a bit of a gamble... hope it turns out ok.
I guess I am bringing back an old old old thread from the past... did a search on Dormeuil Amadeus fabric. Based on what others have posted, price for a suit with this fabric would be around $2.5K to $3? Or is there a range? Is Amadeus a series? with Super 100, 120, 150, 180 and so on? A colleague brought me to a local tailor with some amazing house special. Amoung them is the Dormeuil Amadeus Super 120. My colleague had already ordered one suit in that fabric. I was...
$500 to $600 for a custom made suit?? That's a good deal. If you post you pics of the Maxwell suit, that will be great!
One of my colleague is introducing me to custom but I have yet to tried. I remembered a few that he had mentioned and said really good things about 5th on King. He also mentioned the top places he goes to in downtown are House of Salgado and Rego who does an amazing job on custom suits. Its really well made and he was surprise that the prices is not as expensive as he thought. Under $2000 for a really nice custom made suit in the downtown core. He also mentioned there...
My relatively new suit (trousers) seems to be wearing out prematurely.... Wanted to see if there are any good tailors in Toronto that could fix it. Its a really nice suit (Canali) and I got it from a reputable place (Harry Rosen) which I just bought in the summer. Its wearing out in the crotch area.... What is this, why does this happen, and what can I do to prevent this? In the mean time, I need a good tailor who could fix this.
Hey Everyone, Been a while.. but just an update for anyone who would be interested what I got... I ended up going to the Sherway Garden Harry Rosen and got a Canali suit. Charcoal gray with some hidden purple and black stripe. It was either that or another lighter gray. The sales person was really nice and seems very knowledgeable. The suit cost $1998 before tax, I was actually looking at one that cost $2298 but the sales guy said I wouldn't look good in it with my...
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