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That's not quite true Schweino. Indeed the majority of the shoes in their current range are made in India, but they have only just started rolling out their new G-One and G-Zero collections, but of which are made entirely in their Northamptonshire factory. Some styles are already available on their website (such as the Chancery from G-One): the G-One styles retail at £295 so I would guess they are equivalent to the old Rose collection. The G-Zero styles are in excess of...
Apart from the channeled soles they don't look at whole lot different to the Kent from the old Rose collection. Just double the old price, that's all.
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If the collar is just 1/2 an inch or so too tight then this little gadget could help: http://www.thewhiteshirthaberdasher....php?id_pag=101
Alfred Sargent are a long-standing maker of good quality shoes. They had some financial difficulties a couple of years ago but have now altered their business model to move away from the Loake/Cheaney/low end Grenson area and concentrate more on handgrade shoes of the same sort of quality as Edward Green, or perhaps even better. There are lots of examples on this forum and elsewhere on the net of the work they are doing now and speaking to people in the trade they are...
Now up to 230 buyers on the offer! Not surprised they're looking shocked. All that I've learned is that Max Hence were bought by Eveleigh and Read last August and are now operating out of the latter's showroom in Shoreditch. So if anyone knows anything about E&R ...
Interesting... but why is their standard price for "English bespoke" just over £1000 and the price for "sartoriale" tailoring made in Puglia £2000? Need a suit for my wedding though, so I may have to take the plunge for this price.
Quote: Originally Posted by VelvetGreen Dear Knisse, You may be interested in these fellows. They have an interestingly designed, extremely durable, and reasonably priced range of travel gear which looks better the more you use it. It took me a while to decide between the leather and the Scottish tweed... I've had an Odyssey in canvas & leather for over three years now. Best bit of luggage I've ever owned. Ages well and pretty much...
I had this a couple of years ago. My physio told me that basically the only cures are rest and time. He advised me to roll a golf ball hard over the affected area to break up the scar tissue and stop it calcifying. This actually worked really well although it was quite a painful process. In the end it took about 9 months to get rid of the problem altogether.
If you're looking for a stylish rucksack the right size for a day's hiking you should probably look at these two: Schmarda: http://www.torquato.de/kleiner-schmarda-rucksack.html Fjallraven: http://www.thesportinglodge.co.uk/sh...ckpack-20l.htm Scarpa boots are a good choice too. Personally I wear Zamberlan Trail Lites but that's purely a question of personal fit and taste. Happy hiking!
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