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Can't let this thread die... Rode 25 miles yesterday and 27 today in sunny (but windy) Dallas. It really was too nice out this weekend not to get a ride or two in.
Talk about intuitive... Install the Swype keyboard on your Nexus One. I installed it on my G1 recently. You just swipe your finger across the keyboard touching on the keys you want to enter and it can tell what it is you want to type in. I don't think its available on the iPhone yet, but it is available on Android phones and on Windows Mobile.
As much as I'd love to ride on a cold, cold day, I just can't. I'd have frozen snot running back to my ears a la Jim Carey in Dumb and Dumber. It had finally warmed up here in Dallas over the last week or so. Enough to get in a decent ride on Sat morning. All of 22.5 miles worth.
Looks a lot like an old Geo Storm (especially in profile) a friend of mine used to drive. Just sayin.
I absolutely love the stuff! I considered buying a leg and seeing how long it would last me. Sheesh, that stuff is expensive.
Quote: Originally Posted by imatlas Mexican coke is all over San Francisco...some of it's even soda! +1 Ahhh, the sugar high off this is truly blissful. But, yeah... I try not to do more than one of these a week. My favorite little taqueria here in Dallas only got better when I found out they carried Mexican Coke.
Build Me Up Buttercup by the Foundations
I was wanting one but my TMobile account isn't up for renewal anytime soon. And there is no way in the world I'm spending $500 on a phone. For such hoopla around the release I was expecting something more novel. The only real novel idea out of this whole release is that the phone is sold independent of a wireless provider - at an over-inflated price at that. Big whoop! I figure I'll root my G1 for now. By the time I fuck it up I'll be eligible for the next Android-based...
Every one is making a big deal about the price of the phone. I'm currently on TMobile, so I could do the 2-year contract extension without a problem and get it for $180. No big deal. What really has me disappointed in TMobile is the price per month. The way I understood it the plan is $40 (for talk time) + about $10 (for some sort of texting plan) + $80 (for unlimited web/data). Wait... $80 f'n dollars a month just for data!!!! My current unlimited data plan with my G1...
HP Pavilion dv6000 running Mandriva Linux - no Windows OS anymore Linux localhost #1 SMP Sun Aug 16 22:48:48 EDT 2009 i686 AMD Turion(tm) 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-60 GNU/Linux
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