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Looks a lot like an old Geo Storm (especially in profile) a friend of mine used to drive. Just sayin.
I absolutely love the stuff! I considered buying a leg and seeing how long it would last me. Sheesh, that stuff is expensive. http://www.tienda.com/jamon/index.html
Quote: Originally Posted by imatlas Mexican coke is all over San Francisco...some of it's even soda! +1 Ahhh, the sugar high off this is truly blissful. But, yeah... I try not to do more than one of these a week. My favorite little taqueria here in Dallas only got better when I found out they carried Mexican Coke.
Build Me Up Buttercup by the Foundations http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjzSIGt74T0
I was wanting one but my TMobile account isn't up for renewal anytime soon. And there is no way in the world I'm spending $500 on a phone. For such hoopla around the release I was expecting something more novel. The only real novel idea out of this whole release is that the phone is sold independent of a wireless provider - at an over-inflated price at that. Big whoop! I figure I'll root my G1 for now. By the time I fuck it up I'll be eligible for the next Android-based...
Every one is making a big deal about the price of the phone. I'm currently on TMobile, so I could do the 2-year contract extension without a problem and get it for $180. No big deal. What really has me disappointed in TMobile is the price per month. The way I understood it the plan is $40 (for talk time) + about $10 (for some sort of texting plan) + $80 (for unlimited web/data). Wait... $80 f'n dollars a month just for data!!!! My current unlimited data plan with my G1...
HP Pavilion dv6000 running Mandriva Linux - no Windows OS anymore Linux localhost #1 SMP Sun Aug 16 22:48:48 EDT 2009 i686 AMD Turion(tm) 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-60 GNU/Linux
14.70mi on a COLD morning here in Dallas. After all the rain we've had lately I'm hoping to finally get more riding in.
I got a pair of Routes at about the same. I wear them with about the same frequency and I have even less in the way of fades, except for my wallet fades. I'll see if I can post some pics tomorrow. Nothing at all exciting though.
19.36mi Started using a new app on my G1 that measures distance, pace, calories, etc. based on GPS readings.
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