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I thought the Sora shifters had a thumb-trigger to go along with the brake shifter. That's what I didn't like about the Sora brifters. The upshift/downshift mechanisms are separated and the whole ergonomics of it just seemed weird.
41.56 cold miles at about 67 F.
Is there such a thing as "signature" Italian (or German or Scandinavian) design anymore? It seems like the lines are so blurred that one can easily resemble another by borrowing design queues that they all seem to share.
I'll work my way up to 70 and 100 rides someday. For now I'm stuck on 38 mile rides like the one I did yesterday.
33 miles on Sat and a personal best 37 on Sun. Trying to get in as much riding as I can while we have longer days.
Quote: Originally Posted by bbaquiran Commuter bikes have chainguards. Not all of them. Look at the gentleman's Gary Fisher above. I would consider this a commuter bike but it has no chainguard.
32.6 miles on a beautiful morning. Probably about 83-84 degrees F when I finished. A welcome drop in temps from 107 earlier this week.
30 miles on a downright cold 85 degree evening compared to 30 miles yesterday at 100 (at 8:00PM) with humidity well over 70%.
Female cyclists have the best bodies hands down. Those pictures of Liz Hatch show how a woman who rides a bike regularly can look in tip-top shape. She doesn't even need those big boobs (which can only add extra weight on her rides - just sayin) with legs as perfect as hers.
Got in 34 Sun morning and 32 yesterday evening. If I can remember to stay sufficiently hydrated throughout the day, then I'll try another 30 miles this evening.
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