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I'll work my way up to 70 and 100 rides someday. For now I'm stuck on 38 mile rides like the one I did yesterday.
33 miles on Sat and a personal best 37 on Sun. Trying to get in as much riding as I can while we have longer days.
Quote: Originally Posted by bbaquiran Commuter bikes have chainguards. Not all of them. Look at the gentleman's Gary Fisher above. I would consider this a commuter bike but it has no chainguard.
32.6 miles on a beautiful morning. Probably about 83-84 degrees F when I finished. A welcome drop in temps from 107 earlier this week.
30 miles on a downright cold 85 degree evening compared to 30 miles yesterday at 100 (at 8:00PM) with humidity well over 70%.
Female cyclists have the best bodies hands down. Those pictures of Liz Hatch show how a woman who rides a bike regularly can look in tip-top shape. She doesn't even need those big boobs (which can only add extra weight on her rides - just sayin) with legs as perfect as hers.
Got in 34 Sun morning and 32 yesterday evening. If I can remember to stay sufficiently hydrated throughout the day, then I'll try another 30 miles this evening.
Someone pointed this out on the blog you posted that I didn't even notice: the presta to schrader adaptor on the rear wheel. Love it all! Ingenious!
Probably almost killed myself yesterday... 31.1 miles in the heat and humidity of Dallas. I started out my morning ride when it was only about 92 F. I got home and promptly slept for about 2 hours. I woke up and it was 103 F outside with the same 70+% humidity I felt in the morning.
30 miles last sunday. Looking to get over the actual 30 mile mark this weekend.
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