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Anyone recommend a solid, moderately priced road clincher tire (700x23) for mostly training and some racing? I'm leaning towards either the Hutchinson Atom Comp, Vredestein Fortezza SE, or the Michelin Kromion. All are priced around $25-30 per tire on different sites.
FINALLY a decent weekend to get some riding in. 39.2 miles - definitely need some new tires (no flat but wear is showing all of a sudden)
Got in 33 miles yesterday on a cool 40F day. I need to get some toe warmers. I might've lasted longer if my toes weren't frozen by about mile 20.
Zcaad9, there was post after yours that was obviously spam. I reported it and I'm sure others did as well. I think it was something about an Asian matchfinder service or something like that. Glad to see it was promptly removed. It seems like there are more and more spam posts showing up on these boards.
Since all there was on TV on Sat was college football, I decided to go for a nice, long ride - 52 miles.
Quote: Originally Posted by fashof For everyone who uses crystal deodorant, would you recommend spray or roll-on? I recently saw it at Walgreens and there was a spray and also a roll-on (ball not stick). Didn't know which would be better? I use the rock/roll-on. The spray stuff feels sticky at first, but when it dries off isn't so bad. The only thing about using the roll-on is that it really only worked on me when I shaved my underarms.
I can't vouch for any of the claims mentioned on this thread but I have noticed it does a great job curbing my appetite and keeping me feeling energetic throughout the day. I'm not very fond of Sencha teas and teas that are too "earthy" with pungent aromas. I happened upon this Dragon Pearl Jasmine tea at Central Market a few months ago that tastes just right. The leaves are rolled into little balls that open up when you add water. Not a bad bit of entertainment for the...
I thought the Sora shifters had a thumb-trigger to go along with the brake shifter. That's what I didn't like about the Sora brifters. The upshift/downshift mechanisms are separated and the whole ergonomics of it just seemed weird.
41.56 cold miles at about 67 F.
Is there such a thing as "signature" Italian (or German or Scandinavian) design anymore? It seems like the lines are so blurred that one can easily resemble another by borrowing design queues that they all seem to share.
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