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Have you considered looking at the headset and perhaps lubing that? I had clunky-noise that I thought was coming from the bottom bracket that ended up being from the headset.
58.5 miles in the muther-f'n heat in Dallas
I was asked out by a friend thinking it was just a friend-thing. I ended up backing out and not speaking with her for a week - my grandmother died that week which mostly explains why I was out of touch. Lo and behold I get a flaming text from her wondering where I'd been and why I was ignoring her. I explained my recent family situation to which she apologized. She used the word "date" to describe this get-together. I though it was just dinner and a movie. Hell,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Stizzyle ... I came. I have the white Mytouch from Tmobile. I think it still looks better than the white iPhone - brushed metal battery door and screen frame. I could do without the Mytouch logo splashed across the top though. I'm reserving sexual gratification for the next iteration.
Quote: Originally Posted by gwolf franke like it sez on the box. Maybe I should've described my price range as something other than "decent price." This Franke faucet goes for $900. I'm looking for something quite a bit less. Quote: Originally Posted by jet Consider yourself lucky 3 years is a long time for a cheap item to last. 3 years is a long time for a shoddy piece of plumbing. Most of the plumbing...
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel a faucet for the kitchen Any ideas on where to get a faucet like this at a decent price from a reputable manufacturer? How has this one held up for you? I bought one of these on eBay for what I thought was a good price - I don't know who the manufacturer is, but I know it came from China. Anyway, it's been less than 3 years and I already have to replace it. The faucet doesn't close all the way and the...
53 miles on a new route yesterday through 20mph gusts I might see if I can fit a ride in this evening, since there'll be light out after work.
52.3 miles yesterday under dreary skies
I replied to this thread more than a year ago when I had my old Android phone. I have the Tmobile Mytouch 4g now, so let me make some changes. First off Power Manager and Missed Call are obsolete. Android 2.2.1 now comes with similar utilities built-in. This phone has so much memory I can install a ton of apps. With my G1 and Mytouch 3g you could definitely feel some lag when you installed too many apps. Here are my preferred apps w/ some explanations...
Mine is Schumacher coming out of a chicane. I don't know when it was recorded or what engine he was using at the time. I believe it's from when they first went back to the V8 engines. It sounds delicious! You can hear this "whrrrrrRRRR... ping... whhrrrrrRRRR... ping... whrrrrrrRRRR... ping..." as it moves through the gears.
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