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61.71 miles in Dallas - http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/112659865 Just started using Map My Ride. I'm rather liking it compared to the last app I used.
I've used CardioTrainer for 2 years now to track my bike rides. You can find more about it here.
How's this for some fucked up luck... Last Thurs on my 50th mile I get a flat on my bike. So I walk my ass about a mile and a half to a bike shop where they fix my flat for $12. No big deal. Well, what happens but on Sat I get a blow out on my car. So I'm replacing all 4 tires now, since I do need them anyway. And now here I am on Mon and this time on about mile 8 on my bike ride and, yes, another @?#&$ flat! On the same wheel as before! I can only guess the bike shop...
Does this still work? I tried posting something today and it just shows the metatags.
For such a pretty day yesterday the wind gusts around Whiterock Lake were rather horrendous. It made for a challenging 51+ miles.
I heard recently that you want to consume solid foods or energy bars starting out and then consume the gels later on. The thinking is that the solid foods take longer to digest than the gels over a sustained amount of time. Whereas the gels are absorbed and put to use by the body rather quickly. I do this on long bike rides. I eat bars starting out for the first few hours then I take a gel at about 15 miles left to go to get me home.
What do you guys use for sunscreen on long rides? I've been using the facestick from Mission Athletecare that's worked out well for me, but I can't seem to find it at CVS anymore. This stuff is more like a wax that doesn't run into my eyes.
Today was just too beautiful not to be on a bike. I got in 58 glorious miles. I might have been able to fit in more but I was already running a bit behind after stopping on two separate occasions to speak with first a co-worker then a hottie from my bootcamp class. About 4 hours after I got home my tube burst. That thing was loud too! Just sitting there watching TV when it blew about 10 ft. from me. I don't know what caused it to blow still.
Not dripping wet but just moist enough that the crystal glides over my skin. I step out of the shower and without having dried my arm pits I wait a few minutes while I either brush my teeth or shave before applying the crystal. Sent from my HTC Glacier using Tapatalk
It works 10x better if your pits are shaved. I apply it the same way you do right out of the shower.
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