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I fail to see how their support of Obama has anything to do with their decision to edit this 911 call.
Sorry to bring this back from the dead again, but... I just had to order a few bottles of Nizoral off drugstore.com. They were the only place online that had them at a decent price. I checked every brick and mortar store in Dallas and no one has any. Why is it around this time of the year that Nizoral can't be found?
Did you go from a regular programmable thermostat (like 7 day programmable) to this one? If so, have you noticed a difference? I know its main selling point is ease-of-use, but I'd be interested to know how much it actually saves in energy use compared to a regular programmable one.
61.71 miles in Dallas - http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/112659865 Just started using Map My Ride. I'm rather liking it compared to the last app I used.
Someone please explain this to me... How does it benefit a campaign to support a group that can't even vote? Or can illegals now vote? I don't know. I can see the logic in doing this (flawed or not), but I don't see the logic in doing this to promote a campaign.
I've used CardioTrainer for 2 years now to track my bike rides. You can find more about it here.
How's this for some fucked up luck... Last Thurs on my 50th mile I get a flat on my bike. So I walk my ass about a mile and a half to a bike shop where they fix my flat for $12. No big deal. Well, what happens but on Sat I get a blow out on my car. So I'm replacing all 4 tires now, since I do need them anyway. And now here I am on Mon and this time on about mile 8 on my bike ride and, yes, another @?#&$ flat! On the same wheel as before! I can only guess the bike shop...
My friends don't post "cool" pictures like these. My conservative friends just post shit like "Matt Damon retracts support for Obama". Like my life centers around what Matt Damon does!
Here is an interesting story out of Phoenix that resembles this case, only the roles are reversed and the victim is mildly retarded (not to go on a tangent here, although I can't imagine this tangent being any worse than the HOA tangent that lasted for about 30 pages of this thread): As far as I can tell this is getting practically no media attention outside of Phoenix. Maybe the Hispanic population needs a well-known mariachi singer to direct people to fire-bomb a house...
Does this still work? I tried posting something today and it just shows the metatags.
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