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Sort of hard to feel sorry for these celebrities that do this considering all that they have and all they have to live for. They should try living in a war torn country in Africa with no food and hardly any hot women at weddings to hit on.
Humid and nasty over here calls for something simple and light - Da Vinci Water hydrosol from QED. Considering its just a mixture of lavender and rosewater hydrosols you can't detect either. It has a nice little scent all its own.
D Magazine has some interesting recommendations. We seem to go back to the same places over and over again. What would you guys recommend on lower Greenville and Uptown areas? I found Ali Baba's in lower, lower Greenville to be a nice little treat. Can't really think of anything else that stands out in my mind.
Orangina! When I can find it here in Texas.
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkNWorn Yes. Perhaps growing a pair wouldn't hurt either. I'm sorry. I don't know Conne, but this was just way too funny. Men's Health or Men's Fitness cited a similar study in a recent issue. The moral it seems was get healthy, get some muscle, get LAID - just don't get too much muscle.
Quote: Originally Posted by gumercindo I love Clarins face wash and moisturizer. L'Occitane makes some great after shave balm that's great as well. I second both of these. Clarins shine-free gel works great for oily skin. I've been using it for about a year and find it the most effective product I use on my face. Not necessarily a face product but L'Occitane's Green Tea with Mint is my current summer fragrance of choice. Great stuff!
This one may have been posted before, but I only happened upon it today. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8ip5oGlMfU&NR=1 Still can't stop laughing.
Quote: Originally Posted by velobran Hmmm ... Natural crystal stick, Aveda (ran out recently), Tom's of Maine, Kiss my Face, Rexona (brazilian brand that is pretty good and doesn't have aluminum). I rotate based on what I will be doing that day. I know what you mean. While I prefer the natural crystal stick over anything else I have tried, I find that it somehow loses its effectiveness unless I cycle in another deodorant at least 3 days out...
It says explicitly "For Men". Do women wear neck ties now too?
Yeah, I don't wear them to the gym. They're retro with no up-to-date enhancements. They provide practically no cushion or stability. They just look great. I wear them usually with jeans and a t-shirt.
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