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 See my prior post about Bedphones - I've liked mine for the most part. The sound is decent considering they go against your ears and not in or around them. One thing I've noticed is they developed a buzzing noise here and there. I listen to videos on Youtube with mostly talking and I can even here a slight intermittent buzz regardless of the timbre of the speaker's voice. They came with...
One thing I found out about myself after my yearly checkup was that I'm vitamin D deficient. I explained to the doctor that I was going through spells of just feeling tired and weak during my workouts. She requested a full blood analysis and that was when I found out. Besides looking into your general diet this might be something to consider.
I got a pair of Bedphones recently. I have a hard time falling asleep and watch ASMR videos on Youtube to help. I tend to sleep on my side and they ended up working for me. They took some getting used to at first, since they don't actually go in your ear.
Anyone have any experience installing or making DIY acoustic panels for a TV room? My TV room has mostly bare walls, tile flooring, and a high vaulted ceiling. The acoustics are just horrible. The speaker system is actually rather decent and came well-recommended. I'm getting a good size natural sisal rug to help out. I just need something for the walls now.
I'm a huge Real Madrid fan. I felt very uncomfortable about his display upon scoring his goal. I didn't really know why. This explains it well.
I still don't understand what Simeone meant by putting Costa in for 9 minutes. It seems they could've used that sub later in the game. When Real scored the game winner and the goals that followed, you could just see how tired Atleti was. Their attacking was anemic and no one was able to get back in defense on those goals.
I use a crystal deodorant. As some of you who use this deodorant know, it works much better without underarm hair. I shave mine every 3 days or so.
I fit in a much needed 41 miles in Dallas at Whiterock Lake. Were it not for the wind it would have been perfect riding conditions.
The officiating in the Real/Barca game was horrible. I understand bad calls were made both ways. What really pissed me off was the red card. The ref made a bad decision and gave CR7 his penalty even though he wasn't in the box. I'm willing to concede that. So, what does he do then? He turns around and gives Barca a make-up call on Ramos for the "foul" on Neymar. Realizing Ramos was the last defender the ref put himself in the position of having to give the red. I was at...
Mulching is the way to go. Be sure to raise the mowing height as well. You'll have fewer clippings and won't leave clumps of grass behind. Mowing high is good for the roots as well. This whole method of mulching your clippings fits in with the organic way of caring for your lawn. I've been following this method the last few years after one of my dogs started having seizures the day the city sprayed for mosquitoes. I don't know if this is any better for the dogs, but as of...
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