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what's your height/weight/body type?
hmm can't decide between a whiskey collared moto or a blacked out DR2 also unsure about leather type. which leather is the lightest (in terms of warmness), lamb?
Thanks, just making sure!
Can we use our loyalty code on the presale fabrics?
what are the measurements?
what about a coppery-red
What's a good pair of white or tan or grey sneakers with a gum sole besides german army trainers?
looks like a plain purple hooded windbreaker
I don't recommend Old Navy - their shirts are EXTREMELY baggy and don't fit well at all.
Do J. Crew (heh) shirts shrink much? I found an XS button up madras-y shirt which fits pretty well, but I'm not sure if I should wash it if it shrinks a lot. A little bit of shrink would be just fine.
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