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Thanks, just making sure!
Can we use our loyalty code on the presale fabrics?
what are the measurements?
what about a coppery-red
What's a good pair of white or tan or grey sneakers with a gum sole besides german army trainers?
looks like a plain purple hooded windbreaker
I don't recommend Old Navy - their shirts are EXTREMELY baggy and don't fit well at all.
Do J. Crew (heh) shirts shrink much? I found an XS button up madras-y shirt which fits pretty well, but I'm not sure if I should wash it if it shrinks a lot. A little bit of shrink would be just fine.
speaking of vests, where can I find a decent, affordable (cheap) vest to wear over a button-up shirt? I like this from j. crew and this from brooks brothers but they're kinda pricey for me.
Why wear a peacoat if you don't live in a bean?
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