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Those are Oliver Peoples Riley or Riley R. I own these in optical. If you'd like a similar frame check out the O'Malley frame as well, I just bought those as sunnies. They are very similar but have a different nose bridge and a rounder shape rather than oval as the Riley frame has:
Can anyone ID these boots? Thanks!
Every time I go into J Crew they have nothing in stock, #justsaying #angry
Quote: Originally Posted by hhenryhhh Whoa, what are these? Oliver Peoples' O'Malley. They brought out the molds from their vintage collection and began reproducing 3 of their previous frames. They have a bunch of vintage colored lenses as well.
Got my item today. Great seller and quick shipping.
Can anyone ID these boots?
If you guys are ≥ 6'2" and wearing mediums you must look silly. Wear a large.
Also curious as well, those are hot. Anyone know if they are true to size too?
Quote: Originally Posted by SPK Really like the glasses from this spring/summer. Does anyone know if they have plans to stock in US? Are you talking about the Oliver Peoples collab? They were released in Japan in March. I had a OP rep contact when she found out some information and they should be in the states late 2011, however that's tentative.
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