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Price drops, bump!
Is anyone able to ID these trousers?
Keyring and braided key pull are both TODS?
Anyone able to ID these duffles? Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by blazingazn this is from when i first got my boots and i f**ked with the toe box and vamp. Color? Thanks!
Could you guys also post the color you got when posting pics, thanks!
The APC NS they have for sale on the site (US) look really blue. Are these regular APC NS Raw, or a different wash or something?
It's exclusive from J.crew because they raised the prices from what they're usually sold for.
Is the fit any good on these shirts? Looks like they have wide sleeves.
This started up like 5 years ago. Everything made for men was baggy, so men were purchasing female cuts. Now the majority of men's denim has slim/skinny variety, no need to.
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