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Is the fit any good on these shirts? Looks like they have wide sleeves.
This started up like 5 years ago. Everything made for men was baggy, so men were purchasing female cuts. Now the majority of men's denim has slim/skinny variety, no need to.
Can these be ordered now, or only with the sale? Can I call Dayton and order. Will they be regular Dayton work boots or do they still have W+H collab. Regular retail price on these?
Quote: Originally Posted by TACO_FLAVORED_KISSES Nordstrom Bucks Are Great! Check Them Out. Seconded. I have two pairs.
Where is best place to buy PBJ denim and should one size down 2 sizes like other raw denim?
Where did everyone buy from?
Quote: Originally Posted by MZAlbert Can anyone ID these boots? Thank you Also curious.
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