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Anyone know if Dayton is doing a black friday sale?
blk40 didn't work for me on Brigade.
I'm ready for some BF deals.
Damn I need to hit the APC store in LA and check out these black PS and NS. I own NS indigo, but would like them a tad skinnier for black, hopefully PS isn't too bad.
Those are the charcoal nubuck or black? Those look amazing!
Which pair is that on the right? Good looking boot.
I'm in the same boat. Thinking about just dropping $400 on Dayton service boots. What boots are those in your first image?
I want to order a pair of these, but I fear I won't have them for > 30 months because of all these sale orders still going through. How much are these boots not on sale anyway?
[[SPOILER]] Damn, those look hawt. Black nubuck? I might have to order a pair. What model are those red wings?
Damn, those are hawt. Do want.
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