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Got both a slate and white oxford today in size Large. I'm 6'2 and 185. Oxford fits pretty good everywhere. I don't notice a hip flare that much it's pretty slim throughout the entire body. Armholes are very slim. I don't consider myself extremely muscular, but my shoulders are broad. 42" chest and it fits close to borderline too slim, but it's great on me right now. Need to iron out the wrinkles. Also, I typically have 35/36 arm length in dress shirts, these sleeves seem...
Nice. What Nike model sweatpants are those?
Prices are insane.
All this gyak shit is sick. Wish there were more places to buy and wasn't so uncommon.
How does the fit compare to slim t-shirts from I crew. They have a high armhole and fairly sim sleeve, looking for something similar.
What's the new sizing? When did the sizing switch?
I have nothing to add, but I knew there would be a picture of Thom before entering this thread. I'm curious also.
Nice! I really need to pick up black APCs
Drop Drop!
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